November 20, 2009

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November 20, 2009

Present: Guillermo Alvarez, President-elect; Martha Jiminez-Rosales, Past President; Cindy Beckley, Secretary; Ellen Odza, Treasurer; David Leong, Member at Large/Legislative Liaison; Carolyn Goldstein, Member at Large/Website Manager. Non-voting members: Evan Martineau, Mentor Chair; Kristie Potter, Volunteer Chair; Nadesdye Valdes, Ceu Chair; Patricia Wilson, Diablo Satellite Chair; Joan Wickstrand, EBCC representative.

Absent: K.Sue Duncan, President; Brenda Ponthier, Member at Large; Paula Moseley, Intern Rep.

Visiting Members: Sandy McQuillen, Donald King

Approval of Consent Agenda

David Moved that the October Board meeting minutes be approved, it was seconded and passed.

Old Business

  1. Elections Update: Martha stated that ballots are coming in. Carolyn will send out an E blast to remind people to vote. Guillermo and Cindy will help Martha count the ballots on Friday, December 18. Jill Sabotka has self-nominated for the position of Intern Representative.

  2. EBCC Report: The president of EBCC, Donald King stated he was unaware of questions that had been posed to EBCC Liason, Joan Wickstrand at the October Board meeting and would need to prepare a report to present to the board at the December board meeting. At issue is EBCC’s ongoing relationship with EB-CAMFT; how does this relationship benefit the chpater and its members?

New Business

  1. Office Furniture: We are trying to decrease the amount of furniture in the office. The next step is for Ellen to talk with the accountant about selling some of the furniture and supplies in the office.

  2. CEU Reports: Nadesdye reported that Coffee Talk Ceu went well. The Saturday ceu about Insurance had over 20 people. There are no ceu presentations for the month of December. She has the next 3 scheduled for next year. She plans on sending Thank You notes to the presenters. Diablo Satellite had an average turnout. There is a speaker in December on Co-dependency. There was a question about feedback from the evaluations. They will work on that. All ceu classes are using the new forms. There will be an E blast asking members what topics they are interested in for cue classes. Rentals are not clear, Nadesdye will get that clarified.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: There was a question in the budget about pre-paying Hudson in order to get a discount. Ellen moved we pre-pay Hudson, it was seconded and passed. Ellen reported out Income was $1903.76 and Expense was $8442.32 with a Net loss of $6538.56 mostly due to the loss at the Law and Ethics Conference.

  4. JFK Intern Fair: It is December 4 instead of January we were just informed. No one is able to be at this event.

  5. Other Business: a.) Kristie had questions about the meeting in December. We were inviting other members and thanking them as mentioned in September minutes. b.) Martha states the application fee for membership seems to be unclear. She will mention it in the newsletter that fee is $25.00. c.) There was a question about the newsletter since Brenda and Paula are leaving the board and no one has stepped forward to do it. Carolyn suggested we put it on the website so that there will not be a problem with format, etc. d.) Ellen volunteered to take over phone messages on November 30. e.) David asked if any progress has been made on backing up our Website. Guillermo and K.Sue will discuss this with David Hillstrom at their meeting.

The December Meeting will be held at Guillermo’s home in Pittsburg on December 18, 2009, from 4 PM – 6 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 pm


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