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President's Statement with EBCAMFT President, Kelly Sharp, LMFT

October 30, 2013 6:05 AM | Admin EBCAMFT
Happy Fall!

We are heading into a particularly busy time for the Chapter with elections around the corner and planning for annual General Membership meeting.

This year we will have several open positions on the Board and I welcome your interest in participating on the Board for 2014. We have Member at Large positions open as well as the Secretary position. With all that has been going on at the State level, we are in great need of passionate members to assist the Chapter in advocating for the needs of MFT's.  Please contact me for more information. Election ballots will be sent out in mid November.

We are currently in the process of putting together the results from our recent survey about the CAMFT bylaw changes. We will share results ASAP and appreciate all those who participated.  EBCAMFT will continue to utilize surveys to gain clarification around our Chapters’ needs and ways to best serve our community.  

As many of you already know, State CAMFT voted at their most recent Board meeting to repeal the new bylaws and reinstate the former bylaws pending a membership vote.  This action is a step in the right direction and would not have been possible without the hard work from many dedicated members who gave their time and energy to advocating to the State Board.  In an effort to show support for the cause and the efforts of those who have generously donated their time and energy, the Board of EBCAMFT recently made a donation to Laura Strom, MFT and Heather Blesssing, Intern MFT.  These two women have worked tirelessly for the cause to reinstate the old bylaws and we wanted to show our appreciation by helping to offset the costs of their work.  

I am including a very important write up from Jason Saffer, MFT about the upcoming membership vote to repeal the new bylaws.  Please read carefully and be on the lookout for your ballots to arrive.  Feel free to contact me at any time with comments or suggestions and please consider joining us on the Board for 2014.  kellymsharp@gmail.com

Please read carefully (Thanks to Jason Saffer, MFT for allowing us to share this):


Dear Colleagues,

Due to the immense outcry from the CAMFT membership, the CAMFT Board has decided to repeal the 2013 Bylaws, subject to voter approval.

Your vote is needed by Nov. 30th!

The CAMFT Board of Directors met in Santa Barbara September 21-22, 2013 and deliberated for 12+ hours over the many communications they received with regard to the bylaws changes. In addition, fourteen CAMFT members from across the state attended the meeting and twelve gave passionate testimony about the bylaws changes that helped the Board make their decision.

Ultimately the Board approved the following two motions:

1. "To approve the repeal of the current bylaws approved in July 2013 and reinstate the bylaws adopted in January 2009. The Board's approval is subject to voting members' approval by ballot."

2. "To send the vote to the membership, regarding the bylaws, per the motion approved on September 21, 2013, for a December 4, 2013 election date. December 5th and 6th to be designated ballot-counting days."

What does this mean? CAMFT's future depends on your level of involvement! Please vote on or beforeNovember 30th, 2013 to ensure your vote arrives by the Dec. 4th deadline in the CAMFT office. Ballots will be sent out in late October or early November 2013.

YES Vote = You agree with the CAMFT Board to repeal the recently passed July 2013 State Bylaws and revert back to the 2009 Bylaws. (CAMFT will revert to representing just MFTs and MFTIs).

NO Vote = You do not agree with the CAMFT Board to repeal the most recent Bylaws and therefore want the 2013 Bylaws to stay in place. (CAMFT will stay on its path of opening to all other masters level and above license types including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, professional counselors and educational psychologists as a broad based mental health organization).

(Per the advice of their counsel, MFT Interns will not be allowed to vote since they did not vote on the original bylaws ballot in May 2013).

It is important to remember that "re-setting" back to the 2009 Bylaws is a first step in a longer dialogue process about the direction CAMFT members want our association to go.

                                                - Kelly Sharp, LMFT
                                                  President, EB CAMFT

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