June 18, 2011 General Membership Meeting

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JUNE 18, 2011


Board Members: Jurgen Braungardt, President; Patricia Wilson, Secretary; Duncan Bennett, Member-at-Large; Kelly Sharp, Member-at-Large; Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Member-at-Large; and Sandy McQuillan, Member-at-Large.

CAMFT Members: Jill Epstein, new Executive Director; and Ronald Mah, Member-at-Large

General Members: Approximately 22 members attended. They were made up of MFTs and Interns.

ITEM I: INTRODUCTIONS. All in attendance were asked to introduce themselves and state where they were from, including how long they’ve been an EBCAMFT member and a brief outline of their work.

ITEM 2: INTRODUCTIONS. Board members introduced themselves and said a little of why they were on the Board.

ITEM 3: PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE. Jurgen referred to the Vision Statement handout and reflected how it came to be. He discussed the financial report and the membership issues stating that we are currently in a transition time. He also pointed out the committees that we have available to join and that we need to have Board members to fill the Treasurer position and others as well.

ITEM 4: QUESTION & ANSWER with Jurgen.

The interests of the group were polled and the following wants/interests were discussed as possibilities:

Mentoring Program for Interns

Private Practice Development & Marketing

Future Possibility of Day-long conferences

Future Day-long Retreat & Community Building for all members to attend

Day-long workshop “Law & Ethics”

CEU Program: Saturdays & Sundays, possibly alternating

Create a Resource Base: Online

Referral Archive: Linked to Website

Therapist Finder for local zip codes

Chapter Blog

2 –Year President Term (By-law vote in September?)

EAST BAY CHAPTER Chapter Leadership in Public Education & Public Policy re Mental Health

Public Blog – Questions to Therapists

Have “PR Chair” Outreach – respond to timely topics

Create Links/Liaison to Grad Schools.

ITEM 5: Single-Payer Task Force. Presented by Claire-Elizabeth. Stated that this will be something MFTs need in the future and invited all to sign up for future task force meetings. She stated “CAMFT, was urged to address both the much-needed passage of such legislation and the need for CAMFT to be proactive in influencing legislation so that the needs of MFTs would be well-represented when such legislation is drafted and implemented. Being new to our field, Jill Epson, Executive Director of CAMFT, was interested in learning more about this issue. Members were invited to join an EBC Chapter Task Force, to strategize about these issues and plan actions.”

ITEM 6: International Group Therapy Congress. Presented by Bill Roller. Stated the potential costs and benefits for the EBCAMFT organization and outlined the duties of the lead organization along with a timeline. He stated that hosting the IAGP (International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes) congress is a 3-year commitment for the entire group of the local organization and the professional conference organizer. Bill also provided a brief history of EBCAMFT as he was one of the early Presidents of this group.

ITEM 7: CAMFT. The new Executive Director, Jill Epstein was introduced. She made a brief statement about the current focus of CAMFT and included some of her personal history. She listened and answered many questions. Ronald Mah of this chapter and Member-at-Large of CAMFT was also in attendance. Questions included the current delay in the LPCC grandfathering process and related issues, and CAMFT’s support of BBS efforts to hire more staff, and change the length of time for approving hours of interns ready for testing.

ITEM 8: CLOSING REMARKS. Jurgen Braungard ended the meeting thanking all for attending and giving input and invited them to a future General Membership Meeting in the fall (date to be determined).


Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Wilson, Secretary


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