December 18, 2009

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December 18, 2009

Present: K. Sue Duncan, President; Guillermo Alvarez, President-elect; Martha Jiminiez-Rosales, Past President; Cindy Beckley, Secretary; Brenda Ponthier, Member at Large/Newsletter editor; Paula Moseley, Intern rep/newsletter editor; Kristie Potter, Volunteer Chair; Nadesdye Valdes, Ceu Chair: Patricia Wilson, Diablo Satellite Chair; Joan Wickstrand, EBCC representataive.

Absent: Ellen Odza, Treasurer; David Leong, Member at Large/Legislative Liaison; Carolyn Goldstein, Member at Large/Website Manager; Evan Martineau, Mentor Chair.

Visiting Members: Jurgen Braungardt, Donald Kiehn

Approval of Consent Agenda

Brenda moved we approve the November minutes, it was seconded and passed.

Old Business

  1. Phone Message Coverage: Patricia Wilson will take over from the end of December

  2. Newsletter: Brenda and Paula are retiring from the board. No one has volunteered for the position. We will have an E blast to see if someone will volunteer. It was decided 5 people is about what it takes to do the newsletter.

  3. EBCC: We had a discussion about their role with the chapter. Apparently in the past the representative was the Legislative Liaison as well. The liaison with the chapter has been spotty this year. They are going to follow through with the charter they had and it will be discussed more in 2010.

New Business

  1. Election Results: There were 107 ballots received, 6 were invalid and 2 spoiled, leaving 99 valid ballots. Jurgen Branugardt was elected to the office of President-elect, David Leong was elected Treasurer, Board members at Large elected were Carolyn Goldstein, Susan Moore, Jim Walker and Sandy McQuillen. The revised Bylaws were passed.

  2. New bylaws: The new bylaws allow for electronic ballots in the future. The bylaws also include the composition of the board can have as many as 1/3 unlicensed or non-MFT’s. At this time, that would be 3 members of the board maximum could be unlicensed or non-MFT’s.

  3. State CAMFT Election/Petition: The nominating committee chose the slate and only allowed one candidate per office. Our chapter is going to send a letter objecting to this process since many members felt they should be allowed to choose which person they would like to elect to the office.

  1. CEU reports: Nadesdye is in the process of getting all the contracts signed for next year for the meeting sites. Epworth charges $60.00 per meeting and we have 5 Saturday’s in that location. St Mark’s charges $50.00 per meeting and we have 4 Saturday’s in that location. The Wednesday Diablo Satellite meetings are at St Mark’s. Patricia has presenters for the Diablo Satellite through March and will send reminders to the etree. Nadesdye did not receive a report from Sylvia for the Coffee Talk ceu’s.

  2. Treasurer’s report: Income was $2837.00, Expenses were $2689.15, the net was $229.74. The final report from the Law and Ethics conference: Income was $1565.00 and expenses were $4251.79, net loss $2686.79.

  3. 2010 Events Calendar: Guillermo is working on the calendar and will send it out the new Board Members.

  4. 2010 Outstanding Leader Award: The Board voted on this and an outstanding board member was chosen.

The meeting was adjourned around 5:30pm and the board had a potluck after the meeting. The board members who were leaving spoke about their service on the board and said their goodbyes.


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