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A listing of Therapists who are members of East Bay Therapist.

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A listing of Groups that are being offered by East Bay Therapist members.

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A listing of Therapists who provide supervision to therapist interns and other therapists.

Community Partners Finder

This is a listing of East Bay Therapist members who are working in a fields not directly related to Marriage and Family Therapy or mental health.

Examples include accountants, attorneys, physicians, financial advisors and more.

Looking for Help?

These articles are a good place to start...

Choosing a therapist is a personal process
, and only the individual client can judge who is the best therapist for them. During the first contact, clients need to get a sense of whether or not this therapist understands them and their struggle, and whether he or she can meet their particular needs. Clients may need to meet with more than one therapist before deciding which one to see.

A competent therapist focuses on the needs of the client, being concerned with facilitating the client's growth and well being. A competent therapist will help the client work out solutions according to the individual's own values and lifestyle. A competent therapist does not allow his or her own personal issues to interfere with the therapeutic process.


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