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  • December 09, 2016 8:13 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Craig Toonder, Holly Forman-Patel, Ben Jones, Peter Carpentieri, 

    Absent: Sorrenta Stuart, Jenny Miller, Galina Litvin

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Don Matthews, Jurgen Braungardt, Neslihan Pinar, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, John Hurley

    I. Approval of Minutes

    a)  The minutes July through November were approved- 4 ayes. 

    II. Admin Report 

    a) Membership Numbers:

    i. Total members:  842, Clinical:  626, Intern:  144, Students:  28, Associate:  37, Community Partner:  2, Honorary Member:  3, Retired:5

    b) Subscription Numbers:

    i.  E-Tree Only:  54 E-Tree Total: 1022 e-mail addresses 

    c) Veronica paid the liability insurance in full last month

    d) Received positive emails from members around the holiday party

    f) Paypal name needs to be changed from Holly to someone else. 

    III. Treasurer Report 

    a) YTD Total Income: $42,581.74, YTD Total Expenses: $37,935.69, YTD Net Operating Income: $4,650.13.  

    b) The current banking balance is missing in the treasurer report submitted. 

    c) Jurgen discussed wanting to see more checks and balances in the review of the finances, including showing more information on the monthly report with a more in-depth analysis. 

    d) Nes shared the report needing to reference “CE Certificates” instead of “CEUs” as recommended by a California Psychological Association CPA she worked with.

    e) Don recommended the categories on the Profit and Loss sheet needing to be more consistent between the years. 

    IV. Social Update

    a) The next meeting is on December 17th and there is one person RSVPed.

    b) If the board wants to do another baseball game social, Craig is willing to coordinate it. 

    c) Craig asked about the follow up around the member who was interested in assisting with socials. Veronica reported that Galina and Sorrenta said they would reach out. 

    d) Casey Truffo marketing event currently has 20 individuals RSVPed.  

    i. Nes shared being open to helping with advertising for the event to increase attendance. 
    ii. Event is currently $60 for members, $70 for non-members and a $15 discount to students and interns
    iii. Claire-Elizabeth will send it out to local chapters
    iv. A discussion around CEUs was discussed with the idea of them being given for this event.
    i. Holly and Nes shared that they believe such an event does not qualify for CEUs. Jurgen disagreed.
    v. Jurgen asked that the event be posted on the main page of the website. John and Veronica agreed. 

    V. Alternating Board Meeting Location

    a) It was discussed alternating every other month between Walnut Creek and Berkeley. 
    i. This was agreed to.

    b) January’s meeting will be the retreat and board meeting combined.

    VI. Misc

    a) Ben shared (and others agreed) it would be good for the next board year to have someone have more responsibility around reminders/holding accountability to board members who agreed to complete tasks.

    b) Veronica agreed to send out an email with the action items to the board for the December meeting.

    c) The board retreat was discussed. It was agreed to do a two day overnight retreat for the upcoming board. The location is TBA. The weekend agreed was Saturday January the 14th (at 11am) and ending late afternoon on Sunday the 15th
    i. Don will look at booking the location.
    d) Holly reviewed scheduling the end of year board dinner. It was scheduled for Dec 16th at 6:30 at Skates was agreed. 
    i. Holly agreed to contact the members not present to let them know.
    e) Veronica shared that she will not be continuing as administrator. She will assist in training the new administrator and will continue in the position until the end of March. 

    f) Jurgen discussed wanting a new administrator who might be able to work more hours and to concurrently re-do the website. He additionally reported wanting a subcommittee to work on this. 

    g) John reported that he will not be continuing as website administrator. He will continue during the transition period. 

    h) Craig reported that he will not be continuing as Past-President the next year. He agreed to continue organizing the hikes with Ben and others assisting in leading. 
    i. He additionally offered to again organize the A’s baseball social.

