March 18, 2012

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Final 3/18/12 Minutes

Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Caiti Crum, Duncan Bennett, Kelly Sharp, Steve

Keightley, Sandy Mcquillen, Jurgen Braungardt, Robert Pavel

Absent: Mary Deggelman., Donna Long

I. February Minutes Approved – 8 ayes.

II. Treasurer’s Report (figures approximate pending final approval from CPA).

(a) Cash assets at the end of February 2012 $75,000

i. due to annual surge in renewals at year end.

ii. We will draw down on that amount during website development.

(b) Ending arrangement with Hudson & giving up the loft saved about $15,000 in 2011.

(c) Brought In $3,980 from dues, advertising and new memberships. in February.

(d) $1,500 spent on new website development, so far.

i. Projected total website cost $3,000

(e) Our treasurer details his new duties:

i. Keep an eye on bank statements

ii. Track checks written

iii. Track Pay Pal

(f) We have a new bank account with Mechanics Bank

i. Debit cards assigned.

ii. 21 Branches in the area.

(g) The Board considers investing so we don’t lose 2% per year by inflation.

i. Buy bonds perhaps?

(h) A suggestion is floated that we need more clear cash flow statements, profit and loss


i. There is not complete agreement on this suggestion.

III. Statistics

(a) We don’t know if “Lapsed more than 6 mo.” includes “Expired Dec./Jan.”?? Or if

includes “Archived/Obsolete”.

(b) Historically Hudson had problems w/ renewals.

(c) A Past Membership Chair was working on website renewal forms but a final version

was not offered. .

(d) It looks like we’re down about 100 members this year.

i. Historically we may have had 1000 members.

ii. Our president states that it is crucial to get back to 1000 members if possible in

the next couple of months.

iii. We need to focus on members lapsed more than six months (“Lapsed

members >6mo” on sheet).

iv. Maybe we can get list of CAMFT members in this area?( president and

membership chair are sent the list of new therapist every month by CAMFT)

v. Our president estimates there might be 3-4000 members in this geographic

area that are not chapter members.

IV. E-Mail Statistics

(a) April CEU’s which were announced via e-mail 4/13/12.

i. It was sent to 695. It bounced for 8.

ii. 230 people opened the announcement, 10 clicked-through a link on the


(b) Newsletter sent via e-mail March 3/3/12

i. 696 sent; 10 bounced, 1 spam.

ii. Looking at Newsletter means “opening” it. 299 people opened the March Newsletter.

iii. 100 people “clicked through” a link on the newsletter.

(c) 43.6% opened; 33.4% clicked through.

i. industry avg. 20% open 17% click-through; so we’re doing well!

(d) Is it possible to have a “button” to make it easier to forward the e-newsletter?

V. Website Update

(a) We need a Header image.

i. Board prefers a landscape image.

ii. Jim Moyers offers any picture from his website for $50.

iii. Board likes a vision of East Bay hills

iv. There is an East Bay photo stock website, apparently.

v. We need a narrow & panoramic picture.

(b) Caiti suggests changing the font on Header Text.

(c) We need a newsletter Database and a “members only” database.

(d) We hope to go live w website at the end of April 2012.

(e) How to migrate old Therapist Finder info to new system?

i. Should members do it? Or our web designer do it?

(f) What is the value of Therapist Finder?

i. It competes with CAMFT’s Counseling California and/or Psychology Today?

ii. Therapist Finder is mostly for local therapist-to-therapist searches for referrals.

ii. Colleagues are wondering, “Am I listed?”

iii. It is hard East Bay CAMFT Therapist Finder to be found on Google Searches.

iv. Our president is in favor of making Therapist Finger and “pushing it”; i.e. marketing it


v. It will be searchable by zip code.

vi. What will be the sign-up procedures? How to use website?

VI. SOCE Update

(a) State CAMFT arrived at a statement that they endorsed.

i. It is very legal-ese.

ii. They agree SOCE should not take place, with a lot of legal disclaimers.

VII. E-Tree Rules

(a) There have been recent kindness and courtesy debates on the E-Tree.

i. Rules #5 and #7 are unclear for some E-Tree members.

VIII. Advertisement Policy

(a) At present our pricing policy is based on having a printed, hard copy newsletter.

(b) The large idea of a Free Calendar is discussed at some length.

i. It could be a clearinghouse for psychological organizations and peers to post workshops,

talks, etc.for no charge.

ii. What might be the cost for Newsletter, Calendar or website advertisements?

iii. Robert Pavel knows our current ad-hoc policy re cost.

iv. We currently offer Board members & Board volunteers discounted advertising pricing

v. There is still some E-mail address confusion (i.e.Caiti is still not getting the newsletter).

Meeting Closed 3:30pm 3/18/12

Respectfully submitted 4/20/12

Steve Keightley, MFT, Secretary


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