April 7, 2009

March 04, 2013 8:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT


Executive Board Meeting


Members present: K.Sue Duncan, President; Guillermo Alvarez, President Elect; Martha

Jiminez-Rosales, Past President; Ellen Odza, Treasurer.

Absent: Cindy Beckley, Secretary

Meeting was held by conference call; it began at 7:00pm and ended at 8:05pm.

1. David Leon’s Position: There was confusion as to what position David Leon was

voted into. The minutes said he was voted in as Member–at-Large and Legislative

Liaison. K.Sue will check with him to see if it is correct that he want both

positions and we will clarify at the next board meeting on April 17th.

2. List of Non CAMFT members: It was decided that K.Sue would send an email

to the list of Non CAMFT members letting them know that they need to join

CAMFT and if they did not provide us with proof of that by 6/30/09, they will be

dropped from our membership.

3. Administrative/Office Position: The board discussed the vacant administrative

position. It was decided that we are not in a position to supervise a staff member

and that we are the only chapter in the state that has an office. Between rent and

salary, the chapter spends roughly $40,000 a year on this. The Board decided to

get a proposal from Hudson Mgmt. as to what it would cost to have them support

the chapter and take that proposal back to the Board. The items that were listed


o Voicemail (K.Sue had a proposal for a voicemail box from Hudson for

$12.95/month. It was agreed that we would get this set up


o Processing Bills to Pay

o Making Deposits (dues, CEU monies, etc.)

o Storing documents

o Keeping CEU certification

o Mail Processing

K.Sue and Guillermo will both get trained on the website and how to put stuff up

on it. The Board discussed the website and perhaps adding a position who job it

is to monitor an update the site.

4. Etree: The Board discussed the note from Robin the etree manager and it was

agreed that she does a good job. The board would like Robin to define brief for

herself as the etree has guidelines and not hard and fast rules. We did discuss

letting her know that she could take someone off the etree temporarily and the

until the board decides what to do. It was also discussed to post the guidelines

quarterly on the etree.

Respectfully submitted, K.Sue Duncan


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