    Meeting Closed at 6:04pm 12.09.2016

    Submitted by Holly Forman-Patel

  • November 18, 2016 10:51 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Ben Jones, Galina Litvin, Peter Carpentieri

    Absent: Sorrenta Stuart, Holly Forman-Patel

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Don Matthews, John Hurley

    I.     Approval of Minutes

                a)  Minutes will be approved via special vote over e-mail due to not having enough board members at this meeting.

    II. Admin Report

                a) Membership Numbers:

                            i. Total members:  845, Clinical:  626, Intern:  144, Students:  28, Associate: 37, Community Partner:  2, Honorary Member:  3,                             Retired: 5

                b) Subscription Numbers:

                            i.  E-Tree Only:  53, E-Tree Total: 1019 e-mail addresses

    c) Discussed having a special member rate ($20 discount) and/or reminding members that they can subscribe to ETree only in order to encourage people to renew their membership with EBCAMFT. This was approved by board members.

    d) 3,000 postcards were sent out over last two weeks.  The board is hoping this will increase recruitment.  Some postcards have been sent back due to labels being in portrait position rather than landscape.  The board discussed the possibility of printing more postcards with landscape labels to replace the ones                        that were returned.

    e) Paid first part of the deposit for Casey Truffo, the next deposit installment is due in January.

    f)  38 members have voted online.  Four paper ballots were sent out.  On Monday, Veronica will send out another E-Blast to the membership and board discussed schedule for further E-Blasts around the ballots.

    III. Treasurer Report

                a) YTD Total Income: $36,501.67, YTD Gross Profit: $36,501.67 YTD Total Expenses: $30,297.07, YTD Net Operating Income:       $6,204.60

                b)  $900 for Casey Truffo deposit will be added to the November expenses

                c)  Veronica will change the payment schedule for liability insurance to just one payment as opposed to monthly payments (this will save us $5 a month in fees)

                d)  Board members discussed missing financial reports from previous years.  Veronica and Caiti are looking into this.  2016 financial statements are up to date.

    IV. Introductions

                a) Board members introduced themselves to guest, Don Matthews.  Don is interested in joining the board next year.  Don was president of the board in 2000.

    V. Social Update

                a)  No updates.

    VI. 3,000 Hour Club

                a) Will occur tomorrow morning and there is one RSVP. 

                b) Zoom has not yet been offered to the group. 

                c)  Veronica will set up an automatic reminder via social media and E-Blasts to remind of 3,000 Hour Club.

                d)  Discussed outreach to schools and how we can recruit more members to the 3,000 Hour club.

                e) Fran Wickner will donate time to present at the 3,000 Hour Club


    VII. Elections/Electronic Ballot Process

                a) Feedback around interface for the electronic voting

                b)  Veronica changed the settings on Survey Monkey so that members do not have to cast a vote for everyone

                c)  There has been positive feedback from members around the electronic voting

                d) Veronica will post this on the E-Tree (currently it just has gone out as an E-Blast)


    VIII.  Feelings Regarding Fenton Consulting Group

                a)  The board discussed thoughts around the support we received from Fenton Consulting and whether it would be something we would do again. 

                b) Craig discussed the valuable aspects of the information provided by Fenton

                c)  Meredith Fenton was instrumental in helping us produce the petition

                d) Galina discussed concerns around the rate that we paid for Meredith

                e) Ben is concerned about next steps the board can take to continue to momentum that we started with the petition

    IX. General Membership Meeting Feedback

                a) The board received positive feedback from members regarding the meeting. Members reported that the petition that was sent out reinvigorated their interest in participating.

                b) Don shared his views on the General Membership Meeting and how it motivated him to join the board in 2017.

    X.  Simple Practice

                a)  Veronica has been receiving emails from Simple Practice.  We have not received text from Simple Practice to send out to membership.

    XI. Meeting with State CAMFT

                a) Discussed upcoming meeting on December 9th.  Board members discussed the potential to postpone the meeting to the new year so that the incoming board can participate in what they would like to discuss with State CAMFT.

                b) The board voted on whether or not to postpone the meeting.  Craig made a motion to postpone the meeting until next year, Ben will second the motion.  6 board members agreed to postpone.

                b)  Caiti will reach out to Patricia and let her know we will postpone the meeting.

                c)  Incoming board members will be invited to the December board meeting so that they can discuss an agenda for this meeting.

                d) There will be an e-mail sent out around when the December board meeting will occur.

