September 9, 2011

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East Bay Chapter of CAMFT


Meeting commenced at 4pm at Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia’s office.

PRESENT :Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Kelly Sharp, Duncan Bennett, Sandy McQuillin, Jurgen

Braungardt, Peter Carpentieri, (later joined by Robert Pavel)

A. Patricia Wilson has terminated her position on the Board due to family health matters.

Board has accepted her resignation.

B. Discussion regarding the Secretary’s duties now that the position is vacant. The new

Administrative Assistant may take over taking the minutes with the actual Secretary

signing them. Sandy will take minutes in the meantime.

C. Sandy will handle both CEU positions for the time being.

D. Robert Pavel, the administrative assistant, will take over the planning calendar.

E. Sandy and Jurgen will coordinate the contract for Robert.

F. Motion was made and passed to have Duncan Bennett be the Acting Treasurer until the

new Board is seated following the next election.

G. A motion was made and passed to have Sandy be the Acting Secretary until the new


H. Duncan and Jurgen will review the Financial Statements with Hudson and determine the

tasks performed for the $500 invoice.

I. A motion was made and passed to have Peter Carpentieri MFT be appointed to the Board

as a Member at Large.

J. Robert Pavel was gladly welcomed to the Board as our new Administrative


K. Board members were asked to submit questions for the upcoming member survey.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm and the next meeting scheduled for 10/21/2011 at 4 pm

Submitted by

Sandy McQuillin, Acting Secretary

Approved by Board November 18, 2011


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