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East Bay CAMFT

Benefits of Being an East Bay Chapter Board Member

East Bay CAMFT serves our community by providing resources to fit the broad range of needs that comprise our membership from our E-tree Google Group Forum, Networking Events, CE Presentations, Mentorships, socials, and our 3000 Hour Club.  We are here to support your professional growth. 

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Committee Opportunities

Committee Opportunities

Is there space in your professional life for networking and continuing to build your skills? Do you ever wonder about how to build your practice, fill spaces in your upcoming group, find an internship, join a study group, find an office, or advertise the excellent programs that you and your colleagues offer?

Join our family of therapists and become a part of the exciting contributions we make to our membership and our community.

Apply Online

Submit an Application: 

1. Send your CV and a brief Letter of Intention outlining your desired position and qualifications to the Nominating Committee at:

Or, complete this online form:  Board of Directors Application 

2. Members of the Board must also be Members of East Bay Chapter of CAMFT and State CAMFT prior to nomination. Those who are not EB CAMFT and CAMFT members in good standing will NOT be placed on the ballot. You can join EB CAMFT here and State CAMFT here.

East Bay Chapter, CA Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
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