    XII.  Caiti Announcement

                a) Caiti resigned as president effective immediately

                b)  Board discussed who will take on tasks that Caiti had signed up for and the logistics of this change

    XIII.  Board Transition

                a)  The board discussed how to move forward in the transition and create positive changes on the board

                b)  Board discussed what the structure of the board will look like next year and how to encourage more participation from board members

    Meeting Closed at 5:57pm 11.18.2016

    Submitted by Jenny Miller

  • October 21, 2016 11:26 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Sorrenta Stuart, Ben Jones

    Absent: Peter Carpentieri, Galina Litvin

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Micaela Teixeira

    I.    Admin Report

    a) Membership Numbers:

    i. Total members:  840, Clinical:  621, Intern:  145, Students:  29, Associate: 36, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member:  3, Retired:4

    b) Subscription Numbers:

    i.  E-Tree Only:  54, E-Tree Total: 1007

    c) Discussed responses regarding the petition — Mostly positive feedback

    d)  Veronica will offer memberships to the previous members whose membership has lapsed.

    e)  The petition will not go out again until after our conversation with Jill and Patricia.

    f)  440 people have signed the petition — Veronica will check to see how many people who have signed the petition are members of EBCAMFT.

    g)  There is a presentation ready to give at universities to promote EBCAMFT.

    h) Postcards will be sent out before Thanksgiving — Prior to sending these out, we will update the main page of our website.  Craig will write up a summary about the petition for the main page.

    i)  Twitter account: Sorrenta suggested to add the widget to every social media page.  John will do this.

    i.  Discussed having a social media coordinator to work with Veronica on the social media pages.

    II. Treasurer Report (Veronica/Caiti will send)

    a)  YTD Total Income: $36,501.67, YTD Gross Profit: $36,501.67 YTD Total Expenses: $30,297.07, YTD Net Operating Income: $6,204.60

    III. Social Update

    a) Hike in November is on the 13th.  Craig will be out of town.  Ben will fill in for Craig and Caiti might be able to join as well.

    b)  Casey Truffo event is set and 9 or 10 people have signed up.  There will be availability for around 200 people to attend.

                            i.  Advertising: twitter, EBlast, main web page, newsletter

                            ii.  In Decemeber, this will start going out twice a month.

                            iii.  Invitations will go out to other chapters

                            iv.  Casey will advertise for this as well

    IV. 3,000 Hour Club

                a)  Met last weekend.  One person attended (a member of EBCAMFT).

                b)  Ben discussed what he will present on in the General Membership Meeting,

                c)  Ben surveyed the attendees who said they would be interested in having an online forum for the 3,000 hour club.  Kate Leyva might be able to facilitate these group online. Holly will coordinate sending Kate flowers for all of her hard work on the 3,000 hour club.


    V. Elections for 2017 Board

                a) Ben might be interested in Member at large position

                b)  Sorrenta will run for President Elect

                b)  Peter declined to continue on the board

                c)  Galina would like to continue on the board

                d)  Other members have emailed Caiti to say whether or not they would join the board next year.

                e)  Each board member will reach out to three people and talk to them about joining the board.

                f)  Elections will be done mostly electronically (four people want to paper vote).

                g)  By Friday November 4th, those who are interested in being on the board should send statements to Veronica.


    VI. Holiday Party

                a) Board discussed dates for the holiday party.  December 9th will be the last 2016 board meeting and the holiday party.

                b)  Board discussed location for the party.

                c)  Board members will research locations for the party (that can fit 80-100).

                d)  Veronica will send out a save-the-date for the party.

    VII. General Membership Meeting

                a) Board members discussed what they are presenting at the General Membership meeting and how to structure the meeting.


