August 12, 2011

March 06, 2013 8:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

EB-CAMFT Board Meeting of 8/12/2011

Present: Jurgen, Kelly, Claire-Elizabeth, Rhonda, Sandy, Duncan

Absent: Patricia

A. Minutes from the 7/29 meeting were approved by Jurgen and Sandy; all agreed.

B. Hiring committee report still looking for candidate

C. Membership committee report by Claire-Elizabeth:

1. Do mailing to 3000 members to advertise a special 1st time members get

50% off if they sign up for 2years by Nov 30, 2011

2. Special for interns and trainees $5 less on memberships

3. Lapsed members will have a chance to renew without penalty until Nov

30, 2011.

4. Goal is to increase membership to 1000 members by 8/8/2012.

Goal is to increase membership to 3000 members by 8/8/2013.

D. Patricia Cavanaugh has agreed to start a mentorship program for the Chapter. She will come

to a meeting and talk about her ideas.

E. Kelly and Jurgen discussed a way to have automatic membership through the Infolane


F. Rhonda asked for a revamped new membership packet for new members of EBCAMFT

[postponed until the next meeting)

G. Single Payer was discussed by Jurgen and Claire-Elizabeth

1. Motion was made by Jurgen and Kelly to support SB810 and all present voted


2. Unanimous approval to grant $500 to Single Payer group.

H. Jurgen recommended creating a survey to send out to members and asked for

questions from Board.

I. Joan Gold will come for the 9/18 meeting to teach Roberts Rules for one hour and then the

next two hours on the meeting will be conducted using Roberts Rules.

J. Website report by Kelly and Claire Elizabeth:

1. Need an advertising manager

2. Changes needed in classified advertising

3. Find better ways to alert members when membership lapses

4. Change what we are giving away for free to only having members getting it.

5. Meeting with Infolane planned to discuss these needed changes.

Meeting was adjourned and the next meeting will be by phone on 8/26/2011


Sandy McQuillin


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