January 20, 2012

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East Bay Chapter of CAMFT

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

January 20, 2012

Present voting officers:

Jurgen Braungardt, President

Kelly Sharp, President-Elect

Peter Carpentieri, Treasurer

Steve Keightley, Secretary

Duncan Bennett, Member-at-Large

Sandy McQuillin, Member-at-Large

Present non voting visitors:

Donna Long

Robert Pavel, Administrator

Absent: Vivian Nelson, Mary Deggleman

Meeting at Sandy McQuillin’s office in Berkeley started at 4pm

I. Chapter Business

The duties of the Secretary were explained to the new Secretary. Our Administrator will be

exploring switching banks to obtain additional services and more convenient locations. We

discussed the lack of clarity around modifying Google documents and the need for a clearer

process. We approved Minutes of 12/16/12 meeting (5 ayes, 1 abstain). We approved the

Election of New Officers (7 ayes).

II. E-voting Update

Recommendations by Jill Epstein, CAMFT President, are summarized. We identify a need for

technology consultant to help enact Epstein’s recommendations. (Our organization is governed

first by CA Corporation codes and these regulations require signed opt-in for electronic balloting

and paper for those insisting on it.) We discuss the options of an election website or hiring a

company to do a single election. The need for an election to include paper balloting possibly

makes E-Voting more trouble than we want? State CAMFT is interested because no other

chapter has made it work yet.

III. Schedule

We discuss various details of a Board Retreat, possible locations, and possible agenda items

such as: (a) Membership; (b) Website; (c) Marriage Equality issue? We set a date for March

18, 2012. We mull over a General Membership meeting, doing a Holiday Party, or even informal

social meetings every other month. Various location and calendar issues are discussed as well

as differing opinions about the networking meetings.

IV. Website

The Website Committee meeting date is set for February 4, with a tentative agenda to include

(a) Infolane website (b) the next apparently effective consultant; who can (c) help with the

newsletter and the database.

V. Financial Report

The quick report includes considering switching to Mechanics Bank. Our chapter is a a 501(c)(6)

Business Benefit Association. There is a potential CPA in Richmond to use. We receive a brief

summary of the January profit & loss report.


We discuss specific numbers for members in each category. Various problems and aspects of

the current database are noted. We question doing a Membership Survey, but decide a less

than formal 5-10 question survey for the newsletter might be helpful. A committee is formed to

explore this option.

VII. Postponed

Due to time constraints we postponed a discussion of “Board Outreach”, “Other Projects”

including the retreat, a panel or seminar or CEU event [for that retreat?] and “Miscellaneous”

under which a new newsletter editor, Caiti Crum, Intern. We approved a Motion and nominated

Donna Long, chapter member, as a non-voting Board member and “Chair of Membership


The meeting was adjourned at 6pm.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on February 20, also at Sandy McQuillin’s office.

Respectfully submitted January 25, 2012 by Steve Keightley

Approved by the Board, February 20, 2012


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