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Board of Directors - General Responsibilities

As specified in the Bylaws, the Board of Directors

  • Is made up of 9 elected officers: The Executive Committee and the 4 members at large
  • Sets policy for the Chapter and approves expenditures.
  • Meets at least 8 times per fiscal (calendar) year.

See the Bylaws and specific job descriptions for more information.



As described in the Bylaws:

The President shall, subject to the control of the board of directors, generally supervise, direct and control the business of the chapter. He/she shall preside over all meetings of the chapter and at all meetings of the board of directors. S/he shall submit in writing an annual report of the activities of the Chapter to the board of this organization.

Specific duties:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Attend annual CAMFT Leadership Conference.
  • Attend annual Chapter Visioning Meeting.
  • Be familiar with Chapter Bylaws.
  • Oversee assigned committees and report activities/progress of these committees to the Board.
  • Prepare, in conjunction with the Secretary, an agenda prior to all Board meetings.
  • Preside at all meetings of the Board and membership, adhere to the agenda as it may be amended, and open and close meetings in a timely manner.
  • Act in a firm, tactful and just manner, permitting full discussion on all debatable motions, yet neutral on controversial matters. Respect the opinion of each individual, and see that each discussion is carried out in a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Act as primary spokesperson for the Chapter.
  • Be available to the entire membership, especially new members and guests. Display enthusiasm and support for all Chapter activities.
  • Maintain close contact with the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Committee Chairs.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, overseeing the arrangements for all Chapter meetings and/or functions.


President Elect

As described in the Bylaws:

The President-Elect shall manage the internal business operations of the Chapter with the advice and consent of the board of directors. S/he shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President. The President and the President-Elect shall confer and determine what duties each will perform. In the event that the office of President is vacated, the President-Elect shall succeed to the Presidency.

Specific Duties:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Attend annual CAMFT Leadership Conference.
  • Attend annual Chapter Visioning Meeting.
  • Be familiar with Chapter Bylaws.
  • Make motions as needed, debate and vote on all questions.
  • Oversee assigned committees and report activities/progress of these committees to the Board.
  • Perform any and all duties of the President in the absence of the President
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the President.


Past President

As stated in the Bylaws:

Shall be the Chair of the Nominations Committee and shall serve as a consultant to the President.

Specific Duties:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Attend annual CAMFT Leadership Conference.
  • Attend annual Chapter Visioning Meeting.
  • Be familiar with Chapter Bylaws.
  • Make motions as needed, debate and vote on all questions.
  • Oversee assigned committees and report activities/progress of these committees to the Board.
  • Call the meeting to order and preside over the meeting if the President and President-Elect are absent.
  • Be available to the President at meetings and outside meetings for consultation, including Bylaws interpretation.
  • Recruit members for the Nominations Committee.
  • In September with the Committee, announce officer openings to the membership and put together a slate of candidate to present at the October Board meeting.
  •  Work with newsletter staff to prepare an article about the candidates for the November/December newsletter.
  • Work with the Secretary to count ballots and announce results via the E-Tree.



As described in the Bylaws:

The Secretary shall keep a record of all board meetings, the business portion of all general meetings and all policies adopted at said meetings. S/he shall make records available to the general membership. In the event of his/her absence, his/her duties may be performed by any voting member appointed by the President.

Specific Duties:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Attend annual CAMFT Leadership Conference.
  • Attend annual Chapter Visioning Meeting.
  • Be familiar with Chapter Bylaws.
  • Make motions as needed, debate and vote on all questions.
  • Oversee assigned committees and report activities/progress of these committees to the Board.
  • Prepare the agenda for meetings in consultation with the President.
  • Keep accurate minutes of all business meetings of the Chapter and the Board.
  • Have available at each meeting: Previous minutes and Chapter Bylaws.
  • Call the meeting to order if the President and President-Elect are absent, and preside until a temporary chair is elected.
  • Send a copy of the minutes to the President for his/her review as soon as possible after the meeting.
  • Send a copy of the approved minutes to the Chapter membership via the E-Tree.

Optional Tasks:

  • Assist with file maintenance.
  • Keep a list of Board action items and send it to Board members periodically.
  • Track progress on Board goals set at the annual Vision meeting.
  • Track Board attendance.
  • Maintain Board listserv.

