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East Bay CAMFT

East Bay E-Tree

The E-Tree is a mailing list of East Bay CAMFT members that appreciate sending and receiving e-mail messages on a wide variety of professional topics. It is available to all members.

You need to be a member of East Bay CAMFT and have joined the E-Tree to participate.
To join the E-Tree, please send a request to

Instructions are as follows:

1. The email address used for the E-Tree must be the same as the email address used for the EB CAMFT membership profile. (Individual must be a CAMFT and EB CAMFT member to join the E-Tree group.)

2. If the individual is not currently on the E-Tree, they need to send me a request to be added. An invitation to join the group will then be sent to the individual along with instructions on how to join.

3. Once an individual has joined the E-Tree group, they must be logged into the group in order to post or read emails. To log into the E-Tree, they must go to Google mail:

If they do not have an account with Google mail, they need to click on "Create account" and enter the email address they wish to use (the EB CAMFT email address/E-Tree email address). Google mail will send a verification request to that email to verify it is that person. Once the account is established, the individual will then need to log into their email account with Google mail.

4. The individual will then see a dotted square at the top right corner of their screen.  They must click on the dotted square. From there, they will need to click on the "Groups" icon.

6. Click on the "My groups" and the EB CAMFT group will be listed. Click on that group.

Please know that if you are not currently a member of the E-Tree OR if you're using an email address not affiliated with the E-Tree, you will get a response from Google and the message will not be sent through. If you have any questions about this, please email

When responding to an E-Tree email:
  • Click reply to send an email to just the original sender.
  • Click reply all to send the reply to the entire E-Tree.

Managing Your E-Tree Subscription

To join the E-Tree, please send a request to

If you would like to change your preferences, send a request to or:
You can also view, post and change your preferences to this group online by logging in at

(you will need an account with Google Groups to do this).

Creating a Google Groups Account

This is not required, but will give you additional E-Tree options.

To create an account with Google Groups, go to!forum/eb-camft click "Sign in to view this group", then "Sign Up" at the upper right of the page. Use the email that is part of your member profile with East Bay CAMFT.

E-Tree Delivery Options

You may choose one of the following options for receiving emails:
  • Email: Receive an email for every message to the E-Tree.
  • Digest email: Receive one email for every 25 messages to the E-Tree.
  • Abridged email: Receive one summary email of new activity that day (you need an account with Google Groups to view the full message).
  • No email: Web-only participation. View messages online with your Google Groups account (you need an account with Google Groups).
Please note: If you use an email vacation notification feature, please take yourself off the E-Tree temporarily so that your vacation notices don't inundate members' mailboxes.

Problems? Questions? Feedback?

Contact the E-Tree Team at

East Bay Chapter, CA Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
P.O Box 6278 Albany, CA 94706

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