President's Statement with EBCAMFT President, Kelly Sharp, LMFT

June 12, 2013 8:26 PM | Admin EBCAMFT
Many of our members have expressed great concern about the recent proposed bylaw changes initiated by CAMFT.  The Board of EB CAMFT has been vocal about our concerns regarding the lack of transparency about these proposed changes and sent a letter to Jill Epstein formally addressing these concerns.  Thank you to the many members who have passionately gotten involved and shared their strategies for getting our voices heard.  The tone of conversations on the Etree has been respectful and allowed those with differing or undecided opinions to consider strong points in a professional and open manner.  The Board of EB CAMFT strives to support our members’ concerns in thoughtful and strategic ways.  Your input, participation and ideas are welcome and heard.  Thank You!

We have gotten a great response to the launch of our Mentoring Program and welcome more applications, particularly from Mentors.  We have a waiting list of Mentees who would love the opportunity to learn from you, please consider signing up if you have not.  More information can be found on the website, or you can contact Laura Friedeberg, the Program Chair at

The next EB CAMFT social is getting planned as we speak.  We are teasing out the details and will keep you posted.  We are considering a Sunday, coffee/Tea social and have a couple of ideas in the works.  If you have particular suggestions or places in mind please feel free to let us know.  This next social will most likely be held East of the Caldecott.  

As always, your feedback, thoughts and comments are welcome and greatly appreciated.  Contact me any time at

Have a great June!

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