Updated 11/30/07


As described in the Bylaws:

The Treasurer shall have primary responsibility for the accounts, expenses, and disbursements of the Chapter and shall make annual reports to the membership or as requested by the membership. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the board and chair the Finance Committee. The books of account shall be open to inspection by any board member at all reasonable times.

Specific duties:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Attend annual CAMFT Leadership Conference.
  • Attend annual Chapter Visioning Meeting.
  • Be familiar with Chapter Bylaws.
  • Make motions as needed, debate and vote on all questions.
  • Oversee assigned committees and report activities/progress of these committees to the Board.
  • Obtain appropriate authorizations for all financial transactions, either as established in the bylaws or by adopted motion.
  • Maintain bank account(s) of the Chapter as separate fund(s) and be responsible for signature cards and the oversight and/or drafting of all disbursements.
  • Arrange for filing of federal and state tax returns.
  • As Finance Committee Chair, arrange for meetings and drafting/monitoring of annual budget.
  • Working with the Bookkeeper, provide year-to-date financial summaries for Board meetings, as requested.
  • Working with the Bookkeeper, maintains financial files according to Record Retention Guidelines.
  • Make financial summaries available to Chapter members.

Note: See Financial Procedures for detailed instructions.


General Committee Responsibilities

As described in the Bylaws:

Any Chapter member in good standing may serve on any standing committee. The chair of each committee must be a voting Chapter member in good standing.

Chairs Who Are Voting Board Members

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Make motions as needed, debate, and vote on all questions at Board meetings.
  • Share one vote when committee is co-chaired.
  • Attend annual CAMFT Leadership Conference.
  • Attend annual Chapter Visioning Meeting.

Chairs Who Are Voting or Non-Voting Board Members

  • Attend Board meetings if needed.
  • Form a committee for the completion of duties should the need arise.
  • Arrange for meetings of the committee.
  • Serve as Secretary of the committee, maintaining records of committee business and progress.
  • Preside over committee meetings and participate actively in discussions.
  • Prepare and provide reports on Committee activities to the Board and/or assigned Executive Committee Member.
  • Retain all records pertinent to the Committee; provide copies to Office Manager for Chapter files, as appropriate.
  • Be responsible for appointing subcommittees as necessary to carry out the activities of the committee. It is the Chair s responsibility to make sure that the duties and functions of the committee are carried out to the satisfaction of the Board.
  • Join and participate in the CAMFT listserv.
  • Make changes, as needed, to the website description of the Committee.
  • Submit a budget each October for the following calendar year.
  • Get appropriate Board approval when necessary, e.g., for projects, expenditures.
  • Submit Request for Reimbursement forms to the Office Manager in a timely manner.
  • Transfer all material pertaining to the Committee to the newly-appointed Chair and indoctrinate the newly-elected Chair as to the role of the position.

Please note that all job descriptions are flexible and largely dependent on individual time and interest.

Updated 11/30/07

Advertising Manager

The Advertising Manager is part of the Newsletter Team and works closely with the Newsletter Managing Editor and the Office Manager. The primary responsibility is to look for ways to maximize advertising revenues for the Chapter.

Specific duties:

    Do or coordinate advertising outreach activities which include:
    1. Reminding Chapter members and advertisers of ad deadlines
    2. Contacting people who advertise through the E-Tree to see if they want to also place an ad in the newsletter and/or on the website, explaining the benefits of doing so
    3. Asking newsletter advertisers to also advertise on the website
    4. Contacting advertisers in CAMFT's "Therapist" to see if they want to also advertise with EB-CAMFT
    Coordinate advertising and revenue collection with the EB-CAMFT Office Manager.
    Periodically review the Chapter's advertising rate structure and makes suggestions to the Board for modifying it as needed.

Note: The following activities may be performed by the Advertising Manager or the Office Manager, depending on who fills the Ad Manager position.

