August 2015 Minutes

August 21, 2015 11:13 AM | Deleted user

Present:  Holly Forman, Kelly M. Sharp, Caiti Crum, Laura Friedeberg, Claire Elizabeth DeSophia, Ben Jones, Leslie Bandle

Guest:  Jenny Ireland

I.  Approval of Minutes: Minutes approved 7

II.  Admin Report:
    a.  July Membership Numbers:  
        i. Total Active: 818
        ii. Clinical: 544
        iii. Intern: 155
        iv. Student: 28
        v.  Associate: 32
        vi. Etree only: 41
        vii. Etree Members:  921

III.  Treasurer's Report:
    a.  July:
        i.   Income: $4080.31
        ii.  Expenses: $5833.81
        iii. Net Operating Cost:  -$1753.49
        iv. Veronica transferred $20k from checking into savings
             $10770.50 checking including PayPal transfer
                      $71,059.74 Savings Acct.
        v.  We are down $5000 from last year at this time most likely do to Tax  

    b.  Tax Issue:  Veronica sent a check to the IRS (that they have already
      deposited) of $4,076.76.  She emailed Connie Tritt to let her know not to    
    send the letter to the IRS and that we sent in a check.  Veronica also sent
    her an invoice for the amount we sent to the IRS and calculated that we had
    to send in that amount because we owed $1816.76 that was due on April
    14, 2015.  $20.00 a day for 113 days (from April 14 to August 5th) is
    $2,240.  Total is $4,076.76.  It was sent on August 5th.  
        i.  Caiti will consult w/new CPA (Loli) about how to proceed

IV.  General Membership Meeting and Holiday Party
    a.    General Membership Mtng:
        i.   C/E:  Honor Vivian Nelson at the General Membership Meeting
        ii.  Kelly: Possibly invite other CAMFT Board members as guests
        iii. Location: St. Clements, Berkeley
        iv. Holly will facilitate meeting
        v.  Date of General Membership Mtng:  Oct 23rd.  6-8
        vi. October Board Meeting moved to Friday Oct 23rd 4-6
    b.  Holiday Party:  
        i.  December 11, 2015
        ii. Caiti will organize location
        iii.December Board Meeting will be on December 11th from 4-6 before         the Holiday Party

V.  Intern Job Fair
    a.      CAMFT contacted us regarding idea of an inner chapter Intern Fair.
        i.  EBCAMFT interest to collaborate with other chapters but focus    
        more promoting existing job fairs
    b.  Veronica will have Katherine post in newsletter that we are looking for
    info regarding intern/job fairs to promote.

VI.  Simple Practice
    a.     Affiliation in action, webinar happened, continued discussion around
    ways to advertise affiliation w/o endorsing product, will put SimplePractice
    in the newsletter.

VII.  AB1775
    a.  Ben will continue to do a follow up and summarize the results of the poll
    about AB 1775 and will report back in 2 wks.
    b.  Ben will also draft letter to CAMFT regarding the membership poll results

VIII.  CAMFT Special Meeting
    a.  C/E proposed sending eblast detailing our request to CAMFT for a
    special meeting and the outcome/response from CAMFT
    b.  C/E made motion:  7 yes, 1 Abstain
    c.  Holly will put together etree message

IX.  Electronic Voting
    a.  Holly provided script for informing membership about transition to online
    b.  Kelly will look into bylaw req's for initiating online voting

X.  CEU Coordinator
    a.  Caiti proposed stipend for CEU coordinator(s) Berkeley and Orinda
    E-tree message to request interest.

XI.  3000 hr club
    a.  2 recent mtngs
    b.  Idea of Intern Symposium was brought to Ben, he will continue to gather
    details in Marin this Oct

XII.  Socials
    a.  Craig 8 attendees at recent Happy Hour
    b.  Sept:  Hike and Food/Truck and Art
    c.  Oct: Lawn Bowling and Happy Hour
    d.  Nov: hike

XIII.  Mentoring Program
    a.  Laura is coordinating with potential new chair of program as Laura
    retires. Discussion around splitting the responsibilities of Mentoring Chairs
    and creating Co-Chairs.  Laura will explore options further and assess
    interest in  Co-Chair and Chair positions.

XIV.  E-tree
    a.  Ben will email Board with his thoughts/ideas
    b.  Ben brought up issues of members not receiving emails and proposes
    consideration of finding a new e-tree provider

XV.  Closing of Meeting
    a.  6:00 PM Meeting Closed.


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