    Meeting Closed 5:10 pm 10.21.2016

    Submitted by Jenny Miller

  • September 16, 2016 11:20 PM | Deleted user

    09.16.2016 Minutes

    Present: Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Sorrenta

    Stuart, Galina Litvin, Peter Carpentieri

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Jurgen Braungardt

    I. Admin Report

    a) Membership Numbers:

    i. Total members: 762, Clinical: 552, Intern: 143, Students: 27, Associate: 32, Community Partner: 2, Honorary   Member: 3, Retired:3

    b) Subscription Numbers:

    i. E-Tree Only: 52, E-Tree Total: 997

    c) Veronica is waiting to send out the postcards. 3,000 postcards will be sent out.

    d) Board discussed the reason that members do not renew or end their subscription with EBCAMFT. Veronica will send out a survey to ask what is beneficial to members about being a member of EBCAMFT.

    e) Caiti would like to do a member drive after the petition goes out.

    f) Veronica will stay on as our administrator next year.

    g) Sorrenta will send Veronica an e-mail about what statistics would be helpful to

    gather from Wild Apricot.

    h) The CEU application is almost complete. Sorrenta will research CEU


    II. Treasurer Report

    a) YTD Total Income: $33,930.54, YTD Gross Profit: $33,930.54, YTD Total

    Expenses: $26,545.37, YTD Net Operating Income: $5,385.17

    b) Membership payments are down this month.

    c) Income for the year is down by $2,100 from last year.

    d) In August: Net income of $2,181.

    III. Social Update

    a) Hiking group occurred and Craig discussed the CAMFT petition with members

    who attended. Four members attended the event.

    b) Marketing workshop will be held Saturday, February 4th in the

    Goldman Theatre in Berkeley (presented by Casey Truffo). A second workshop

    will be held in the Fall of 2017. Veronica will send out a save the date.

    c) There will be a discounted price for interns and students (members) for

    the marketing workshop and there will be an incentive for non-member interns

    and students to join EBCAMFT (still need to work out details).

    d) Caiti suggested asking Casey to include advertising for EBCAMFT in her

    personal advertising.

    IV. 3,000 Hour Club

    a) Meeting was held and four interns attended. Three of the attendees were not

    members and showed interest in joining EBCAMFT.

    b) Ben has not yet used Zoom to hold the meeting.

    c) Marie Hopper will be presenting to the 3,000 hour club about how to set up a


    V. Mentorship Program Update

    a) No mentorship program update.

    b) Caiti will reach out to Cheryl for an update on how the program is going.

    VI. Petition Discussion

    a) Board members provided general feedback and asked questions about the


    i. Ben and Peter provided formatting suggestions.

    ii. Jurgen provided editing comments.

    b) Board members discussed the content of the petition and made decisions

    regarding what content to add or edit.

    c) Goal for 1,000 signatures on the petition in order to make change.

    d) Craig made a motion to release the petition. Holly seconded the motion. Six

    board members approved the motion. The motion was passed and the petition

    will be released through

    e) The board discussed how to communicate the message of the petition to the


    VII. General Membership Meeting

    a) The membership meeting will occur at St. Clements in Berkeley. The date will

    be October 21st following the board meeting, from 6-8pm. The board meeting

    will also be held at St. Clements.

    b) There will be an admin report and a treasurers report. The board members

    will present on other activities and actions we have taken over the year.

    c) Board members will invite colleagues to increase the attendance at the

    meeting. Caiti will invite other chapter presidents. Veronica will create a PDF

    invitation for board members to send out to MFTs.

    VIII. 2017 EBCAMFT Board

    a) Who is interested in being on the 2017 EBCAMFT board.

    i. Discussed board positions available.

    i. Board members gaged interest in sitting on the state CAMFT board.

