April 20, 2012

March 07, 2013 6:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

Minutes April 20, Board Meeting

Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Duncan Bennett, Donna Long, Vivian Nelson, Kelly Sharp, Robert

Pavel, Sandy Mcquillen, Caiti Crum, Steve Keightley, Peter Carpentieri (late).

Absent: Mary Deggelman (discontinued participation for personal reasons).

I. March Minutes approved 8 ayes

II. Website Transition

A. New site is operational

i. Jurgen wishes to “review it line-by-line” before then.

ii. Jurgen encourages us to “play with the site this weekend” as he will edit it soon.

iii. We can still make changes to it. It’s not fixed now, things can be changed.

iv. The sad woman photo has been changed to Jurgen!

a. May be able to rotate Board members pictures there.

v. Mark’s design services will be complete and not include the E-tree modernization.

vi. Will be “open to the public” middle of week of 4/23/12.

B. The Resource Directory is forming.

i. a listing of all area meetings of interest to the profession (not just East Bay CAMFT


ii. Professional service referrals: CPA for therapists, billing software for therapists, etc.

iii. Community Resources, like a Crisis Hotline, etc.

iv. Will it be a perk of membership or open to the public? (Not yet known).

C. Website Comments

i. Title will be like old site: “East Bay Therapist Association”.

ii. Subline OK: “California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists – East Bay


III. E-Tree

A. It cannot be run through Wild Apricot website software!

i. Old version goes away with Infolane.

B. We need a new E-Tree!

i. We have a long discussion about internet privacy concerns, both general and new E-Tree


ii. We agree in concept that a warning can (and will) be sent to members about the limits of

confidentiality. This would be “fair warning”, buyer beware etc.

iii. Another possibility is to find our own “E-Tree” software system.

iv. This would involve re-working the Terms of Service.

C. A new E-Tree on Google Groups?

i. If they just want to contact the E-Tree via e-mail, they only need an e-mail address.

ii. If people want to be able to access the E-Tree Google Group, they will need a g-mail


D. We discuss Google vs. Yahoo at length, having privacy concerns for both systems.

i. Motion to use Google made by Duncan Bennett, seconded by Jurgen Braungardt.

Approved – 8 ayes.

IV. Newsletter

A. We can still use “Constant Contact” (with new website).

i. We want to be able to send newsletter to non-EBC people; and

ii. Other professionals (or the public?) Our discussion leans towards professionals.

iii. We agree the newsletter going out is good publicity.

B. We could also switch from Constant Contact to Wild Apricot.

i. It would be cheaper.

C. Will have a membership drive in May.

V. Events Calendar

A. With Wild Apricot software.

i. Week, Month, Year views possible

B. Who is our audience?

i. CAMFT members in California? Also East Bay CAMFT members? The general public?

C. The need for a Calendar Volunteer is named.

i. No Board member steps up (yet).

VI. Monthly Social

A. Winery

i. $10 per person = a tasting.

ii. $15 per person = tasting + appetizers

iii. Kelly will explore details, if we (Board) need to pay up front?

iv. The Board will cover $5 of admission fee for members.

B. Non-thematic event (i.e. just social?)

i. 1x per month; Friday evening.

ii. After the Board Meeting?

iii. Need to start it & have it reoccurring.

iv. Sandy suggests making the e-announcement a different color.

v. The Board discusses whether it should be open?

a. If open, clients might show up (!).

b. We decide to make it a “professional gathering”.

c. i.e. members and like professionals.

vi. We consider two events for end of May and also June.

C. Idea of a hike/walk at Lake Chabot (or similar) is floated.

i. Just to meet; would not require much organization.

VII. General Membership Meeting

A. Fifty people or so last year (?).

B. Having one is in the By-Laws and it’s a good idea to check-in with members.

i. On a Saturday or Sunday?

ii. Have a speaker and time for feedback?

iii. Schedule it June or late September

a. Sandy reminds us that there are no CE meetings for July/August; Saturday &


b. Concern is expressed about vacations at that time, i.e. low turn-out.

iv. Location could be “St. Mark’s Methodist Church” in Orinda.

a. Not really BART accessible.

v. Possible dates are named June 9,16,23, 30?

C. Speaker ideas?

i. a lawyer to update us about State:

a. anti-trust laws?

b. Telemedicine?

c. Social media use (like Face Book)?

ii. Collect questions ahead of time.

VIII. Brochure

A. We are willing to spend to make it nice.

i. Who is our audience?

ii. New chapter members (vs. to hand out to clients).

iii. Steve will seek more information about graphic design places to use.

IX. Survey

A. Do it now!

i. Strike Question #5. (Replace it).

ii. Have it go out with next newsletter.

B. Figure out the next series of questions

i. Keep a series of them going…

ii. Seek to get a “rich statistical image of the chapter”.

iii. Could also do an anonymous survey?

iv. A set of questions to get website feedback two months from now.

v. Caiti suggests some type of “incentive” to do the survey

a. Free C.E. class? Coupons? Gift certificates?

X. Financial

A. Bank Change

i. Jurgen will transfer money next week.

B. Taxes will be discussed by Treasurer and President outside of the meeting.

C. Not possible to know exact expenses month-to-month (because of accounting matters).

i. Quarterly payments are made which affect the numbers.

D. The Balance Sheet is summarized.

E. Membership numbers are updated.

i. (Specific dollar amounts by membership categories are available from the Administrator).

Meeting Closed 6:09pm

Respectfully submitted 5/18/12

Steve Keightey, MFT, Secretary


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