September 18, 2009

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SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

Present: K.Sue Duncan, President; Martha Jiminez-Rosales, Past President; Guillermo Alvarez, President-elect; Cindy Beckley, Secretary; David Leong, Member at Large/Legislative Liaison; Carolyn Goldstein, Member at Large; Brenda Ponthier, Member at Large/Newsletter Editor. Non-voting members: Paula Moseley, Intern Rep.; Evan Martineau, Mentor Chair, Kristie Potter, Volunteer Chair; and Nadesdye Valdes, Ceu Chair.

Absent: Ellen Odza, Treasurer

Approval of Consent Agenda

Brenda moved to approve the consent agenda as modified. It was seconded and passed.

Old Business

  1. Phone Messages Coverage: Evan will do referrals. Nadesdye volunteered to monitor other content.

  2. Update on Website: Carolyn reported that we need simplification of financials for website, positions need to be updated and she is hoping to have advertising with a link to Paypal. K.Sue is going to work with Infolane to clarify what we need since it is essential to have monthly backups as well. Carolyn also reported that we need Book reviews by next month.

  3. Office Update; DSL Telephone: The office has not been rented as of this meeting. Our DSL phone line needs to be disconnected, that will occur by mid October.

  4. Board Positions CompositionundefinedOperating manuals: Guillermo has been revising all of the manuals and asked if anyone had anything to add to their position. Nadesdye clarified she is in charge of Coffee Talk, Diablo Satellite and Ceu presentations. She will update the Ceu form so that they are identical. Martha moved we accept new positions of Intern rep and Membership Chair (These positions include Mentor chair and Volunteer chair responsibilities respectively). This was seconded and passed.

  5. Nominations Committee: Martha is sending out forms for open positions to Sylvia and Nadesdye to distribute in Ceu meetings. These forms will be in the newsletter as well. Every month Martha will send out a blast to the etree and forward this to Carolyn. We should all receive the forms as well.

  6. Advertising: Carolyn reported that as of November 1, 2009 we will have a new price structure for advertising. This will be more user friendly on line and can be downloaded as well. It features a simple check box. This will be coordinated with Infolane. David moved we accept the new advertising policies and price structure. It was seconded and passed.

New Business

  1. Follow up on Marriage Equality

    1. Town Hall Meetings: The Berkeley meeting on August 30 was well attended with 130 non-board member from 7 chapters. The meeting made it clear why people need to get involved. It was suggested that we invite Mary yearly.

    2. State Board Meeting: The Town Hall meetings put a face to the issue. The presentation from Angela Kahn included the business impact.

    3. Letters to CAMFT: K.Sue suggested we send a letter to CAMFT to thank them. David volunteered to compose the letter.

2. Law & Ethics Workshopundefinedupdate: Guillermo reported on low enrollment this year and the volunteers need to arrive at 7:30am

  1. Bylaws Revision: We need to set it up so our bylaws reflect changes in the State

bylaws. There is the issue of a grace period for membership. It was suggested that 30 days after written notification be changed to 30days after e- reminder. Martha and David volunteered to work on this revision.

4. Volunteers: We discussed if there was anyone we wanted to acknowledge. We usually give out certificates for all board members, but will add one for Danielle, the Diablo Satellite Chair; Robin who helped with the e-tree; Sue Ellen Wise, Jean Lavine, and Joan Gold. We will send a thank you for Tom, Evan will write it. Carolyn will do the invitation for these people to our December meeting. Kristie volunteered to draft the invitation.

  1. EBCC: We discussed the intent of their involvement with us and how it has

changed. The organization is not doing what was intended, sending us a report quarterly and not coming to meetings. K.Sue will contact the director and we will need to update the bylaws.

  1. Other Business: Nadesdye reported that the Psychotherapy and Spirituality ceu

meeting had 13 people in attendance. On October 10 Ronald Mah is presenting and Barbara Griswold in Berkeley on November 14.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm


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