March 15, 2013

May 11, 2013 5:58 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

03.15.2013 Minutes

Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin,

Guests: Lynn-Marie Lumiere and Claire-Elizabeth De Sophia from 5pm -5:30pm

I. February Minutes Approved- 6 ayes, 2 abstained

II. Social Update

a)      Reviewed the logistics for the social that is taking place after the current board meeting at Urban Legend Cellars.  

III. Treasurer’s Report

a)      Currently $27,836 in checking, $51,034 in savings and $4,934 in the Paypal account.

b)      Briefly reviewed that Kelly and Jurgen will continue to explore potential investment opportunities.

c)       Reviewed information around accessing the Paypay account.  

IV. Mindfulness Conference

a)      Peter reviewed his positive experience at the Mindfulness Conference

b)      Shared that a new magazine, Mindful, has been launched and the possibility of EBCAMFT advertising in it for EBCAMFT’s therapist finder

V. CEU Program

a)      Kelly shared having discussed with Sandy breaking down the components of responsibility for the CEU program and shared needing a volunteer to begin taking over the pre-CEU day responsibilities, including coordinating communication with the CEU presenters. Holly volunteered.

b)      Discussed ways of marketing the CEU more to increase attendance

c)       Reviewed ideas and concerns around the current newsletter, including adding more articles and continuing to request that CEU presenters write an article in the month that the presentation will occur

VI. Postcard Update

a)      Vivian handed out copies of the final postcard.

b)      A motion was made to purchase 6,000 more postcards for a total of approximately $2,413, which includes postage to send out card to roughly 6,000 mental health professionals in the bay area. 6 ayes, 2 abstained

VII. Website- Resource list

a)      It was agreed to push back the agenda topic to the next meeting due to lack of time to discuss the item.

VIII. Guest- Lynn Marie and Sophia

a)      Lynn discussed her communications with CAMFT regarding advocating for fair pay from insurance companies for MFTs

a.       Reviewed steps CAMFT reported they would take, including writing a letter to the Department of Justice around their ability to advocate for members and encouraging members to write letters to their insurance companies requesting pay increases.

b.      Discussed frustration around feeling CAMFT is not advocating enough for its members.

Meeting Closed 5:45pm 03.15.13

Respectfully submitted 03.17.13

Holly Forman, Secretary


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