    IX. Miscellaneous

    a) There is a CAMFT symposium in the Bay Area on November 12th. The board

    discussed how to create a presence at the symposium

    Meeting Closed 6:10 pm 9.16.2016

    Submitted by Jenny Miller

  • August 19, 2016 11:40 PM | Deleted user

    I. Conversation w/ Meredith Fenton –

    Earlier in the week, Board Members met w/ Meredith to discuss steps toward developing a petition with clear, concise messaging that encourages members to participate in a larger dialog with CAMFT. Meredith facilitated a guided discussion to solidify our objectives and refine our content. We established goals and timeframes in which to achieve them. Board members had the opportunity to perceive and strategize the ways to bridge member’s understanding and engagement in the subject matter with the larger “asks” the Board is requesting.

    II. Administrative Report

    There are currently 756 chapter members.

    III. Treasurer report

    Overall income from dues was down several thousand dollars from the previous year. It was asked that Galina check in with Veronica to make sure funds had been transferred from the paypal account.

    There is a total of: in the checking account (I didn’t hear the number reported and it’s not on the report Galina gave so I sent an email out to ask, I will email you with the numbers).

    IV. Social

    3000 Hour Club: No update. Next event is tomorrow.

    V. Workshops

    Craig reported that Casey Truffo is tentatively on the books to do a presentation on October 22nd, 2016 from 9am to 4pm. A venue is still needed. Craig will get information from Casey to send out a save the date. A venue still needs to be decided (Peter reported having resources to share with Craig).

    VI. Items not reviewed

    Galina’s report on social media options for the organization to better reach current and potential members.

  • July 15, 2016 11:35 PM | Deleted user

    Present:  Holly Forman, Ben Jones, Craig Toonder, Peter Carpentieri, Sorrenta Stuart, Galina Litvin

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Jurgen Braungardt

    Absent:  Caiti Crum, Jenny Ireland Miller

    I. June Minutes Approved-  6 ayes 

    II. Admin Report 

    a)  Membership Numbers:

    i. Total members: 758, Clinical: 553, Intern: 137, Students: 26, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 3, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5.

    b)  E-Tree Subscription Numbers:

    ii.  E-Tree Subscription Only: 46, E-Tree Total: 982

    c)  Veronica reported that she will be printing more Post Cards to send out and recruit members once the final corrections are made.  

    III. Treasurer Report 

    a)  YTD Total Income: $ 7,971.58, YTD Gross Profit: $25,858, YTD Total Expenses: $17,889, YTD Net Operating Income:$7,969.26

    b)  June 2016 Total Income: $1,011.27, June 2016 Gross Profit: $3,002.06, June 2016 Total Expenses: $1,990.79, June 2016 Net Operating Income:$1,011.27

    IV. 3,000 Hour Support Group

    a)  Ben shared that at last month’s meeting, two people showed up and it was a good meeting.  Those in attendance were receptive to Zoom, but would prefer in person meetings.  They think that coming in person is critical. Ben will continue to check in with those who attend the 3000 Hour Support Group about Zoom.  He will try Zoom in August.  Kate, who leads the 3000 Hour Support Group, had a baby, so she will most likely not be at the meeting tomorrow. No other updates.

    V. Social Report/ hiking

    a) The numbers of members attending the events/Socials are down this year.  There were only 4 or so in attendance at the last hike.  Some members reported that they didn’t even know the hike was going on.  Another member was saying that they get so many emails that they do not read many of their emails.  The lawn bowling and the A’s game have greater attendance rates.   

    b) Someone suggested sending out more emails about socials.  Veronica will begin to send out Events E-Blast on the months that the newsletter is not going out.  The Board discussed that subject lines are very important for sending out emails and catching the eye of the reader.  What are other ways we can get our info out? Facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets.  Look into changing it from Caiti’s personal account so a fake account and link it to EBCAMFT.  Need better marketing.  Veronica will looking into sending an Evite for hikes, A’s game, etc instead of sending out an E-Blast and then compare who opens it when it comes as an E-Blast and an Evite.  

