Geared to our associates, the Etree-only subscription allows people working in the mental health community access to our online Etree forum. The Etree is a subscription-based email service, that fosters discussion and resource sharing for MFTs, MFT Interns, Psychology students and LCSWs. Once registered, an Etree Subscriber will receive a daily digest, one email per day, comprised of messages sent throughout the Etree. The subscriber will be able to post messages to the entire group by sending an email to There are an average of 20 messages sent throughout the day.

By starting this program, we hope to encourage even more dynamic conversation by welcoming people who work alongside us at agencies, hospitals, and private practices. Examples of people who may be interested in the Etree Subscription include psychiatrists, psychologists, LCSWs, ASWs, educators, counselors, essentially anyone who is allied with mental health.

To apply, please complete a membership application. The E-tree-only Subscription can be found at the bottom of the member list. For clarification; E-tree-only Subscribers gain access to the E-tree, the subscription and the ability to post messages to the forum. This subscription is not part of our membership program. 

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