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  • EB CAMFT Hiking Group - Mount Diablo from Regency Drive
East Bay CAMFT

EB CAMFT Hiking Group - Mount Diablo from Regency Drive

  • Sunday, June 08, 2014
  • 9:30 AM
  • Mt Diablo from Regency Drive


Registration is closed

EB CAMFT Hiking Group - Mount Diablo from Regency Drive

Date: June 8th 2014

The meet up time will be 9:30am and the hike will begin at 9:45am.

Enact some self-care and meet EB CAMFT members by joining us on a hike!

Board Member-at-Large Craig Toonder is coordinating this event. Please email us at ebcamft@gmail.comwith any questions and register online.

For day of hike issues or problems, please call Craig Toonder, MFT at 510-499-7137

Trail Options:

Short Hike: Donar Creek Road, Meridian Ridge Road, Back Creek Trail, Mitchell Canyon Road.

Estimated Distance 3.5 miles.

Long Hike: Donar Creek Road, Meridian Ridge Road, Eagle Creek Trail, Back Creek Trail, Mitchell Canyon Road.

Estimated Distance 5 miles.

Parking Fee: NA

No Dogs Allowed

Trailhead Directions:

From I-680 Northbound or Hwy 24 East, exit at Ygnacio Valley Road (at Walnut Creek). At bottom of offramp at the stoplight, turn RIGHT on Ygnacio Valley Road. Proceed on Ygnacio Valley Road to Clayton Road in Concord (approx 7.5 miles) and turn right (east).

 From I-680 Southbound, exit at Treat Blvd (at Walnut Creek). Turn left at the stop light, then immediate left at the next stop light (Treat Blvd). Follow Treat all the way up the hill into Concord (approx 8 miles). Turn right onto Clayton Road. Proceed downhill on Clayton Road into the town of Clayton. At stoplight, turn Right onto Regency Drive. Follow to the end.

From Antioch/Pitttsburg, take Kirker Pass Road westbound and down the hill into Concord. Just past the Concord (Chronicle) Pavilion, turn LEFT at the light at Concord Blvd. Just past Indian Wells Way, Concord Blvd becomes Oakhurst Drive. Stay on Oakhurst and get into middle lane as you approach the intersection with Clayton Road (stoplight). Turn LEFT onto CLAYTON ROAD/MARSH CREEK ROAD. Then turn RIGHT at stoplight onto REGENCY DRIVE. Continue to the end.


Hike Procedures and Protocol

1. No personal radios, firearms, or children under the age of 16 are permitted on a hike.
2. Pets will be determined based on specific park regulations. Please do not bring pets who are not well mannered around other animals.
3. All hikers shall sign the daily hike sign-up sheet provided by the Hike Leader. The sign-up sheet includes a Waiver of Liability.
4. The Hike Leader has the authority to question and refuse participation to any hiker who appears to be unprepared for the hike.
5. When the group arrives at the trailhead, the Hike Leader will ask the group to "circle-up" and count off to ensure that the Hike Leader has an accurate count of the hikers.
6. At the end of the hike, drivers will ensure all of their passengers are accounted for before leaving.
7. The Hike Leader will be the last to leave the trailhead to check that all cars are operable.
8. Hikers who have cell phones are encouraged to bring them along on the hike.

Hiking Safety

1. Participation in the activities of the hiking club can be potentially dangerous.
2. Assess your risks and take full responsibility for your safety. Sign EB-CAMFT Waiver of Liability.
3. Foster safe hiking practices, promote hiking safety, and alert either the Hike Leaders of any unsafe hiking practices.
4. Do not attempt a hike that you suspect is beyond your endurance or level of physical capability.
5. Say something immediately if, during a hike, you experience a physical problem!
6. Do not leave a hiker alone for any reason. Always leave another hiker behind with a hiker who cannot complete a hike.
7. Stay with the group! Do not stray from the group or take off on your own. Do not leave the hike until the completion of the hike.

Environmental Stewardship and Impact
1. Respect the environment. Stay on designated trails.
2. Don't cut switchbacks, take shortcuts, or create new trails.
3. Tread lightly and leave no trace by packing out litter. Leave an area in as good as or better condition than you found it.
4. Leave all natural things and features as you found them for others to experience.
5. Don't contaminate any stream or water pool with trash or human waste, including urine. Relieve yourself at least 100 feet from a water source.

Sharing the Trail

1. Keep to the right of the trail. Save the left for passing. Always announce your intentions when passing.
2. Always yield to equestrians and pack animals.
3. Downhill hikers and joggers always yield to uphill hikers and joggers. All users (hikers, joggers, and bicyclists) must yield to saddle stock. Bicyclists must yield to hikers (but don't bet your life on it!).
4. When in a group do not block the trail. Allow room for other users.
5. Be considerate of fellow hikers and other trail users.

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