    c) Craig Suggested we schedule a September Social.  indoor miniature golf in Alameda? And a walnut Creek/Lafayette Event. Peter will look into leading a mini golf indoor in Alameda in September. Galina and Ben will look into socials in the Walnut Creek area.  Veronica will send out a list of zip codes of our members to the Board, so we can find out the geographic locations of our members and continue to change even locations. The Board discussed testimonials from what people got out of events, networking events, etc. to add some where.  

    d) Sorrenta suggested that there be a clinical component to our socials to draw more people in.  A type of “soft topic” with “wine and cheese.” Sorrenta will begin planning an event with a clinical theme. She will send proposals to the Board (what the idea is, what it would cost, what we would charge members, etc.) on August 1st.

    e) The website is not mobile friendly was discussed and our Simple Practice advertisement on our website that is the biggest thing members see.  

    f) Jurgen suggested we get a non profit consultant that can help us find out how we can get our members more involved and activate them more.  Sorrenta will begin to research information about a non profit consultant. Craig suggests to do a proposal about researching a non profit consultant and they bring back a report about the consultant, the amount, and what the consultant can do for us) At the next board meeting there will be a vote about hiring a consultant to help us. 

    g) Craig would like to form a subcommittee to find topics, location, to have a forum.

    VI. Zoom testing update:

    Ben suggested VC (a different kind of platform) is a good idea.  It goes Peer to Peer and it is very fast.  

    Ben is willing to try Zoom with the 3000 Hour Support Group. The Board discussed why Zoom was picked other than other platforms and will continue to discuss other options.  

    VII.  Planning town hall meeting:

    The Board suggested, two in person and two virtual town hall meetings to have an open discussion with the membership about a few themes.  Caiti had themes in mind for the town hall meetings to get the membership more engaged and find out what members are thinking.  Craig suggested doing the 4 town hall meetings in September.  

    For next month add to the agenda: under infrastructure, we need to clean up the communication between meetings and add follow up from the previous month at the beginning of the current meeting and accountability from the board. 

    Jurgen suggests that there is a summary from the previous town hall meetings in order to provide some sort of structure and way to align all of the town hall meetings and also post to the website.

    We should schedule one in person town hall meeting, have questions be the focus and report on it and then set up a second town hall meeting.  Once the meeting dates are confirmed with Caiti, Veronica will send out an evite to the membership.  The Location for the Town Hall meeting still needs to be chosen.  Do a  in person one first, then do two video ones and have them recorded  in order to get things moving before the state board meeting.  Have the last one in person after the State CAMFT Meeting.  The State CAMFT Meeting is Sept 24-25.Caiti and Craig will discuss topics and questions from the other board members and send them out to the Board before the next meeting and everyone will read it to discuss at the next meeting.  Craig will send a Doodle to make sure at least one board member can attend each meeting and the time of the meetings.

    The dates picked for the town hall meetings are: (Veronica will send out with Evite): 

    Sept 10th (Saturday) In Person  (10-1?) or early afternoon

    Sept 16th (Friday) Online (One day time another evening) (2-4?)

    Sept 20th (Tuesday) Online (One day time another evening)

    Oct 2nd (Sunday) In Person 

    Town hall meeting Save the date.  What our relationship with CAMFT looks like?  

    VIII.  discuss workshops:

    Craig discussed Lynn and Casey for the workshops. Craig suggests to do one next year and one this year.  Craig would like to hire Lynn this year and Casey next year.  Craig will Contact Lynn and Casey to figure out dates.  Board Approved - 6 ayes.

    IX. Marin CAMFT:

    Veronica will send out information about Marin CAMFT and the member who wants to be a speaker.

    Meeting Closed 06:02pm 07.15.2016

    Submitted by Veronica Macina, Administrator

  • June 17, 2016 8:00 PM | Deleted user

    Present:  Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Jenny Miller, Peter Carpentieri

    Guests: Veronica Macina, John Hurley

    Absent:  Holly Forman, Craig Toonder, Galina Litvin, Sorrenta Stuart

    I. May Minutes Approved- 5 ayes (Holly called in for the vote)

    II. Admin Report 

    a)  Membership Numbers:

    i. Total members: 802, Clinical: 552, Intern: 141, Students: 26, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5

    b)  Subscription Numbers:

    ii.  E-Tree Only: 36, E-Tree Total: 977

    c)  Once the postcards are completed, they will be sent out to a list of 3,000 people.  Veronica will get in touch with Mariam to see if we can get an updated list from CAMFT with e-mails and addresses in Excel format.  The purpose of the postcard mailing will be to increase our membership numbers.

