EB-CAMFT Financial Guide

(Approved April 2007)

Our goal is to be a financially sound Chapter. We will use the following concepts to reach that goal.

1. Balanced budget

We will adopt a balanced annual budget in which revenue and expenses are equal. Note: Adding to our reserve fits in with the concept of a balanced budget and does not jeopardize our 501(c)(6) status. Any funds added to the reserve are handled as an expense.

We look to increase revenues through:
  • Advertisements (newsletter and/or website)
  • Donations
  • Dues
  • Educational activities
  • Interest on investments
  • Products for sale, such as mailing labels, supervision tapes
  • Social activities

2. Budget procedures

In September, Committee Chairs present a draft budget for the following fiscal year, to be included in the Chapter Annual Budget.

Members sponsoring special events (such as CEU workshops) must submit (1) a proposed budget prior to the event for approval by the Board and (2) an accounting of the event after it is held.

Chapter members complete a Request for Disbursement/Reimbursement Form to the Office Manager either prior to or after the expense, respectively.

3. Financial reserve

We plan to accumulate and maintain a two-tier financial reserve.

Tier one equals one year's administrative expense which includes:
  • CEU provider fee
  • Newsletter printing and mailing
  • Website maintenance
  • Bank and credit card fees
  • Bookkeeping contractor
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Insurance (worker's comp, commercial liability, Board liability)
  • Legal and tax return
  • Printing and copying
  • Office supplies
  • Payroll expenses
  • Office Manager salary
  • Telephone and fax
  • Utilities

Tier two equals one year's full operating expense, which includes expenses for:
  • Board business
  • Continuing education activities
  • Social activities
  • Contract clerical help
  • Equipment and furniture

4. Investment policy

We agree to investigate and maintain investments that earn income, but do not put the Chapter in financial jeopardy.


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