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A Kinder Divorce By Sara Bisikirski, LCSW

October 14, 2013 6:01 AM | Admin EBCAMFT
Every day individuals and couples seek therapy for support around relationship difficulties.  As therapists we know that frequently this work does not result in more satisfied partnerships, but instead a decision to separate and therapy then becomes a place to problem solve how to do so most effectively.

Therapists are often asked for guidance in this area, however we might have as many questions about the divorce process as our clients do.  In attending A Kinder Divorce you will receive information about the ins and outs of the different pathways (i.e. litigation, mediation, collaborative practice, do it yourself) available to obtain a divorce or legal separation as a way to best inform and support your clients.  We will also discuss:

-the pros and cons of the different divorce processes
-options for making adjustments to court orders
-community resources available to support divorcing families
-the legal, financial & emotional issues surrounding divorce.

Also because this particular A Kinder Divorce workshop is being geared toward therapists, rather than its usual audience (individuals who are facing divorce or separation) we will also discuss diagnostic and other therapeutic considerations to make in assessing what divorce process could perhaps be most appropriate for a particular client.  Please feel welcome to bring questions that could benefit from consultation of this type.

Having trained initially as a child and family therapist Sara Bisikirski, LCSW has worked with clients from the ages of 4 to 80, providing individual, couples, family and group therapy.  In addition to her role as the co-founder and therapist half of the attorney-therapist mediation team of CA Family Mediation Services, most recently Sara has worked as a therapist and clinical supervisor within the Department of Psychiatry at Alameda County Medical Center and the MindTherapy Clinic of Corte Madera and San Francisco.  Licensed to practice in California since 2006, Sara received her B.A. from Oberlin College and Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan.  She was certified as a mediator through the Northern California Mediation Center.
With a background in psychotherapy first, Sara’s career choices have been driven by a passion for trauma prevention and treatment.   In this way she views mediation as a natural progression of her clinical work: an opportunity to help families resolve divorce or other family law issues in a way that minimizes the traumatizing impacts that traditional family court battles can have.

Sara Bisikirski, LCSW
CA Family Mediation Services

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