July 19, 2013

September 03, 2013 6:48 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

07.19.2013 Minutes

Present: Kelly Sharp, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Sandy McQuillin, Jurgen Braungardt, Caiti Crum

Guest: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia , Yo-at Esther Silverman, Laura Friedeberg

I. June Minutes Approved- 5 ayes

II. President’s Report

a)      Kelly reported that she had a conversation with Guillermo Alvarez around chapter member concerns.

b)      She reviewed having e-mailed the chapter and encouraged them to complete the survey that CAMFT posted around the election.

c)       She shared that the chapter had received several e-mails from different members offering to volunteer and that they will be compensated with a paid annual EBCAMFT membership.

d)      She reported that CAMFT has requested to do a chapter spotlight. It was agreed that Laura would draft a spotlight around the mentorship program.

e)      She reported having received a quote from a law firm around assisting with advocating for fair insurance reimbursements for therapists. It was agreed that the cost was too high.

III. Administrator’s Report

a)      Currently 752 active members.

b)      678 members subscribed to the etree .

c)       Caiti reviewed that she is currently adding event registration via internet for the CEU events.

d)      Caiti shared that the amount of content being received for the newsletter has increased.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a)      Currently $23,799 in checking, $51,041 in savings and $4,055 in the Paypal account.

b)      Discussion around if research had been done about how to invest chapter money occured. Kelly reviewed that it had been on hold while Jurgen was away and that they would look into different avenues soon.

V. CEU Program Update

a)      No overall updates. Holly and Jurgen agreed to meet to discuss the CEU program for 2014.

VI. Mentoring Program

a)      Laura reviewed the current program, including having slightly more mentees than mentors.

b)      She discussed marketing for the program and it was agreed that an eblast could be sent out.

c)       She requested that the chapter pay for a meeting place for the upcoming presentation geared towards the members involved in the mentor program. The board agreed.

d)      She shared wanting to soon offer more presentations for members involved in the program.

VII. CAMFT Chapter Bylaws

a)      Claire-Elizabeth discussed the Save CAMFT group, including the on-line petition and a need to obtain the on-line signatures on paper.

b)      An in-depth conversation was had around the bylaw changes and possible amendments. Concern was discussed around the August 1st deadline not allowing enough time.

c)       The need to poll the membership around their thoughts/feelings around the change was discussed and it was indicated that this could occur at the annual chapter meeting.

d)      Claire-Elizabeth requested that the board send out the Save CAMFT flyer to the chapter members.

e)      Kelly agreed to re-send out an earlier e-mail to the chapter around the bylaws and add a small amount of information from the Save CAMFT flyer.

f)       The board discussed and came to an agreement around the language to use from the flyer. Kelly agreed to complete the e-mail over the weekend.

g)      Jurgen agreed to draft a letter to send to CAMFT from the board around the August 1st deadline being too short and requesting that the bylaw vote be nullified until proper dialogue can be had around the potential changes.

Meeting Closed 6:15pm 07.19.13

Respectfully submitted 08.12.13

Holly Forman, Secretary


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