February 17, 2012

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East Bay Chapter of CAMFT

Minutes of the Board Meeting

February 17, 2012

Present voting officers:

Jurgen Braungardt, President

Kelly Sharp, President-Elect

Peter Carpentieri, Treasurer

Steve Keightley, Secretary

Duncan Bennett, Member-at-Large

Sandy McQuillin, Member-at-Large

Vivian Nelson, Member-at-Large

Mary Deggelman, Member-at-Large

Present non voting visitors:

Donna Long, Membership Chair

Robert Pavel, Administrator

Caiti Crum, Newsletter Editor

Absent: None

Meeting at Sandy McQuillin’s office in Berkeley started at 4pm

I. Introductions of Members at Large who were not here last month.

(a) Vivian Nelson, Mary Deggelman

II. Minutes of January 20 Meeting

The minutes were reviewed and accepted unanimously.

III. Website Proposals Discussion

(a) Our President gave a brief history of past database and website development including the

present need to start from scratch.

(b) The Website Committee Requests were read aloud as context for the discussion of the three


(c) Two of three potential candidates were asked to leave the room (the third was in Los


(d) A long discussion took place about costs, candidate experience with design and database

clean-up, future maintenance, and timing of completion.

(e) The Board voted and decided upon a designer. The two candidates returned to the room for

the rest of the meeting. None of the potential candidates has yet been informed of the Board’s


IV. Retreat Discussion

(a) Our Board discussed the particular wants of members as to what to cover at the Sunday,

March 18th retreat.

(b) Membership concerns, including CE’s and outreach were suggested topics, as well as an

hour or to discuss future plans for our chapter’s relationship to state-wide CAMFT.

(c) A member wishes to discuss the “functionality of the group” and how to streamline our

discussion process.

(d) Location TBA, either our President’s home or a conference room of a hotel.

V. Membership

(a) Summary of numbers of members per category with a total this month of 642.

(b) Our President expresses concern about the 58 lapsed members since Nov./Dec.’11.

VI. Financial

(a) Income for the year to date mentioned.

(b) We are on the verge of switching banks to Mechanics Bank.

(c) This represents the last business with Hudson.

VII. Newsletter

(a) The newsletter will go out the first 3 days in March

(b) We have some submissions so far

(c) We discuss various ideas on how to do outreach to potential members. Including:

(d) Sending the newsletter beyond our membership, or

(e) using the newsletter as outreach to schools.

The meeting was adjourned at 6pm.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on March 18. This will be a planning retreat for

Board members only.

Respectfully submitted February 18, 2012 by Steve Keightley

Approved by the Board, March 18, 2012


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