May 15, 2009

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MAY 15, 2009

Present: Voting Members: K.Sue Duncan, President; Martha Jiminez-Rosales, past

president; Guillermo Alvarez, president-elect; Ellen Odza, Treasurer; Cindy Beckley,

Secretary; Carolyn Goldstein, member at large; David Leong, member at large, and

Brenda Ponthier, member at large and newsletter editor.

Non-voting members: Paula Moseley, intern rep; Evan Martineau, Mentor chair; Kristie

Potter, Volunteer chair; Nadesdye Valdes, Ceu chair; Eleanor Ruckman, Diversity chair;

and Joan Wickstrand, EBCC representative.


The meeting was called to order at 4:00pm



A motion was madeto approve the consent agenda which consisted of the April minutes

of both the Board and Executive board meetings. It was seconded and passed.


1. Spring Social: Discussion over lack of time to have it in the spring. It was

decided that September 12th from 4-7 pm would be the time most of the board

could attend. Evan will firm up the date in order to put a notice in the newsletter

to save the date. He and committee will come back to the meeting with a menu

and costs.

2. Office management/Coverage: K.Sue reported that she has been cleaning up

emails on the website and added webmaster that will go to David Hillstrom @

Infolane. The address was changed so that everything goes to Hudson

management. The money from the CEU classes will be sent directly to Hudson,

envelopes will be supplied to all the sites. The CEU Chair needs list Nadesdye on

the website. CEU dates and times were not consistent on the website and were

different, in different places. This is being rectified. There were 4-5 people who

came to the wrong time for a CEU class. Nadesdye will send apologies and offer

them a free CEU class in the future. Evan volunteered for one month to help

people who have called in requesting help finding a therapist. Carolyn is helping

with membership renewal. Any glitch in the system should be sent to K.Sue to

clear up. We are also trying to get the newsletter in a format that can be read

directly rather than having to log in to read it.

3. 2012 IAGP Conference Proposal: Cindy and committee reported that we have

$5,000.00 pledged by Bill Roller’s group. We are still waiting to hear from the

others, although SF camft has declined. It was discussed and ebcamft should only

be responsible for $10,000.00. A motion was made that the committee have

financial structures in place by next Friday. At that time it will be brought to the

board for a full vote. This would include $15,000.00 from other groups. The

motion was seconded and passed with 5 in favor, one opposed and one abstaining.


A. E-tree Guidelines Proposal: David presented his findings from the feedback from

members about changing the guidelines. Of the 21 responses only 8 people

replied with policy recommendations: 5 wanted no change, 3 wanted to ban

contentious material and 3 want no limits at all. He is recommending that we

replace the current Guidelines with Terms and Conditions of use and give the

Etree manager the authority to enforce said terms. Suggested progression of

sanctions from warning, suspension of one week to long suspension of one month

to finally banning them from the Etree. All bans will be reviewed by the board

within 60 days. All Etree communications must be archived so they are available

for review by the board. Terms and conditions of use are to be sent to the etree

monthly. Consider creating a separate forum for community discussion. A

motions was made to give the Etree manager authority to enforce terms and

conditions of use and that the board will review these bans within 60 days. The

motion was seconded and it was passed unanimously.

B. Law and Ethics Conference: Guillermo presented his proposal from the Marriot

in Walnut Creek. October 3, 2009 will be the date and will go in the newsletter to

save the date. David Jensen is presenting.

C. Board Positions/Responsibility: K.Sue reminded all board members to review

their job responsibilities.

D. Phone Message Coverage Signup: This is on hold because K.Sue does not have

grid ready yet.

E. Treasurer’s report: Ellen reported that the income was $4069.17 and expenses

were $3,000.25 with a net of $1068.92. The Reserves are $28,419.00 and the

operating expenses per year are $29,882.14.

F. CAMFT Conference in San Jose: Eleanor reported that she presented at the

conference and some difficulties due to Cinco de Maya celebration. 850 people

attended all together. It seemed it was a successful event.

G. Membership outreach: Carolyn and Nadesdye will be at the Wright Institute on

Durant in Berkeley on June 26. Any other volunteers are welcome to attend. Ceu

meetings: Nadesdye reported that 20 people attended the last one. There is one in

June, but not in July or August.

H. Legislative update: So far the issues that CAMFT is working on are MFT’s

parity in the prison system and the LPC proposal. David has been talking with

CAMDT’s Executive Director and will check with her prior to the next board

meeting for updates.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm. The next meeting will be June 19th


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