July 17, 2009

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JULY 17, 2009

Present: K.Sue Duncan, President; Martha Jiminez-Rosales, Past President; Guillermo

Alvarez, President-elect; Ellen Odza, Treasurer; Cindy Beckley, Secretary; David Leong,

Member at Large/Legislative Liaison; Brenda Ponthier, Member at Large/Newsletter

Editor. Non-voting members: Paula Moseley, Intern Rep.; Evan Martineau, Mentor

Chair; Nadesdye Valdes, CEU chair.

Absent: Carolyn Goldstein, Kristie Potter, and Joan Wickstrand.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00pm

Approval of Consent Agenda

Ellen moved to approve the consent agenda as modified. It was seconded and passed. In

addition, it was moved and passed that we spend $545.00 to rent a space for the CAMFT

Town Hall meeting.

Old Business

1. Phone Messages Coverage: Evan states he is willing to continue for another


2. Website Hosting: David Hillstrom’s wife passed away, plan is to send a card and

flowers or potted plant. David Leong reported on his research into other

companies. He reported that if we get on a standard package we could put it

anywhere (into another host). One site he looked into would cost $1600.00 to start

and then $15.00 per month thereafter. He is going to do more research on this and

look into other companies and report back.

3. Office Update: K.Sue reported that most of the files were cleaned out, now we

need to decide if we are going to donate the furniture. We could donate the

furniture and shredder to a non-profit. Joe and Guillermo did fix the computer

which we could save for company business. We will have to decide if we are

going to keep the fax and copier.

New Business

1. Update on Town Hall meeting w/ CAMFT: It is set for August 21 from 6:15pm

to 8:45pm. It is being held in Berkeley on Allston near the Bart station. We need

a membership list and phone call campaign.

2. SF CAMFT resolution: They met and voted to being a part of the bylaws, but not

part of CAMFT. They meant this to portray themselves as conscientious

objectors to Camft’s stand on Marriage Equality. The chapter understands that

CAMFT will revoke their charter, but they will be able to state their stance on

Marriage Equality at Hearing that is allowed after revocation of a chapter.

3. Diablo Satellite CE: Danielle had left in June and her replacement moved 2 days

later. The ceu programs have all ready been planned for September and October,

but we do need someone to chair the Diablo Satellite. It is possible that Andrea

can fill in until one is found. Nadesdye will check with her and Ellen can help in


4. Board Positions: Guillermo states he wants feedback from the board within the

next two weeks about whether board members are interested in staying on the

board next year. We discussed combining the intern rep position with the intern

mentoring position.

5. Survey of Board/planning session: Discussion about results of survey. We

decided our next meeting on September 17 will be at the Hudson Office from

3:00-7:00pm and we will have a potluck dinner.

6. Nominations Committee: We talked about benefits as board members and the

necessity of retaining them to encourage volunteers. It is always best to be asked

to serve on the board; we all are going to talk with our colleagues about board

service. It was decided as well that our presence at ceu meetings is important to

encourage participation on board.

7. Evan presented his proposal about a Mentoring panel: The consensus is the

interns would like a panel of licensed MFT’s to discuss with them their own story

of the licensing process and coping methods. The date and time for this panel

should not conflict with ceu classes, it will be decided upon at the next meeting.

8. Other Ceu classes: In response to a need expressed to have ceu meetings farther

east, Nadesdye was wondering about having a meeting at Chapman or even at

Hudson. Nadesdye will check into the feasibility with Chapman and DVC and

Guillermo will discuss with Hudson management.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm.


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