January 29, 2010

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JANUARY 29, 2010

A quorum of the Board was in attendance and the meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.


Voting Members: Guillermo Alvarez, President, K.Sue Duncan, Past-President, Jurgen Braungardt, President-Elect, David Leong, Treasurer, Jim Walker, Board Member at large, Carolyn Goldstein, Board Member at large, Sandy McQuillin, Board Member at large, Susan Diamond-Moore, Board Member at large

Non-voting Members: Patricia Wilson,Diablo Satellite CEU Chair, Nadesdye Valdes, CEU Program Chair, Joan Wickstram, East Bay Counseling Choices (EBCC) Representative

ITEM 1: Introduction of new board members and committee chairs

ITEM 2: Operating manuals were provided to board members and committee chairs

ITEM 3: Consent Agenda

MSC To approve the consent agenda. The motion carried unanimously.

The Consent Agenda consisted of:

(1) Minutes from December 2009 Board of Director’s meeting

ITEM 4: Publication of Chapter events through CAMFT’s monthly e-mail blast

Nadesdye Valdes, CEU Program Chair, was assigned as the point person to collect and submit chapter event information for publication through CAMFT’s monthly e-mail blast.

ITEM 5: Volunteers / Vacant board and committee positions:

The board discussed ways in which to recruit members to fill currently vacant board and committee positions, including: Secretary, Membership Chair, Newsletter, Advertising

ITEM 6: Voicemail Coverage:

Patricia Wilson, Diablo Satellite Chair, was assigned to handle member voice mails for the month of February.

ITEM 7: Infolane Report

Infolane will be making available a membership directory that can be distributed to the members in PDF format.

The board discussed making this directory available to the members two times per year.

Infolane is currently working on making available the option for an online-only version of its newsletter.

ITEM 8: Office Rental Update

Parker Associates has not received any viable offers to rent the office space currently under lease to the chapter. The current lease on the office space remains in place until May of 2011.

The board re-opened a discussion regarding the rental of the chapter’s office space to individuals and groups to offset the cost of office rental.

The board revisited a previous decision (made by the 2009 board of directors) to accept offers for the sale of office furniture.

K. Sue Duncan will research market rate for rental of office space.

ITEM 9: Office Clean-up

The board discussed scheduling a date and time to clean up the chapter’s office space.

A date and time will be scheduled following the sell of the office’s furniture.

ITEM 10: East Bay Counseling Choices (EBCC) Report

EBCC Representative Joan Wickstram reported to the board of directors on the following:

  • A referral list will be made available to East Bay Chapter of CAMFT members.

  • The board revisited the current partnership between EBCC and East Bay Chapter of CAMFT. The board requested that the representative from EBCC report the number of referrals that are directly passed on to members of the chapter as a way to gage the direct benefit of this partnership.

  • The representative from EBCC will propose to her board that EBCC consider paying for advertising on the chapter’s website (and news letter in the future) as the board of East Bay Chapter of CAMFT recommends.


MSC To switch from cash to accrual basis as recommended by Hudson Management.

The motion carried unanimously.

Clarification was asked for regarding the allotted funds to cover the rental space to hold chapter CEU meetings. The treasurer will report back to the board and provide clarification at the next board meeting.


The board discussed preparing handout material to be distributed at the upcoming leadership conference. No action was taken.

ITEM 13: Amicus Brief Proposal

The board discussed participation as signatory on an amicus brief being prepared in the case of Perry v Schwarzenegger, Proposition 8.

MSC To allow the President of the chapter to review the proposed amicus brief when it becomes available and agree to sign it on behalf of the East Bay Chapter of CAMFT.

The motion carried unanimously.


With no further business to come before the Board of Directors, the meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Nadesdye Valdes,


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