March 20, 2009

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 20, 2009


Present: Voting members; K.Sue Duncan, President; Martha Jiminez-Rosales, Past-President; Ellen

Odza, Treasurer; Paula Moseley, Intern Rep; Brenda Ponthier, Newsletter Editor; Eleanor Ruckman,

Diversity Chair; Evan Martineau, Mentor Chair; Nadesdye Valdes, CEU Program Chair; Kristie Potter,

Volunteer Chair; and Carolyn Goldstein, Member-At-Large.

Also Present: Laura Goldberger, Visitor; Jeanne Courtney, Visitor; and David Leong, Visitor.

Absent: Guillermo Alvarez, President-Elect; and Cindy Beckley, Secretary.

Voting members constituted a quorum.

Executive board meeting minutes and Member at large

  • Nadesdye moved to approve the minutes, Ellen seconded, and it was passed.
  • Nadesdye moved to approve the budget, Ellen seconded, and it was passed.
  • Eleanor moved to approve the marriage equality statement, Eleanor seconded, and it was passed.
  • Eleanor moved to vote David Leong as Member-At-Large & Legislation Liaison, Ellen seconded,

and he was voted in.


Budget: Discussed highlighted figures.

Action: Budget was approved; and will be posted online, and newsletter. Budget will be sent to Joe.

Spring Social: Requested date of May 31st (2-5 PM) or May 30th. Spring Social will be combined with


Action: Will report back at next meeting regarding location.

Renting out CAMFT Office: Guillermo is looking into rental agreement, and insurance coverage.

Action: Will report back at next meeting.


President/Board of Directors:

SF CAMFT/Prop 8/CAMFT/E-tree issues

Prop 8 was discussed at length, and reviewed answers to Marriage Equality Questionnaire. Board moved

to make a statement, which is the following: “The East Bay CAMFT Board is staking a stance in support

of marriage equality for same sex couples. We believe that this issue is integral to both our mission and

the mission of CAMFT. We urge CAMFT to take a stand in favor of this critical issue, and to that end we

recommend that CAMFT form a task force to articulate a formal position in favor of marriage equality

for all.” K.Sue found facilitators for the forum, and recommended forum to coincide with Spring Social.

E-tree was also discussed at length, and guidelines were reviewed. Explored the gray zone of the

guidelines, where clarity on what is allowed and not allowed may be clearer. For example: difference

between discussion about political issues, and links to petitions; and non-members having members list

items, instead have non-members join EB CAMFT. Overall, consensus was that E-tree manager was

doing an amazing job.

Action: Release statement online, along with results of Marriage Equality Questionnaire, and process of

Board’s decision. Follow-up with E-tree manager to explore areas not clear with guidelines. Identify

items that are not directly related to work as mental health providers in a timely manner, and inform board

when E-tree manager intervenes in order to understand and assist with the process.


Discussion about renting our office to members for workshops, meetings, and groups.

Action: Guillermo will look into our rental agreement and check on insurance to see if we are covered.


The budget was presented, and was balanced. New members and membership renewals were up in the

month of February.

Action: Budget was approved; and will be posted online, and newsletter. Budget will be sent to Joe.


February 21st presentation went well. The next CEU presentation is Saturday, April 4th in Orinda.

Action: Nadesdye will connect with the other CEU chairs, look for a place in Concord to hold additional

CEU classes.

Membership Outreach:

Contact was made with 9 colleges; only 4 responded with interest.

Action: Carolyn will continue connecting with colleges, and send out information to the departments.

Volunteer Report:

Kristie presented with question on what position looks like.

Action: Email will be sent out to discuss further what position means.

Diversity Committee:

Eleanor is working on ideas for a conference.

Action: Eleanor will put statement together, and dates will be arranged for a conference.

Agenda Item 8: Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 6:03 PM.

NOTE: The next Board Meeting will be on Friday, April 17, 2009 at our office.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Carolyn Goldstein, Member-At-Large



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