September 23, 2011

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EBCAMFT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 23, 2011

Meeting convened at 9.30am in Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia's office, Berkeley.
Jürgen Braungardt, President;
Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;
Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;
Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;
Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;
Robert Pavel, Administrator.
Absent: Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large;
Here is the preliminary agenda:
1) Robert's Report about his activities so far. (Robert)
2) Update from the Acting Treasurer, Duncan
3) Website update. Status of the website renewal project. (Jurgen, Robert.)
4) Membership survey. (Jurgen.)
5) Miscellaneous:
--Discussion of Law & Ethics workshop on Professional Wills
--Update on Single Payer Symposium
--Report on Single Payer statements made to CAMFT Board 9/17
A. The Board reviewed the minutes from the 8/12 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.
B. The Board reviewed the minutes from the 9/9 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.
C. Realizing that the website does not contain copies of all of the Board meetings, Robert will obtain copies of the
minutes and post them to the website.
D. Robert reported on activities to date:
1. Robert met with David Hillstrom to review the website structure and operations, how members get added
to the website database, how changes are made and by whom, how Email messages are queued for sending.
Several people have access to the db: Board members, Infolane staff, and Hudson Management staff.
2. There are questions regarding who is responsible for and performing activities such as maintaining a
current and complete membership database, managing membership applications and upcoming expiration
dates, dollars paid or owing, and reconciling the online database against Hudson accounting transactions.
3. A request to meet with Hudson staff was delayed due to Hudson requiring a written notice from the
Board authorizing Robert to act on their behalf.
4. Robert is preparing a list of questions to understand Hudson’s scope of responsibilities and expectations
as well as review the accounting statements for the current year. Clarification is needed from both Hudson
and Infolane to determine who is handling tasks related to the membership communications and
notifications about expiring memberships.
E. Discussion regarding website improvements.
F. Treasurer’s report by Duncan
Forms to update the authorized signatures and allow electronic access to the EBCAMFT bank accounts for the
President, Treasurer, and maybe the Administrator.
New banking and PO Box requirements for a physical address. Jurgen will allow his office address.
G. The Board directed the Treasurer to obtain the EBCAMFT QuickBooks file from Hudson ASAP and Jurgen will
write a letter to Hudson appointing Robert Pavel as a fully authorized representative of the Board.
H. Upcoming Elections were discussed. A schedule of necessary tasks and actions were discussed to arrive at the
dates of nomination and ballot mailings, receipt of completed ballots, tallying and announcement of election results.
Tentatively, the nomination invitation letters will be mailed (and emailed) the first week of October. These are due
back October 20. Expect the election ballots to be mailed by November 15 and returned by Dec 1. The election
results are to be tallied and posted to the website prior to the end of December.
I. Questions regarding eligibility will be discussed by the Nominating Committee after a review of the bylaws. All
agreed that we need to encourage member participation and fill the vacant Board positions to better address and
serve member needs.
Sequence of events:
1. Board appointed positions to fill vacancies of the Board first require election to the Board. e.g. a
Member at Large may be appointed to Secretary.
2. Committee appointments may be made from any member in good standing.
3. Job descriptions need to be posted on the website to inform members.
4. Board agrees to seek additional member involvement and actively recruit for future board positions,
including Member at Large and the next President Elect.
5. Board agreed to seek additional volunteer members to be appointed to Advertising, Newsletter, CEU
Chair, and other committees.
J. Kelly will write a Newsletter article and reference the job descriptions and bylaws on the website. (Robert will
add pdf copies of everything to the website.)
K. Jurgen asked all to input questions for the membership survey. Brief discussion about whether the timing of the
survey needs to precede the elections. May not be enough time to address all of the topics. Further discussion was
tabled until the next meeting.
L. All agreed to circulate the Single Payer Symposium brochures and fliers.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am. The next Board meeting is scheduled for October 21 at 4pm.
Submitted by
Robert Pavel
for Sandy McQuillin
Approved by Board November 18, 2011

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