September 21, 2012

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September East Bay CAMFT Board Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2012

Present: Jurgen Braungardt , Steve Keightley, Kelly Sharp, Vivian Nelson, Peter Carpentieri,

Duncan Bennett, Sandy McQuillen (late)

Absent: Caiti Crum, Donna Long

I. Agenda modified

A. Brief discussion of the death of Paul Lewis, previous president of East Bay CAMFT.

II. August Minutes briefly discussed and Approved 4 ayes, 1 abstain.

A. Neither Peter nor Vivian will be at next month’s meeting.

III. Financial Report (specific reports available from Caiti Crum, Administrator)

A. Review

i. We break even July - August as we paid our administrator.

ii. Treasurer briefly states Checking, Savings, and Total Balance (roughly $70,000)

B. We would like to produce a simple Balance Sheet for the General Membership Meeting.

IV. Member Statistics

A. Three months show slight growth, +46 members.

B. Website & Newsletter Discussion

i. review Subscribed, Opens, and Click Through numbers.

ii. We can still send the Newsletter to local CAMFT members who are not Chapter members.

iii. 3 categories of members:

a. Newsletter subscribers

b.. Google Group

c.local CAMFT/non-Chapter members.

iv. Discussion of Opening E-Tree to allied members

a. Maybe we will create an “E-Tree Subscriber” member category?

b. Limit it with a trial period?

c. Charge a membership fee slightly less than full members pay.

d. Do existing E-Tree members want allied professionals to have access?

v. Task Force created to bring this issue to the General Membership Meeting in October or to

query membership via “Surveymonkey”.

C. Advertising Rates Discussion

i. Confusion about “E-Tree Only” for Members

a. Why would members pay for 2x plus the regular 2x/mo.?

ii. Clarify Newsletter advertising (i.e. why is it not on the hand out?)

iii. Motion to “Approve overall rate structure with Member of E-Tree at $0 and add Newsletter

[advertising option]” - Approved, 7 ayes.

V. General Membership Meeting Planning

A. October 27th in Moraga, 9am - 1pm, two 90 minute presentations.

i. arrive 9am

ii. 9:30am - 11:00am

iii. break

iv. 11:30am - 1pm

B. Local Chapter Discussion with Membership

i. President intro

ii. Board review of the year

iii. Cait introduces self and gives on-screen (projected) website tour

iv. “Opening E-Tree to allied professionals” discussion.

C. Single Payor/Obamacare/Anti-Trust Presentation(s)

i. Single Payor, 30 min. presentation

a. 30 minute Obamacare; i.e. inform us about coming changes in laws etc.

b. Quick presentation on anti-trust issues from an attorney?

c. Q & A session

VI. Social Event

A. Kelly will visit a church site

B. Peace Center in Oakland has meeting space available.

C. 50 people could be held at a member home in Montclair

i. parking & access concerns

VII. Brochure

A. Newsletter & Member categories need to be included

B. Steve will follow up with graphic designer estimates.

VIII. Future Holiday Party planning t.b.a.

Meeting Adjourned 6:10pm 9/21/12

Draft Minutes respectfully submitted


Steve Keightley, Secretary


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