November 18, 2011

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2011

Meeting convened at 4pm in Claire-Elizabeth's office, Berkeley.


Jürgen Braungardt, President;

Duncan Bennett, Acting Treasurer;

Sandy McMquillin, Acting Secretary;

Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Board Member at Large;

Kelly Sharp, Board Member at Large;

Peter Carpentieri, Board Member at Large;

Robert Pavel, Administrator.

A. The Board reviewed the minutes from the September 9 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

B. The Board reviewed the minutes from the September 23 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

C. The Board reviewed the minutes from the October 21 meeting as revised, approved unanimously.

Robert was requested to provide the Board with the tentative minutes for review within 5 days of the meeting. Board

members will submit their revisions via email and the final version will be signed at the next meeting. Robert was

also requested to provide reports for the following Board meeting at least 5 days prior to that meeting.

D. Discussion followed Robert’s description of a shared website repository and addresses for access by the Board

using Google Apps. Motion to proceed 4 yes 2 No. Motion carries.

E. Election process was discussed centering on a ballot question proposing electronic voting for all future surveys

and elections. This would save considerable expense and secure systems are now possible. Proposal was made and

accepted to place a description on the election ballot.

Motion was made by Duncan Bennett to have the Administrator perform the election preparations and have ballots

counted by the Administrator and 2 volunteers. Motion was accepted unanimously.

A discussion about the accuracy of membership records and the need to reconcile the online database with

QuickBooks records resulted in a motion by Sandy McQuillin to send out an eblast to all lapsed members urging

renewal by November 27 to be eligible to vote. (Date to be determined based on practical timing.) Votes: 1 yes, 1

abstain, 4 No. Motion failed.

Eligibility to vote will be based on records marked Active as of the last day before the preparation and printing of

mailing labels. Date will be based upon By Laws requiring a minimum of 2 weeks for voting and an election by the

end of the year. Expect ballots to be mailed the first week of December.

F. A discussion was started about planning a series of CEU classes over a 6 month period using both members and

outside speakers. Suggestion was made to convene joint presentations with other chapters for better attendance and

cost sharing. Further discussions are planned for the January meeting with the new Board.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm. The next Board meeting will be held on December

16 at the same location, Claire-Elizabeth’s office.

Submitted by Approved by

Robert Pavel Sandy McQuillin, Acting Secretary


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