October 16, 2009

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OCTOBER 16, 2009

Present: K.Sue Duncan, President; Martha Jiminez-Rosales, Past President; Guillermo Alvarez, President-elect; Cindy Beckley, Secretary; Ellen Odza, Treasurer; David Leong, Member at Large/Legislative Liason; Carolyn Goldstein, Member at Large/Website; Brenda Ponthier, Member at Large/Newsletter Editor. Non-voting members: Paula Moseley, Intern Rep.; Evan Martineau, Mentor chair; Nadesdye Valdes, CEU chair; Patricia Wilson, Diablo Satellite chair; Joan Wickstrand, EBCC representative.

Visiting members: Sandy McQuillen, Valerie Reudiak.

Approval of Consent Agenda

Paula moved to approve the September Board minutes, it was seconded and passed.

Old Business

  1. Phone Messages Coverage: Evan agreed to continue to do the referral, Carolyn will handle the website and Cindy volunteered to monitor other content until the next board meeting.

  2. Update on Website: Guillermo and K.Sue met with David from Infolane. They have agreed to give Infolane a 3 month period to see if they can get the messages on time and billing on time, etc. Ellen reported the bill is wrong and she will send details to K.Sue.

  3. Office Update: Guillermo reported that no one has expressed interest in renting the space so far.

  4. Nominations Committee: Martha reported that we have received 4 nominations, all for member at large. positions which are still open are Secretary, Treasurer, Website manager, Newsletter editor, CEU Program co-chair, and E-tree manager.

  5. Bylaws Revision: Paragraph about non-payment of dues is vague, clarified to a 30 day period. In future we want the option to do electronic voting. Our bylaws are revised to be in line with the State Board. This revision states that no more than 35% of the board can consist of pre-licensed or associate members. The ballot will be mailed out no later than November 15.

  6. EBCC: K.Sue spoke with their current president and he states originally EBCC was a referral for people for counseling and was a service to EB CAMFT. There was a discussion about the current benefits to EBCAMFT. Originally it was a way for people to get referrals, but with the internet it is questionable if we need this resource. Joan will talk with EBCC and come back to our next meeting to discuss.

New Business

  1. Law & Ethics Workshop – Final Report: Guillermo reported that we had a net loss of $1586.00 and 26 attendees. Discussion about classes we can offer that members might be more interested in since they can do online law and ethics at a very low rate. We talked about doing a survey to determine what members would like. Carolyn will do this?

  2. CEU Reports: Nadesdye reported on the CEU meetings, Patricia reported on Diablo Satellite meeting. Attendance varies from 6-25 members. Guillermo is working on the CEU forms to standardize them so that all bookkeeping will be on the same form.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: See attached report. We discussed looking into another company other that Paypal.

  4. Budget 2010: For billing purposes, Cindy moved we change the names on the CEU program under the heading of CEU program with subdivisions of CEU program, Diablo CEU program, and CEU coffee talk. It was seconded and passed. Ellen moved we change the Winter social to the Membership Social, it was seconded and passed. Since the budget has an extra $2262.00 income, it was moved that we move it into miscellaneous expenses, it was seconded and passed. Ellen moved we make a $1.00 deposit to ING every month in order to get a report from them, it was seconded and passed. We a balance in our checking. It was moved that we put $10,000.00 in a 90 day term CD, it was seconded and passed. The budget for 2010 was approved with these modifications.

  5. Miscellaneous: We are currently keeping copies of the Therapist magazine for 5 years which is expensive to store. Ellen moved we allow Hudson to decrease it to 2 years only and allow Hudson to display the magazine in their lobby. It was seconded and passed.

  6. Membership meeting: K.Sue is willing to help coordinate this next year as past president.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40pm.


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