    III. Treasurer Report (Veronica will send these numbers out post-meeting)

    a)  YTD Total Income: $25,858.66, YTD Gross Profit: $25,858.66, YTD Total Expenses: $17,523.61, YTD Net Operating Income: $8,335.05

    b)  May 2016 Total Income: $3,002.06, May 2016 Gross Profit: $3,002.06, May 2016 Total Expenses: $1,939.60, May 2016 Net Operating Income: $1,062.46

    IV. 3,000 Hour club

    a)  Kate and Ben hosted the 3,000 hour club last month and it went well.  Three people attended.

    b)  Ben will host the 3,000 hour club the following day.  There are two RSVPs so far.

    c)  Ben will ask the group if they would like to create an online profile to utilize a service to have the 3,000 hour club meetings remotely.

    V. Social Report

    a)  There are 14 members and 20 guests signed up for the A's game so far.

    VI. Mentorship Program Update 

    a)  Cheryl's June goals are to market through Twitter and LinkedIn, organize a coffee social, follow-up with Caiti about reimbursement protocol and follow-up with waiting list.

    b) The group of mentees have grown.  Private practice is the most in demand focus for mentees.  There are 8 mentors and 12 mentees waiting to be matched (currently they are not ideal for one another).  Many people have specific requests for matches.

    VII. Craig- President Elect

    a) Peter made a motion to vote Craig in as President Elect.  Ben second the motion. - The board voted 5 ayes (Holly called in to vote).  Craig will be President Elect.

    b)  This will be announced in the next newsletter, the website will be updated and an E-Tree post will be put out to the members.  CAMFT will also be notified.

    VIII. Effective Communication Subcommittee

    a) Craig and Caiti have met a few times in order to discuss the future of the chapter.

    b)  The board needs more member engagement in order to make decisions regarding the future of the chapter.  Chapter members also need to be educated on our options as a chapter.

    c) Craig and Caiti met with Jurgen to discuss more details regarding the future of the chapter.

    d) A subcommittee will be developed and include Caiti, Jurgen, and Craig.  Other chapter members will be invited (through the E-Tree) to join this subcommittee.  Board members will reach out to their network to see if anyone would be interested in joining this committee. 

    IX. Fenton Proposal

    a)  This will be discussed next meeting in order to include more board members.

    X. Town hall meetings

    a)  The chapter can utilize more technology to engage members. Caiti had an idea to schedule online and in person meetings that chapter members can participate in.

    b)  John and Veronica presented on the platform, Zoom:

    i.  Members would have to create a profile which is free to set up, up to 100 members can participate and participants can join with video or audio.  Screen sharing is available and "hosts" can be identified for each meeting.

    ii.  EBCAMFT will be provided with demographics of all participants.

    iii.  This subscription would cost EBCAMFT $55 per month.

    iv.  Recording capabilities are available and these videos could be posted to the website

    c)  Veronica will download a free trial of Zoom in order to test it out with the board.

    d)  Caiti wants to be sensitive to the diverse ways that members prefer to communicate and we want to engage the entire membership (regardless of preferred communication styles).

    e)  Ben suggested looking into Vsee as another option.  

    f)  Potential topics for townhall meetings:  Giving updates about what is going on in the chapter, allowing people a space to ask questions to the board and to one aonother, asking chapter members what they are wanting etc.  Ben suggested the topic of "health insurance companies".

    g)  Board members will think about when they can host in person and online meetings.  Veronica will send an e-mail out to the board to see when members can volunteer time to host.

    h)  By the next board meeting, board members will have tested out Zoom and will come up with a lisof questions/topics for the town hall meetings.

