April 2015 Minutes

April 17, 2015 7:17 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Kelly Sharp, Craig Toonder, Laura Freideberg, Aaron Foster, Ben Jones,

Late Arrival: Caiti Crum

Absent: Leslie Bandle, Guest: Veronica Macina



I. Approval of March minutes: 6 ayes


II. Admin Report:

a) Holly reported for Veronica due to her absence.  Current membership totals are as follows: 558 clinical, 160 interns, 34 student/pre-intern, 33 associate for a total of 842 active members with 882 E-tree only members. It was also reported that there are 61 overdue memberships with 10 past due for 30 day or more. Holly reported that Veronica had found a discrepancy in membership totals between last month and this month due to the conversion of non-active members when EBCAMFT's database management software was switched to Wild Apricot. Veronica intends to resolve this issue. Lastly, 20 new E-tree members joined since last month based on sending out clarification for how to post on the E-tree. As a result, the board discussed and decided to distribute a monthly email reminder of how to post on the E-tree to members going forward.


b) Holly continued to report for Veronica who expressed newly hired CPA, Loli Cremat, will be completing and mailing 2014 taxes for signatures/ filing and has put everything together very quickly.


c) Another letter was received regarding 2013 taxes being filed late. Veronica and Caiti are discussing what next steps will be.


d) Information was received from ACE, new insurance provider, and a payment of approx. $1600. has been sent.


e) New membership survey will be emailed by Veronica to membership tomorrow morning.


III. Treasurers Report

a) Holly reported for Leslie due to her absence. Current bank account totals are as follows: Checking $37,716.18, Savings $51, 058.03, Paypal $0. As of today’s date, profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $2,516., total expenses $4,620., net operating income $2,104.


b) Holly continued to report that Leslie arrived at a cost for life time memberships at approx. 6-8x the yearly membership fee. Kelly inquired about offering a lowered rate for long time members who have been with EBCAMFT since the 80's in aid of continuity of membership. Concerns among the board arose around how to manage lifetime members if they let their membership with state CAMFT lapse. It was decided that a lifetime member would default to E-tree only membership if they allow their state CAMFT membership to lapse. Then concerns were discussed around chapter agreements and how this might impact the policy of offering life time memberships. It was decided to table further discussion about life time memberships until next month.


IV. Newsletter: Caiti announced that member, Katherine Schooland, has been selected as our newsletter editor who holds cross skill sets related to technology and mobile accessibility. Caiti continued to share that Katherine has great ideas about incorporating social media and that she will begin within the next month. The board discussed costs associated for the revamping of the newsletter and it was decided that Caiti would write up a 3 month contract to be revisited there after.  


V. Chapter Agreements:

a) There was much discussion by the board around concerns and issues related to the state CAMFT proposed Chapter Agreements. Primary concerns discussed were the verbiage contained in many items and needs for clarification, financial burdens over legal actions being placed on local chapters, state dictation of local membership categories, state access to local chapter(s) membership database and financials. It was clarified that at this time the state CAMFT board is looking for feedback from other chapters before it officially becomes policy in June.


b) The board reviewed the San Fernando Valley Chapter’s letter to CAMFT with itemized concerns and proposed changes. The board further discussed and decided to support the itemized concerns and proposed changes contained in the letter with the additional concerns and proposed changes of access to local chapter(s) membership database and financials. It was highlighted that chapter financials are public record and already provided for via chapter minutes posted online.


c) Kelly proposed an alternative idea of a joint membership between local chapters and state CAMFT membership, where state CAMFT membership would include membership in a local chapter. State CAMFT would then pay a percent of the membership fee back to perspective local chapters. Kelly offered to write a response letter to CAMFT, agreeing with San Fernando’s listed concerns and proposed changes along with EBCAMFT additions stated above and with this alternative proposal. The board agreed with this response of feedback to state CAMFT.


VI. Santa Clara Valley CAMFT- Events and Cross Advertising: It was agreed upon to engage in cross advertising and events with SCVCAMFT in efforts to promote both local chapters.


VII. Follow up Items from the Retreat:

a) Revamping website/ Mobile optimization: Leslie absent


b) CEU program: Kelly expressed having contacted providers to affiliate for CEUs workshops, such as Cross Country but has not heard back as of yet. Caiti proposed Saturday member inclusive thematic workshops and presentations. Holly expressed concern over who would be available to coordinate and facilitate the day of presentations. The board discussed the possibility of hiring someone. It was decided to table this topic until membership survey results are in next month.  


c) Promotional Marketing Materials: Aaron provided a rough proof of developed postcard promoting EBCAMFT’s online therapist finder. Feed back was given and it was decided for Aaron to move forward.  Caiti and Holly reported waiting for original graphics specks from graphic artist to complete postcard for general outreach use. Caiti reported that JFK University has agreed to allow presentations and PPT in classes or events providing EBCAMFT membership information. It was suggested that postcards may be advantages for these purposes.



d) Workshop Series/internet and paperless practice: Kelly related having been in contact with private practice online software company Simple Practice. It was proposed to engage in an affiliate program with Simple Practice offering ECAMFT members a free 2 month trial and Simple Practice would pay $100 per EBCAMFT member who sign up. It was also discussed the possibility of allowing advertising in the newsletter as well as E-tree to generate more revenue. Kelly inquired for whether the board felt offering a workshop or event around "going digital" could be part of website 101 and marketing online. Kelly made a motion for an affiliate relationship with Simple Practice. The board agreed with 7 ayes.


VIII. Member Services Update: (eg hiking, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc)

a) Ben reported a 3000 hours club sponsored meeting was held yesterday at JFK where 2 people attended though the outcome was positive. Next scheduled meeting to be held at BAPTI in Lafayette this Saturday.  


b) Craig reported the next hiking group is scheduled for Saturday May 16th at Anthony Chabot Regional Park: Clyde Woolridge Staging Area, San Leandro.


c) Laura reported that 1 person is currently wait listed for the mentorship program. The next event is a coffee social (location TBD) that is scheduled for June 6th from 2-3. The Mentor Appreciation Brunch is scheduled in September and will possibly be held in Walnut Creek. 





                                                 Meeting Closed at 5:51pm

                                                     Submitted 5/14/2015

                                                  Aaron Foster, Secretary



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