  • Send an e-mail blast about 2 weeks before the ad deadline, reminding members of the due date.
  • Check for ads sent from advertisers and ads sent via the website under "How to Advertise" for both the web and the newsletter.
  • Forward website ads to for that person to place them on the website. Ads run for 3 months from the day placed on the web.
  • Forward newsletter ads (either via e-mail or US mail) asap after the due date to:
    • California Copy Source
    • 1676 N. California Blvd., Ste. 119
    • Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    • E-mail:
    • Phone: (925) 256-6898
  • Garcha handles the newsletter.
  • Handle questions about flyers which are provided completed and added to the newsletter by the printer.
  • Handle questions about cost of the ads. (See current rate structure.)   


CEU Programs Coordinators (Voting Board Member)

Specific duties:

  • Coordinates the educational activities of the Chapter:
    • Monthly CEU meetings which alternate between Berkeley and Orinda *Other workshops, as needed suggesting topics, contacting potential speakers
  • Offers guidance to workshop leaders in the areas of event planning, budget preparation, event operations (greeting attendees, introducing speakers, handing out and collecting evaluations, distributing CEU certificates), event reporting.
  • Keeps the CEU Programs Procedure Manual up to date.

Time commitment: 2-4 hours/month


Diablo Satellite Group Chair

Specific duties:
  • Work with the CEU Programs Coordinator to arrange for speakers at the monthly meetings in Contra Costa County.
  • Buy and arrange drinks and snacks for the presentation.
  • Welcome members to the presentations.
  • Sign in (and sign out) attendees and provide name tags for them.
  • Have Chapter brochures and applications available for non-members.
  • Make announcements at the meeting.
  • Introduce the speaker.
  • Hand out and collect evaluations
  • Give CEU certificates to attendees.
  • Collect donations from attendees.
Time commitment: 2-6 hours/month


Diversity Committee Chair

The Diversity Committee's goal is to promote communication and understanding across cultures in the Chapter and to address problems of prejudice and discrimination.

Specific duties:

  • Put together a committee of Chapter members from diverse backgrounds.
  • Arrange for and attend monthly committee meetings.
  • Arrange for a monthly article in the Diversity Corner of the monthly Chapter newsletter, "The East Bay Therapist."
  • Share resources with Chapter members on diversity materials and trainings.
  • Plan workshops on Diversity Training.
  • Coordinate resolution of diversity issues within the Chapter.


EBCC Liaison (Non-voting Board Member)

East Bay Counseling Choices (EBCC) is a referral branch of EB-CAMFT, as well as an educational service branch. It gives free therapy referral service and information to the community on choosing a therapist, including agency therapists and other low-fee therapy choices.

EBCC selects one of its members to be the liaison between itself and EB-CAMFT. This person s duties are to:
  • Attend both the EBCC executive meetings and the EB-CAMFT Board meetings.
  • Stay up to date on what each group is doing and addresses issues and questions that are pertinent to the two organizations.
See EBCC brochure for additional information.

Time Commitment: EB-CAMFT meeting from 4-6:00, usually the first Friday of each month.


E-Tree Team (Voting Board Member)

The E-Tree Team is composed of volunteers who share the job of managing the E-Tree. Team members take turns as E-Tree Manager, monitoring the E-Tree, responding to inquiries from members, and serving as a liaison with the website provider to resolve technical problems.

Specific duties:

  • Respond in a timely manner to inquiries and suggestions from members who write to the E-Tree Manager.
  • Monitor the E-Tree daily by reviewing all posts and making sure that the listserv is functioning smoothly on a technical level.
  • Identify postings that may not be in accordance with current E-Tree Guidelines. Confer with all E-Tree Team members and/or available Board members to determine an appropriate response.
  • Keep in communication with our webmaster about any problems requiring technical expertise.
  • Address with the Board any concerns about E-Tree guidelines, policies or procedures that are raised by members or identified by the E-Tree Team.


Finance Committee Chair (Voting Board Member)

The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the Chapter. The Treasurer chairs and/or sits on this committee.

Specific duties:

Working with committee members:
  • In September of each year, request next year s budgets from all officers and committee chairs.
  • In October of each year, with the Treasurer, prepare next year s budget for approval at the November and December Board meetings.
  • Meet at least quarterly to review actual finances versus projected.
  • Make recommendations for increasing revenues and reducing, as needed, expenditures.
  • Recommend dues/fees increases as needed.
  • Advise the Board, for its approval, about prudent investment opportunities.


