August 24, 2012

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August East Bay CAMFT Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2012

Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Kelly Sharp, Caiti Crum, Sandy McQuillen, Steve Keightley, Duncan

Bennett, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long, Holly Forman,

Absent: Peter Carpentieri

Welcome back from our summer vacation (no July meeting!)

Welcome to Holly Forman, MFT Intern, visiting guest!

I. June Minutes briefly discussed and Approved 5 ayes

A. No major changes needed

B. Matters of length vs. brevity addressed, but not resolved.

II. Administrative Report

A. Financial report delayed because of access problems at the bank.

B. Google Analytics

i) Caiti has concerns over the low “click through” numbers

ii) Caiti is still exploring the various tools within Google Analytics

iii) Membership numbers increased from 615 in June, to 640 in August ‘12.

C. Advertising CE’s

i) There are existing requests to post CEU workshops

ii) We are doing it now at no cost

iii) Lincoln Child Center would like to partner with us to announce CE classes.

D. Resource Directory Development

i) Cait has two therapist volunteers so far.

III. Google Group Problems

A. E-Tree is now set up under a consumer account (versus a business account)

i) We are now over member and traffic limits!!

ii) We will have to migrate E-Tree to a business account soon.

iii) The E-Tree could fail at any time (again!)

B. Website Discussion

i) Caiti is fine-tuning on-line CEU forms with Sandy

ii) Website visits seems low, “repeat visitors” number is higher (800+)

iii) We need more and better website content!

iv) We need a focus for the website: Peer use or public use?

C. Advertising Rates

i) Is our fee schedule clear? (No).

ii) Rates are low now & different for persons or organizations

iii) Need a “Reworking the Advertising Rates Committee”

a. Look at what we have

b.Look at what other organizations have

c. Update our rates & types

d.Not enough Board members volunteer.

IV. Newsletter

A. We need articles and better ideas! (Under 1200 words).

i) existing articles were “cloaked ads”

ii) Add a “Letters to the Editor” section?

a. Guidelines or critiera? 250 words?

V. Resource Directory

A. For Therapists & for Community

B. Caiti has two people who could help organize one (1-2 months)

VI. Social Event (June plan fell through)

A. Need to find a standing, regular location

i) Something that is less work for us:

a. Potluck?

ii) Challenges

a. Friday evenings

b. Parking

c. “Clean & sober” options

d. Ability to pop-in and pop-out.

iii) Sundays?

iv) San Francisco Chapter as an example of several types of meetings

a. standing location at a hospital

b. high tea

c. annual dinner event

d. Food, Board members present, Speaker...

v) Sandy went to a Debtor’s Anonymous meeting at a great room at Kaiser Oakalnd.

vi) We are a non-profit but we are willing to pay something.

VII. General Membership Meeting (not just social, a planned agenda)

A. October or early November at the church in Moraga

B. 9am registration, 9:30am start, go until 1pm

C. Speaker?

i) David Jensen was not available earlier

ii) CAMFT says that only lawyer that can speak is now Jill Epstein (we already had her


iii) Tom Wolton, Bi-Polar Expert?

a. Or do we want a more general topic?

D. What will be the non-speaker agenda? (The rest of the meeting?)

E. E-mail suggestions to Jurgen within a 1 month deadline!

VII. Chapter Member Category Discussion

A. Vivian passes around copy of CAMFT Policy (which is separate from their By-Laws).

B. There is no apparent wiggle room for “other” or “friend” category.

i) MFT’s would be qualified to be CAMFT members

ii) we have to list members plus their qualifications to CAMFT.

C. The Board agrees that the energy to push back against this policy is not present now.

VIII. State CAMFT Meeting Announced

A. Board & chapter members encouraged to go September 8 & 9, 2012

IX. Spotlighting by “The Therapist” -- ideas? Describe Wine Social?

X. Miscellaneous

A. Steve, Secretary, announces a possible move out of the area, and thus likely quitting the Board in

the next 2-3 months.

-- Meeting adjourned 6:15pm 8/24/12 --

Draft Minutes Respectfully Submitted 8/27/12

Minutes Approved 9/21/12

Steve Keightley, Secretary


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