June 15, 2012

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East Bay CAMFT Board of Directors Meeting
June 15, 2012

Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Sandy McQuillen, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long, Steve Keightley, Kelly
Sharp, Peter Carpentieri, Caiti Crum (arrived late).
Absent: Duncan Bennett
I. May Minutes Approved – 5 ayes
II. Administrative Report (for Caiti, in absentia)
A. We review Membership numbers: active, overdue, lapsed.
B. The Board is paying for 15 hours per week and Caiti is using that time.
III. E-Tree Discussion
A. How well is the new Google Group E-Tree working?
i) It is working fine, but at half the volume as before.
ii) Some Board members & members are still having difficulties, however.
iii) Can the instructions on joining be re-sent?
iv) As of last week there were 345 members on board
a. The old E-Tree used to have five to six hundred members.
v) We are reminded that entering members onto the E-Tree is still a manual process.
a. Caiti can only add a set and limited number of people per day.
B. E-Tree Harassment
i) An MFT Intern was anonymously harassed by another member for using the term “MFTI”
on her email signature.
ii) Our administrator contacted the offending party who responded their correspondence was
off-list and thus they declined to identify themselves or apologize.
iii) The Board discussed possible ways to respond to this and similar incidents.
iv) A statement that the Board does not condone such behavior and encouraging members
to treat one another with kindness and constructive support and assistance will be crafted
and sent out.
IV. Website Issues
A. Google searches
i) A Board member reports that “East Bay CAMFT” website comes up on the second page of
her Google Searches.
ii) Jurgen (President) says it is progress that we even now have access to website analytics!
a. He suggests that the Board pay some money to invest in advertising the “Therapist
b.Naomi Azriel is mentioned as a competent website & SEO consultant.
B. The website is deemed “a bit empty”.
i) Could be filled out with:
a. Resources, forms, consent form templates etc.
b. a Calendar function
ii) The website needs a “blog format”
a. i.e. updating content
b. so one could have a short article for the newsletter
c. and a longer version of that article for the website.
C. Jurgen very much wants to strengthen the “Therapist Finder”
i) by budgeting money for improvement over a one year or more time span.
D. Volunteer Program Proposal Announced (this item not related to the website)
i) Sandy and Caiti are formulating a proposal for an internship program where high school
and college students would be volunteer interns to help the chapter function.
V. Header vs. Chapter Discussion
A. The Board debates the wording “East Bay Therapist Association” on the website header.
i) The Board is not unanimous on whether “association” implies a different organization than
“East Bay Chapter of CAMFT”?
B. We discuss the differences between AAMFT and CAMFT’s organizational structure.
i) Since AAMFT is an “association” by definition.
a. AAMFT collects dues and funds its local chapters.
b. It is more democratic, but more complex.
c. CAMFT dues don’t go to local chapters per se.
ii) CAMFT is an organization headquartered in San Diego
iii) Our chapter is chartered to CAMFT but we are our own organization, and we file our own
a. But CAMFT lawyers were not available to help with our Infolane problems.
iv) Local chapters use the CAMFT name and our members need to be CAMFT members.
a. Thus we funnel them members!
C. We discuss a new Membership Category.
i) A member category where they don’t have to be state CAMFT members?
a. San Francisco Chapter tried this during the marriage equality debate
1. CAMFT lawyers ordered them to cease and desist.
2. Their membership voted to stay a CAMFT chapter.
ii) Would a new member category violate CAMFT By-Laws?
iii) A benefit would be that allied professions could join:LCSW’s, Psychologists, psychiatrists
iv) Our chapter increasing members would create pressure for state CAMFT to do better.
v) CAMFT currently uses local chapter events to promote itself.
D. Header/Organization Title issue:
i) We identify the organization name on the header as a separate issue.
ii) Perhaps we should start calling ourselves “East Bay Therapist Association”?
ii) Formally adopting “East Bay Therapist Association” should not be a unilateral Board
iii) The discussion is tabled for the next General Membership Meeting.
VI. General Membership Meeting
A. We are looking for dates in the middle to end of September.
i) 9AM to 1PM; 3.5 hours (?)
ii) Keep it in Orinda.
iii) David Jensen as possible presenter?
iv) A possible agenda might be:
1. the history of East Bay CAMFT.
2. the possibility of moving to being “East Bay Therapist Association”; and
3. the possibility of de-affiliating from CAMFT.
4. Updates (legislative?)
5. Presentation plus Q&A
v) Might get 40 or so people?
VII. Social Events
A. Next one in late summer, August 24, 2012?
B. Good reviews and comments from the Wine Social.
C. Most places want money for Venue Rental Deposit + Food
i) makes it expensive
D. “Olive Oil and Vinegar Factory”
i) They offer tastings with bread, salad, oil and vinegar.
E. The “Saturn Café” ??
i) We need more input/feedback on the event room there, suitability etc.
F. Pyramid Brewery as a possibility?
i) They have a Walnut Creek location too?
VIII. Financial Reports
A. Member Dues need updating
i) We need proposals for how to change them.
B. Advertising
i) Move everyone to “enhanced listing”
ii) Need to figure out new rates and rationales for charging those rates.
C. Quick Treasurer’s Report:
i) $2,500 in Pay Pal account
ii) $17,257 in Checking
iii) $51,400 in Savings
iv) $71,000 (approximately) in total.
IX. Miscellaneous
A. Google Apps domain is gone
i) Keeping it would have raised Google Group costs.
B. Brochure
i) Keep word “Association”, alter title page.
Meeting Adjourned 6:10pm 6/15/12
Draft Minutes Respectfully Submitted 6/21/12
Minutes Approved 8/24/12
Steve Keightley, Secretary

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