Intern Representative (Voting Board Member)

Specific Duties:

  • Receive and respond appropriately to phone calls, e-mails and e-tree messages from intern members.
  • Complete the intern column for each newsletter issue.
  • Develop, coordinate and assist in any event (i.e. University fairs) or workshop which the Chapter may host or attend.
  • Attend as many EB-CAMFT Chapter luncheons, CEU presentations, and local meetings as possible.
  • Contact local MFT graduate programs to promote CAMFT and EBCAMFT at least annually.
  • Contact other CAMFT chapter Intern Representatives to network and share ideas at least annually.
  • Attend annual JFK University Job Fair in January.

Optional Tasks:

  • Form a committee for the completion of duties should the need arise.


Law and Ethics Committee Chair

The primary function of this position is to ensure that the Chapter provides a Law and Ethics seminar, at least every other year (preferably annually), that meets the criteria for MFT re-licensure. This position works closely with the CEU Programs Coordinator.

Specific duties:
  • Contact and make arrangements with a speaker(s) who is a BBS provider.
  • Select a date and provide a budget with anticipated costs and revenues for Board approval.
  • Form a committee to handle the preparation for, execution of, and summary of the workshop. (See Event Planning Checklist and Project Report Form.)


Legislation Liaison

Specific duties:

  • Develop a telephone tree or other network where members can be quickly mobilized to contact their legislators in support or opposition to specific legislation.
  • Encourage and assist all chapter members to maintain a record of the names, addresses, and phone numbers (both the district office and the Capitol) of their elected representatives.
  • Educate members regarding the legislative process, specific legislation affecting the profession, the importance of legislation to the profession's future, and the importance of the CAMFT Political Action Committee (CAMFT-PAC).
  • Promote CAMFT-PAC to the membership and encourage increased participation.
  • Visit, or arrange for others to visit, with legislators representing the various electoral districts within the chapter's boundaries, to inform legislators about the profession's interest and needs.

The amount of time devoted to this role is flexible, based on the person s availability and motivation. Functions may be shared among several people.



There are currently 4 Member-at-Large positions on the Board. A Member-at-Large may be either (1) a Chapter member considering a future role as a Board Member or Committee Chair or (2) a past Board Member or Committee Chair who wishes to remain active in the Chapter.

Specific duties:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • When requested by the Board, seek member input on a particular issue and report back to the Board.
This is an elected position

Membership Committee Chair (Voting Board Member)

The Membership Committee Chair is a voting Board member and welcomes new members to the Chapter, assesses their needs, and encourages their participation in the Chapter.

Specific duties:
  • Receive from the Office Manager, the names of the new Chapter members.
  • With other committee members, personally contact each new member, welcoming them to the Chapter and encouraging their participation.
  • Periodically assess the need of new Chapter members and/or all Chapter members, either via a survey instrument or an E-Tree message.
  • Make recommendations to the Board with respect to improving services for new/existing Chapter members.
  • Arrange for activities that allow new members to meet each other and other Chapter members.

Networking Luncheon Group

Specific duties:

  • Promote the program via:
  • Direct promotion at Chapter meetings and events.
  • Spot promotions on the T-Tree.
  • Promotion via newsletter.
  • Reserve luncheon space.
  • Coordinate meeting.
  • Be the contact point for members with questions or concerns.

Time commitment: 3-5 hours/month (can be shared with other committee members)


Newsletter Managing Editor (Voting Board Member)

The Newsletter Managing Editor coordinates the production of the newsletter.

Specific duties include:
  • Solicit and select volunteers to work on the various sections of the newsletter.
  • Maintain a calendar of deadlines for the various steps in producing the newsletter.
  • Remind newsletter staff two weeks ahead of time of the various deadlines.
  • Troubleshoot, as needed, for each edition.
  • Proofread the newsletter with the Proofreader/Template Editor.
  • Keep the Newsletter Procedure Manual up to date.
Outline of who's responsible for various newsletter parts:

