January 21, 2011

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JANUARY 21, 2011

A quorum of the Board was in attendance and the meeting was called to order at 4:15 p.m.


Voting Members: Jürgen Braungardt, President, Patricia Wilson, Secretary, Drew Hutchinson, Treasurer, David Leong, Board Member at Large, Duncan Bennet, Board Member at Large, Sandy McQuillin, Board Member at Large.

ITEM I: Introduction of new board members.

ITEM 2: Resignation of Past President. As per the current by-laws, the resignation was delivered to the President and was accepted.

Board Resolution: MSC to ensure bank cards are updated and reflect the resignation of the past president. The new signers will be President and Treasurer.

ITEM 3: Recruiting new board members. Discussion regarding potential new volunteers, outreach into the membership community. An action items list will follow.

ITEM 4: Discussion regarding Infolane and Hudson Management increased roles to offset need for additional volunteer time by the Board to answer phones, update membership files, etc. Discussion will continue.

ITEM 5: Routine tasks for EBCAMFT membership was reviewed. Hudson and Infolane will assume some tasks keeping the current Board members in the communication loop. A division of the mailbox responsibility was made. The calendar will be updated by the Board Secretary. Other duties will be further defined and distributed at the Board’s one-day retreat in March. Further, an effort will be made to publish the Board agenda on the website ahead of the each meeting.

ITEM 5: Infolane Report. Discussed training of Board members and potential for the website. A Board field trip to Infolane will be made in February prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

ITEM 6: Treasurer’s Report. The financial report was not distributed to Board members. The Treasurer has spoken with the management company regarding the expenses and budgets. A proposal to change the budgeting process to include a monthly breakdown was tabled until the next meeting.

There was a discussion regarding the status of the current PayPal account. EAST BAY CHAPTER Board Resolution: MSC to request that Hudson Management set up a new PayPal account as a non-profit organization which shall replace the current PayPal account under a private name.


Discussion: Renewal notices are being sent via emails and some have not been received by members and when they go to renew there are problems. Some of these problems cause members to incur a late charge.

Board Resoution: MSC to allow Treasurer to waive fees for members until the problem is corrected.

ITEM 8: Sexual Orientation Change Efforts statement. The current statement from EBCAMFT has been rejected by CAMFT.


As part of the Board’s mission to maintain a vision for the membership, there will be a retreat for the Board to become more creative and purposeful. The Board retreat will be a 1-day retreat, held in March, to review the chapter’s mission statement, brain-storm recruiting efforts, focus on membership needs and the future of the newsletter and CEU programs.

ITEM 10: Proposal from International Group Psychotherapy Assn. to present a possible conference in the Bay Area with EBCAMFT as a resident sponsor. The Board asked the President to invite Bill Roller, IGPA, to visit the next board meeting to discuss the proposal.


Hudson Management approached the Treasurer to recommend the current ING account be consolidated at the EBCAMFT bank in a Money Market or CD carrying the best interest rate.

Board Resolution: MSC to move the current ING money market or CD to our regular bank – Bay Regional Bank as long as there are no penalties for doing so. The move will be made upon confirmation by the Treasurer of EBCAMFT. EAST BAY CHAPTER


Treasurer: Ensure proper transition of bank cards.

President: Send summary of Hudson Management meeting to all Board Members. (Completed 1/27/11)

President: Send invitation to Hudson Management to attend the next Board meeting.

Secretary: Update Website Calendar with all members synchronizing to ensure an up-to-date listing.

Treasurer: Revise the budget process with the intention to increase the share of member services.

Treasurer: Create a new late-fee policy, in the meantime waiving the late fee as needed.

All: Infolane website training scheduled for Friday, February 11, 2011.

All: Invite Bill Roller IGPA to present regarding possible future conference.

Member-at-Large, Duncan Bennet: Plan and hold a Board Retreat on March 20.


With no further business to come before the Board of Directors, the meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Wilson, Secretary


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