June 2015 Minutes

June 26, 2015 10:39 AM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Ben Jones

Late Arrival: Leslie Bandle, Caiti Crum

Guests: Veronica Macina, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, John Hurley, Jürgen Braungardt

Absent: Aaron Foster, Laura Freideberg, Kelly Sharp


I.  Approval of May minutes
  1. Not enough people at the meeting for a quorum to approve minutes.


II.  Admin Report

  1. Veronica reported current membership totals as follows: 557 clinical, 160 intern, 31 student/pre-intern, 33 associate for a total of 841 active members and 912 with E-tree. Veronica reported 74 overdue renewals and 12 new members in the last 30 days. 
  2. John reported that he has gone through all but around 100 members on the E-Tree to make sure they are still active members. John will finish this up and remove all non-active members from the E-Tree. He has gone through 700 of the member so far.
  3. Veronica reported that she has still not heard back from Connie about sending the last and final letter to the IRS about the 2013 taxes.  After discussion with the board, Veronica will call Connie and report back what happens. 


III.  Treasurers Report
  1. Leslie reported current bank account totals are as follows: Checking $40,503.04, Savings $51, 058.61, PayPal $0 ($3,995.88 transferred to checking 6/18). As of today’s date, profit and losses are as follows: gross profit $4,068.83, total expenses $2,307.71, net operating income $1,761.12. Leslie stated that due to tax preparation costs of $650.00, we did earn much over our previous deficit over 2014 year to date numbers.  However in looking at June’s partial numbers, we will gain momentum by the end of the month.
  2. Veronica will call Jury from Mechanics Bank to set up different Log in profiles for Holly, Veronica and Leslie. 
  3. Leslie researched non-profits and reserve balances.  Jürgen and Leslie discussed having approx. 12-15 months of operating expenses as a reserve.  The board discussed having a CD (4%) to be able to invest money for a safe return (Mechanics Bank), index funds, and/or fixed bonds.  Jürgen suggested that if we have questions we could call CAMFT for guidance. Leslie will talk to Mechanics Bank about investments.  Leslie reported that there is such a thing as having too much profit, and that the better business bureau says that having surplus of 3 times the annual budget, is too much. Leslie suggested that when we reach $130,000-$140,000, we look at spending more money.  Holly mentioned that this year our operating expenses will be a bit higher since we have John Hurley, as Web Administrator, and our new Newsletter Editor, Kathrine Schoolland.  
  4. Jürgen suggested we set a goal for increasing membership to more than 1,000 members and possibly spend some money to develop a membership campaign to recruit more members.  When we have that many members, we make more money, and once we achieve this goal, can hire more contractors to make EBCAMFT a stronger organization.  Leslie suggested we spend some money to obtain a list of individuals in our area of newly licensed MFTs and registered Interns.  Leslie will investigate if BBS has a list.  Veronica will look into a monthly e-blast that is sent by CAMFT to all CAMFT members in our area.  Caiti stated that we have over 3,000 contacts in our database.  We will use this list to send the call to a member meeting with CAMFT.  Claire-Elizabeth also suggested we have a membership committee, it was attempted before but it did not last long. 

IV.  Newsletter

  1. Holly reported that our goal is to have the newsletter out on July 1st.   It is going to be informative and well put together so we will have it go out bimonthly instead of every month to see how it goes. Holly said she is very excited about the new design that has a nice light and fresh look. The newsletter is redesigned and will be distributed every other month.  Katherine Schoolland is our new editor and we are focused on refining content areas and receiving submissions from other members.
V.   Member Services Update (e.g. hikes, 3000 hour club, mentorship program, etc.)
  1. Craig inquired if we could send an e-blast out about a post that Katherine, the newsletter editor, posted on the E-Tree about inviting people to the movie “Inside Out”.  On Wednesday night (6/24) at 7pm you can but a ticket on Fandango.com.  Veronica will send out an e-blast about the event to the members.
  2. Craig talked with Katherine about how to promote the hikes and provide members with the entire calendar year of hikes
  3. Holly stated that bad traffic prevented her from attending the Albany Tap Room Happy Hour event.  Kelly Sharp and a few other members were at the Happy Hour. Holly will send Veronica info about a social on Friday July 3rd
  4. Craig is going to look into Lawn bowling in August for a social/networking event.
VI.  Steven Vernon- talking about the Medicare March
  1. Steven was not able to attend the meeting to discuss the Medicare March.   Holly asked him for information and he may want us to send out an e-blast to educate our members.  Once he sends Holly the info she will send it to the Board to be approved.
VII.  Claire-Elizabeth

  1. Holly asked Claire-Elizabeth to explain what has changed, since she did not apply to be on the board this past year.  Claire-Elizabeth stated that what has changed is CAMFT is still a big issue, hoped it had gone away by now but it has gotten worse and she wants to address this issue with CAMFT. She wants to be involved in more clinical presentations (CEU)s, but she does not want to manage them. Claire-Elizabeth wants to be on the board, so she can vote, but if Leslie’s friend would bring something good to the board, she is open to being a committee member. Holly will send out an email asking the board what the options are for Clare-Elizabeth and see what happens.  Leslie stated that she will have the person she knows write something up to send to the Board about why she wants to be on the Board.  The Board could not vote because there was no quorum.
  2. Leslie knows someone who is interested in the Member-at-Large Position, and Claire-Elizabeth is also interested in the Member-at-Large Position. Jürgen suggested that we can have both of the people interested in the Member-at-Large Position and have them explain why they want the position and then the board votes.  He also said we can make someone a committee member.  A Committee member is on the board, but cannot vote. 
  1. Holly stated that we have extra money now and for a few years we have been discussing paying someone to work as our CEU Coordinator for about 10 hours a month. As a CEU Coordinator they would need to show up to the CEU events.  Veronica mentioned that now that we cannot renew our CEU Provider status with BBS, we will go with CAMFT and they require more information on a yearly basis.  Holly stated that she looked at the list of CEU Providers and it is best to go with CAMFT if we decide to renew.  Leslie inquired about teaming up with individuals or organizations that are already CEU Providers, so we do not have to get our own.  Leslie mentioned that it was discussed at the retreat to just connect with others that are already CEU providers instead of doing it on our own since we do not offer that many CEUs.  Holly is hesitant about coordinating with other people.  Holly suggested that we figure out when we have CEUs scheduled until and then possibly not renew after that.  Holly wants to inquire with Caiti to see if she has scheduled any CEUs.  Holly also mentioned that some of the board members may have a CEU license and we could use theirs to still provide CEUs to our members.
IX.  Misc.
  1. Jürgen – He came to help answer some questions about the CAMFT turmoil. 
  2. When someone emails, board@camft.org all the board members get an email. Claire-Elizabeth is hoping that we send an e-blast to send to other chapters to get them on board about the call for a member meeting.  If enough members send CAMFT an email asking for a member meeting, Claire-Elizabeth believes that CAMFT may make changes without a meeting.  


Meeting Closed at 6: 00pm

Submitted June 27th, 2015

Veronica Macina, Administrator


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