Proofreader/Template Editor
  • Chapter office box notice
  • Editorial Staff Notice
  • Networking Luncheons
  • Board of Directors
  • Legal and Ethical box notice
  • Profit and Loss box notice
  • EBCC box notice
  • Proofing newsletter with Managing Editor
Events Editor
  • Chapter CEU Presentations
  • Diablo Satellite Presentations
  • Albany-Berkeley Presentations
  • Calendar
  • Chapter Events
Features Editor
  • President's Corner
  • Faces Column
  • Clinical article
  • Diversity column
Associate Features Editor/Features Copy Editor
  • Shares work of Features Editor
  • Copy edits feature articles
  • Creates templates for other articles as needed
News Editor
  • All news articles
Faces/Intern Columnist
  • Faces Column
  • Intern column
Writer/Staff Consultant
  • All news articles assigned here
  • Planning for staff meetings, staff communications
Advertising Manager
  • Classified Ad page
  • Display Ads
  • Flyers
Chapter Office Manager
  • Mailing newsletter
  • Proofing Calendar if requested
  • Warm Welcome column
Note: See Procedure Manual for detailed instructions.


Nominations Committee Chair (Voting Board Member)

The Chair of the Committee is the Past President.

Specific Duties:
  • Recruits members for the Committee.
  • Gets to know and encourage Chapter members to fun for Chapter offices.
  • In September, puts together a slate of candidates for President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer to present at the October Board meeting.
  • Prepares an article about the candidates for the November/December newsletter.
  • Works with the Office Manager to (a) prepare ballot, (b) collect and count ballots, and (c) announce results via the E-Tree and the newsletter.
Note: If an office has no candidates, the ballot reflects that fact but does not provide a space for write-ins.


Trauma Response Coordinator

There are three main duties required of the East Bay Chapter Trauma Response Network (TRN) Coordinator:

Share information:
  • Disseminate information from CAMFT to chapter responders (members of TRN). Trina Hole, MA is coordinator of CAMFT's Trauma Response Network. She can be reached at .
  • Forward and gather information from the individual Chapter responders to Shawn Talbot at CAMFT. Her e-mail address is: Keep a copy of applications for our records.
  • Use the Trauma Response Listserv to share ideas, solve problems and keep everyone up to date. Directions for joining this listservare available by contacting Shawn.
  • Pass on information to responders using EB-CAMFT's E-Tree.
  • Update TRN application and requirements as necessary on our EB CAMFT web-site.
Hold/Attend Meetings:
  • Gather responders together twice a year for trainings and to acquire updated information. CAMFT TRN will produce one training presentation each year to be used at one of the meetings. The second meeting can be whatever the chapter TRN needs. For example, a Red Cross training, sharing of experiences from past disasters, collect information and networking, or a workshop such as "In the Eye of the Storm."
  • Attend the TRN meeting held at the yearly CAMFT Leadership Conference (or send a designee to attend).
Act As Community Liaison:
  • Work with the American Red Cross Bay Area (ARCBA) Disaster Mental Health lead from our local ARCBA Chapter. In the event of a local disaster/trauma, this person would notify you of a request for volunteers. You would then forward the request to the TRN responders as appropriate.
Time Commitment: Varies. Generally a few hours/month.


Website Manager

The Website Manager stays abreast of Chapter members' website needs.

Specific duties:
  • Conducts periodic reviews (which could include a membership survey) to assess members' website needs.
  • Makes recommendations for improvements to the website.
  • With the Office Manager, acts as liaison to the website provider to monitor status of website and projects.

Depending on the Website Manager's technical expertise, the person may help the Office Manager with the aactual updating of the website. See Website Editor Procedure Manual for details.
  • With the Office Manager, keeps the website up to date with items that include:
  • Advertisements and advertising rates
  • Announcements, e.g. social events, workshops
  • Application forms
  • Archives (clinical articles with author's permission, FACES and Outstanding member articles with member's permission)
  • Articles
  • Background information on EB-CAMFT
  • Board minutes
  • Board roster
  • Calendar of events
  • CEU announcements
  • Committee descriptions
  • E-Tree guidelines
  • Financial reports
  • Member records, including Therapist Finder listings
  • Renewal forms
  • With the Computer Support Staff and the E-Tree Team, works with the website provider to solve problems and suggest/implement enhancements.
  • Responds to member concerns about the website and queries about how to use it.
  • Conducts periodic membership surveys to assess members' website needs.


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