January 2016 Minutes

January 15, 2016 9:30 PM | Deleted user

Present: Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller

Guests: Betty Blanc, Peter Carpentieri, John Hurley, Jovan Yglecias

I. December Minutes Approved- 4 ayes, 1 abstained

II. Board Position-Treasurer

a) Discussed the potential for Peter Carpentieri to step in to the treasurer position on the board.

b) 5 board members voted to welcome Peter to the board as a member-at-large position.  The board will re-visit him taking on role of treasurer the following month.

III. Admin Report

a) Total members: 797 (down from 803 in December).

b) Clinical: 546, Intern: 140, Students: 31, Associate: 28, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 6, E-Tree Only: 41

c) Discussed feedback around how to report admin numbers

d) We will be receiving a reimbursement form the IRS from the 2012 taxes.  This check will total $1,8400.

e) Caiti and Veronica will be completing the CEU application to send in to CAMFT

f) Three members have given up their EBCAMFT membership and have opted to not be members but to subscribe to the Etree only subscription. These past members have also decided not to be state CAMFT members anymore. 

g) Renewal of insurance: Caiti will review the policy and Veronica will send a check once the policy is reviewed and approved.

 IV. Treasurer Report

a)  Total expenses: $6,223 Total income $3,895.68 Net operating loss: $2,327.91.  The loss is mostly due to the holiday party.

V. 3,000 Hour club

a) A meeting was scheduled for this week. There were two RSVPs but nobody showed.  This might be explained by there being no reminder e-mail sent prior to the meeting.  Another meeting is scheduled for 1/16 and there are six RSVP'd participants.

b) Discussed the idea to get schools (JFK and Wright Institute) involved in finding a facilitator for Tuesday meetings.  Discussed going in to classes to share what EB CAMFT offers to interns and students.  Caiti will follow up with Ben's contacts at the schools.

c) There is a need to survey the interns in EB CAMFT to see what they are needing in terms of support

VI. Socials

a) The hike was rescheduled this month to January 31st due to rain.

b) The lawn bowling event is scheduled tentatively for April/May. 

c) A's game social is planned.

d) Ideas for future socials: super bowl party, indoor miniature golf, Oakland restaurant week (next year), Livermore Wineries (in order to reach out to further areas of the Bay Area).

i. For the next meeting, each board member will brainstorm social event ideas in the area they live.

e) Discussed the idea of having joint social events with SF CAMFT, Redwood Empire, Solano CAMFT, etc. 

f) Discussed sending mailing and follow up mailings to CAMFT members who are not a member in a local chapter.  Board members discussed sending non-members invitations to social events in order to recruit more members.

g) John Hurley will think about taking on the role of Recruitment Chair.

VII. Mentorship Program

a) Cheryl is reaching out to current mentors and mentees to see how each match is going.  Cheryl will update the board at a later date.

VIII. Board Retreat

a) Rescheduled the board retreat.

b) Retreat will be held at Craig's house

c) Board members will think about potential topics to discuss at the retreat.  Topics brainstormed in the meeting were: recruitment, managed care, internal politics of CAMFT, networking education for members, CEU, board vision statement, 3,000 hour club.

IX. Presentation on Town House and BACS:  Guest, Jovan Yglecias (BACS Director of Programs)

a) Presented information regarding the new board member meeting building, Town House.

b) Presented information on BACS

c) He agreed to allow EB CAMFT to use the space at no charge for board meetings during the 2016 year.

X. CEU program

a) We have a potential coordinator.  Caiti will speak further with the potential candidate and update the board. 

b) Two potential partnerships around upcoming CEUs:

i. Susan Fuderman reached out from La Heim and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Board members discussed EB CAMFT hosting the training "Suicide Bereavement for Clinicians" presented by John Jordan, PhD in order for the training to be CEU eligible.  Ideally EBCAMFT members would get a discounted rate on the training.  The training will be held on February 26th and 27th. Ben, Caiti and Peter are available to attend.  There is a potential to promote EB CAMFT at the event.

ii. Caiti has a contact on the board of the Center for Harm Reduction (organization based in NY, has an office in Oakland).  They provide trainings, research, etc.  Caiti has reached out to see if we could partner with them to organize a large training opportunity.  Caiti will follow up.

XI. EBCAMFT booth at the Somatic Psychotherapy Conference

a) On Friday, Feb. 26th there is a Somatic Psychotherapy Conference.  Craig has a contact who might be willing to provide a free booth to promote EB CAMFT and/or offer discounted fees for the conference.  Craig will follow up with his contact and update the board.

XII. Board vision statement

a) Board members to review the board vision statement prior to the next board meeting.


Meeting Closed 5:52 pm 1.15.2016

Submitted by Jenny Miller


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