June 19, 2009

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JUNE 19, 2009

Present: Voting Members: K.Sue Duncan, President; Martha Jiminez-Rosales, Past

President; Guillermo Alvarez, President-elect; Ellen Odza, Treasurer; Cindy Beckley,

Secretary; Carolyn Goldstein, Member at Large; David Leong, Member at

Large/Legislative Liaison; Brenda Ponthier, Member at Large/Newsletter Editor.

Non-voting Members: Evan Martineau, Mentor chair; Paula Moseley, Intern Rep;

Kristie Potter, Volunteer Chair.

Visiting members: Gloria Reese, Jean LaVane, Michael Ann Connelly

Absent: Nadesdye Valdes, Eleanor Ruckman, and Joan Wickstrand.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm

Approval of Consent Agenda:

Evan moved we approve the consent agenda which consisted of the May minutes of both

the Board and Executive Board meetings and the Treasurer’s report. It was seconded and


Old Business:

1. 2012 Conference: The consensus of the committee was that we did not have

enough financial or physical backing to go forward with this project and we

withdrew our proposal. A note was read from Bill Roller thanking the president

and committee for their efforts.

2. Law and Ethics Conference: Everything is moving along for the conference. An

email blast to the members will come out the first of July. We are waiting to get

the online registration up. The conference will be noted in the next issue of the

Therapist magazine.


3. Fall Social: The member social will take place on September 12 from 2-6:00pm

at the Clubhouse in Danville. An electronic invitation will go out to the members.

New Business:

1. Etree: The etree manager had done some research about the terms and conditions

of the Etree and found the October 2007 minutes stated that third party postings

were approved by a 64/32 vote from members. There was a motion that we

continue to allow third party postings since they were approved by the

membership in 2007. The motion was seconded and passed.

2. Subscription Renewal and quality of service with Infolane: Concern was raised

over the support we are getting from Infolane. We continue to have trouble

getting responses and support. David Leong will do some research on other

companies and bring it back to the board .

3. Advertising: The idea was raised to put advertising that is in the Newsletter on

our Web calendar. The newsletter editor reported concerns about getting

advertising up and what kind of process we have for this..

4. Three members came to the meeting to discuss the recent issue of The Therapist

and to ask the Board to find a way for members to retain EBCAMFT membership

while resigning from CAMFT. The board discussed the bylaws which state in

order to be a member of the local chapter one has to be a member of CAMFT

also. The issue was tabled.

The president reported that she had a conversation with the executive director of

CAMFT about how members can let the state hear their grievances and the

executive director offered to have a meeting with EBCAMFT membership. The

Therapist issue has been pulled from the CAMFT website. There is a petition

being circulated that will be sent to CAMFT board of directors.

One of the visiting members wondered why CAMFT does not take a position.

Another would like to see a poll on how other chapters in the state feel about the

issue regarding discrimination and homophobia.

A great deal of discussion followed and we talked about the next steps. A motion

was made to invite the executive director and president of the CAMFT Board to

an open forum with members of EBCAMFT . It was seconded and passed and a

task force was formed to put together the logistics.

5. Phone message coverage signup: Evan agreed to cover the month of July.

6. Other business: Martha raised the issue of members who want the late fee for

renewal waived. We agreed to go case by case since some members had not

renewed in a couple of years.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm


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