    XI. Miscellaneous Items

    a)  Website Review- Peter will start an email thread to the board around discussing what we can update on the website.

    b)  Board position descriptions.  Caiti will send out an e-mail to the board asking board members to review their position descriptions by the next board meeting.

    X.  Follow up Regarding Orlando Shooting

    a)  Board to send out a post on E-Tree in order to acknowledge the event.

    b)  EBCAMFT to co-host a blood drive at BACS on two different occasions.  This could also be a forum for people to process their feelings about the event.

    c)  Peter brought up an idea that EBCAMFT could offer free therapy to the community for those affected by the shooting and need help to process it.

    Meeting Closed 5:53 pm 6.17.2016

    Submitted by Jenny Miller

  • May 20, 2016 9:30 PM | Deleted user

    Present: Holly Forman, Caiti Crum, Craig Toonder, Jenny Miller, Ben Jones, Sorrenta Stuart, Galina Litvin, Peter Carpentieri

    Guests: Veronica Macina, Jurgen Braungardt

    I. April Minutes Approved- 5 Ayes

    II. Admin Report 

    a) Membership Numbers

    i) Total members: 811, Clinical: 559, Intern: 143, Students: 26, Associate: 31, Community Partner: 2, Honorary Member: 3, Retired: 5.

    b) Subscription Numbers

    i) E-Tree only: 42, E-Tree Total: 980

    c) Reasons for members ending their membership: Usually due to moving far away or no longer being a therapist.

    III. Treasurer Report

    a) YTD total income: $22,396.60, YTD gross profit: $22,396.60, YTD total expenses: $14,799.01, YTD net operating income: $7,597.59.

    b) April 2016: total income $2,731.35, gross profit $2,731.35, total expenses $3,617.60, net operating income $-886.25.

    IV. 3000 Hour Club

    a) Ben reported that there were no RSVPs for the Wright Institute this month. Kate is hosting the 3,000 hour club tomorrow.

    b) The 3000 Hour club will be taken off of the automatic event list and it will only be listed if we formally set up a meeting.

    c) Caiti suggested allowing members to join the 3000 Hour Club meetings as webinars. The board will survey the members who are interns to get feedback of how they would like 3000 Hour Club meetings to be offered.

    d) Veronica will research different platforms that the 3000 Hour Club could potentially use for virtual meetings.

    V. Marketing Workshop 

    a) Craig is looking into creating a marketing workshop for members.

    b) Craig provided two different options for facilitators to conduct this workshop (Lynn Grodzki and Casey Truffo).

    c) The board discussed advertising this workshop through E-Blasts to the membership and invite other chapters to also participate. In an effort to grow our membership, CAMFT can advertise for us to allow non-EBCAMFT members to participate and hear about what our chapter does.

    d) Caiti suggested reaching out to Howard from Simple Practice to support us in putting on this event.

    e) Ben suggested reaching out to schools to get lists of therapists who are not a part of EBCAMFT.

    f) Holly suggested creating a sub-committee to work on building this event. The sub-committee will consist of Sorrenta and Craig. Sorrenta and Craig will create a proposal for the board the following month.

    VI. Mentorship Program

    a) Cheryl will send an update.

    VII. Admin position

    a) Veronica will be leaving as administrator on December 31st. We will be hiring a new administrator for 2017. Veronica offered to provide support in the transition.

    VIII. Fenton Proposal- Educational Campaign

    a) Caiti asked for feedback around the Fenton Proposal.

    b) The objective is to have Fenton support EBCAMFT in facilitating communication with CAMFT around advocating for issues members want addressed and to educate EBCAMFT members around this.

    c) Different ideas were discussed around utilizing Fenton's services.

    d) The board discussed possible next steps for the educational campaign and it was agreed that more information is needed. Caiti reviewed that she would provide this at the next board meeting. 

    Meeting Closed at 6:04pm 5.20.2016

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