October 21, 2011

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EBCAMFT Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2011

Meeting convened at 4:00pm in Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia's office, Berkeley.


Jürgen Braungardt, President;

Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;

Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;

Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;

Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;

Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large;

Robert Pavel, Administrator.

The Minutes of the September 23 Board meeting were read and approval postponed until a corrected copy is

presented for signature at the next meeting.

A. Suggestions for minutes review and approval process were discussed. Tentative Minutes will be prepared by the

Administrator and emailed or posted to a Google account allowing shared editing by Board members within 5 days

of the meeting. Each Board Member shall reply with any suggested revisions to the entire Board list. The printed

copy of the revised document will be brought to the following meeting for approval and signatures. Following the

meeting, the minutes shall be posted to the website in pdf form for all members to view.

B. A discussion about Robert’s communications with Hudson and Infolane. Further communications are needed to

follow up on the request for bookkeeping records and Infolane/Hudson responsibilities for membership processing.

B. Motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to place the PO BOX address and Google Phone # on all

website pages replacing references to Hudson.

C. A discussion about the domain name ownership and contact information was resolved directing Robert to contact

Infolane and ask David of Infolane to change domain registration to show Jurgen as President, PO Box number and

Robert as Administrator and Technical contact.

D. Treasurer’s report: Duncan Bennett reviewed the financial statements presented by Hudson. Some open payables

need further clarification of the work details being billed by Hudson.

E. Board of Directors Election Nominations. Nomination forms were read and the following candidates were

approved for ballot presentation:

Jurgen Braungardt, as President for second term

Kelly Sharp, President Elect

Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Secretary

Members at Large

Peter Carpentieri, Member at Large

Sandy McQuillin, Member at Large and CEU coordinator

Steve Keightley Member at large

Mary Deggelmen Member at large

Vivian Nelson Member at Large

Duncan Bennett, Member at Large

F. Election procedures were discussed. Each nominated candidate must consent to stand for election and submit a

statement to be included with the ballot. Inquiries were made for a bulk mail company to print and mail ballots

based on our provided address information

Discussion suggesting ballots with prestamped envelopes be mailed in time to allow members sufficient notice and

time to work around the holidays. The ByLaws require a minimum of 2 weeks to return ballots. A reminder eblast

will be sent within a week following the mailing reminding voters to return all ballots to our PO Box by December

xxx. Tallying will be performed by the Administrator along with several members and the results will be certified by

the Board prior to announcement on the e-Tree and publishing on the website.

G. Hudson discussion: Duncan and Peter suggested a review of the tasks Hudson was performing to see what the

Administrator (Robert) will be able to handle and what may require outside help. A CPA firm will be needed to

guide the accounting and review the books and file tax returns after Hudson transition.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15pm. The next meeting of the Board will be on November 18 at 4pm, at Claire-Elizabeth

DeSophia’s office.

Submitted by

Robert Pavel

for Sandy McQuillin

Approved by Board November 18, 2011


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