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April 06, 2013 9:05 AM | Admin EBCAMFT
Happy Spring!  

Thank you to all who attended our social at Urban Legend Cellars last month.  There were about 35 people in attendance and it proved to be a successful event for networking, reconnecting with old friends and unwinding after a long week.   We look forward to hosting more socials throughout the year.  

The Board of EB CAMFT has been busily planning and prioritizing as we launch into spring.  Peter Carpentieri, our current Treasurer, has volunteered to initiate the Intern and Trainee support group.  We will soon be offering ongoing groups for our Intern and Trainee members and welcome your participation and/or thoughts or ideas about ways to further offer support you.  Please contact Peter directly at for more information.  

The Board is also in the processes of re-launching our Mentoring Program.  Several members at the social expressed interest in becoming mentors and we would love to hear from you if you would like to participate as a Mentor or Mentee.  State CAMFT recently announced they will no longer be providing a mentoring program, so we will attempt to fill the gap by providing local mentorship to our newly licensed and pre-licensed members.

At our most recent Board meeting, EB CAMFT member Lynn Marie Lumiere provided us an overview of the legal consultation she has been receiving in regards to negotiating with insurance companies and anti-trust laws.  The Board shares many of our members’ concerns around the relationship with insurance companies and reimbursements.  We will continue to dialogue with CAMFT about their efforts to protect us, and will continue to seek outside legal consultation about potential options.  Stay tuned for updates and please contact us with your ideas, thoughts or comments around this very pressing matter.  Feel free to contact me at 

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