May 18, 2012

March 07, 2013 7:00 AM | Admin EBCAMFT

May 18 East Bay CAMFT Minutes

Present: Duncan Bennett, Jurgen Braungardt , Peter Carpentieri, Steve Keightley, Donna Long,

Sandy Mcquillen, Vivian Nelson, Kelly Sharp

Absent: Caiti Crum

[After a misunderstanding with Sandy’s suite-mate we relocate the meeting to a local café. Meeting

abbreviated to allow time to get to the social on time].

I. Minutes

A. Minor adjustments to content are suggested.

B. Members are curious about location of February or March minutes on website.

C. Minutes Approved – 7 ayes.

II. Website Update

A. The difficult transfer of duties from the former to the new Administrator is detailed.

B. Our president narrates the transfer of control from the website designer and some unresolved

payment issues.

i) The final web design payment will wait pending clarification of control and content issues.

C. Technical Website Transfer

i) The move from old domain to new domain (URL) is complete.

ii) The database is imported and works.

iii) Members will have to re-set their information themselves.

iv) Therapist Finder is better; more comprehensive search options.

D. E-Tree Transfer is/was a “Nightmare”

i) Original idea was a gradual phase in of Google Groups

ii) But Infolane switched off the E-Tree unexpectedly.

iii) The E-Tree is dead.

iv) We cannot now do a gradual move.

E. Google Group issues:

i) Limit of 200 members (?)

ii) Charge money for 800+ users

iii) Caiti can only add members in batches; it’s a manual process.

iv) Maybe SCV and LA chapters can be contacted to see how their Google Groups work?

v) Estimate of 3 weeks to a month to work out glitches.

F. Membership Categories

i) Current List of standard categories is named.

ii) Other Membership category is discussed.

a. allied professions

b. Not need to be CAMFT members

c. Non-voting

iii) Old category of “community member”

a. does not need a CAMFT membership

b. Sandy reports psychologists and similar professionals are interested to join at CE


G. Caiti

i) She’s also doing the Newsletter plus the Website transfer

ii) Discussion about paying her more this month because of the extra work & stress?

iii) Motion to give her a bonus at next Board meeting passes – 7 ayes

iv) Idea to increase her pay if we hit more than 1,000 chapter members.

III. General Meeting

A. David Jensen is not available.

B. Casey Truffo is discussed as an option.

i) Kelly bargained for a lower fee.

ii) But will only be a two-hour speaking opportunity (9-11am)

a. Is that worth Casey’s skills, price, information?

b. The Board generally thinks not.

C. Vivian suggests Steve Vernon and “Single Payer” talk.

i) Should it be a political or clinical talk?

ii) Criticism exists that “single payer” is the “wrong direction” for the chapter/profession.

D. Should we move forward or postpone the General Meeting?

i) We have June 16, 9am – 1pm at the Orinda church

ii) Do we want a speaker?

iii) Or a topic-centered discussion/panel?

E. No decision is made at this time.

IV. Plan Social Event(s)

A. Do them monthly?

i) Is that the right rhythm? Is it too much?

ii) We could switch between Contra Costa and Alameda Counties

iii) Kelly would like more help planning in any case

B. San Francisco Chapter:

i) How do they do their monthly meetings?

a. Tea Room meeting, Happy Hour?

ii) Peter raises an objection to implicitly alcohol-centered meetings.

a. We wonder what % of members are sober drinkers?

b. That’s another item for the anonymous survey!

C. Duncan B. = Let’s see how tonight’s social goes!

D. We would need a restaurant with a back room, and use their food for convenience sake.

V. Reports

A. Treasurer (Financial figures approximate pending final accounting)

i) $20,000 in general checking

ii) $51,000 in savings

iii) Transferred $4,000 from Pay Pal to checking

a. Left $18 in Pay Pal account.

iv) Expenses

a. $1500 – Old Administrator

b. $1500 – New Admin., Website, Newsletter duties.

c. $1200 – Website designer.

v) Transfer to Mechanics Bank is complete.

B. Survey Discussion postponed for lack of time.

C. (California) Senate Bill 1172 “Risk of Sexual Orientation Change Efforts”

i) Should our Board ask CAMFT to:

a. Support, advocate, or oppose SB1172?

ii) Motion to ask CAMFT to support the bill made: 6 ayes, 1 abstain.

D. SB810 “Single Payer”

i) Vivian drafted a letter asking CAMFT (The Therapist Editor) to advocate for Single Payer

Health Care Coverage.

a. They already “support” it but we as Board are asking for a stronger position.

ii) Motion for our Board to approve letter passed. 7 ayes.

Meeting Adjourned ca. 5:35pm 5/18/12

Final Draft Respectfully Submitted 6/14/12

Steve Keightley, MFT, Secretary


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