November 16, 2012, Incl. General Membership Meeting

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East Bay Chapter of CAMFT Board Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2012

Present: Jurgen Braungardt, Caiti Crum, Duncan Bennett,  Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Steve Keightley, Sandy McQuillen, Donna Long, Holly Forman (late)
Absent: Kelly Sharp

I. Approval of Minutes:
A. Postponed.

i) Kelly, who took minutes last month, is absent.

ii) Steve volunteers to take minutes at this, his last Board Meeting!

II. Follow Up from General Meeting
A. Turn out was low, 14 people showed up (not an exact count)

i) some left before part two.

ii) or arrived late..

B. We needed to advertise it sooner.

i) Try to have the meeting earlier in the year, i.e. June.

C. Interns work on Saturday so not a great day to have it.
D. Maybe people were burned out on the Healthcare topic because of it being election season? E. Presentations

i) We needed Betty’s presentation materials sooner.  

ii) the Board splits on liking or not liking Ernie’s presentation.

iii) To some, Betty’s felt like an appeal.

F. Generally we need to have people get more “in the habit” of meeting face-to-face.  

i) Create a “rhythm” of monthly meetings.

ii) ACTION: Do an on-line survey to measure interest in the General Membership meeting?

G. We committed to sending out a survey on making the E-Tree a subscription.

i) Also a survey question asking for members to create a Social Committee.

ii) A Social Committee wouldn’t necessarily need to be Board Members.

iii) CONTEXT: SF CAMFT has 5 social meetings in next month: Spanish speaking, Intern Group, Tea, and 1 person managing each event!

H. Steve suggested renting out Betty’s Oceanview Diner (510) 644-3932, 4th Street in Berkeley

i) someone else needs to call.

I. Peter will explore his idea for “Uncommon Grounds”

i) on 7th Street. Near Ashby (510) 764-1211.

ii) ACTION: Peter will call.

J. Create an Intern Only meeting?  

i) Sandy will look into it.

K. Is Kelly helping to create a Mentorship program?
L. A fixed location for monthly meetings would be helpful.
M. CEU Attendance is getting worse

i) 4 people at Gottman Couples’ Presentation.

N. Over-all we need to revamp our marketing!

III. E-Blast versus E-Tree
A. Caiti will E-Blast the E-Tree a request for a location?

i) Caiti doesn’t want to E-Blast more than 2x/mo.

ii) Peter suggests the Board could have an E-Tree presence.

a. Is it a better option than an E-Blast?

b. The E-Tree gets more readership & participation. We discuss.

IV. Advertising Guidelines
A. Figures reviewed.  
B. Motion to “approve rates and post on the website”. 4 aye, 2 abstain; re-vote after clarifications = 6 ayes! Approved.
C. Proposal for E-Tree Only Subscription.

i) Is there a threat of losing members if we offer “just E-Tree” members?  

ii) Do a trial period for a year of offering this subscription.

iii) We discuss where to set the price.

iv) We  may have 200-300 AAMFT members who are interested in subscribing to E-Tree.

v) Will people re-register to save CAMFT membership cost, and join E-Tree. (?)

vi) Also seeking associated licenses professionals.

a) How do we market to them?

D. Motionto adopt e-tree only subscription only fee for $50, for 1 year trial”. Seconded. 6 ayes! Approved.

V. Election
A. Tally of candidates

i) Steve is out.

ii) Holly is in, on the ballot.

iii) Duncan in.  

iv) Vivian in.

B. We need a Secretary.  

i) Could have a rotating secretary taking minutes.

ii) Steve describes duties, Holly not initially interested.

iii) Caiti offers to take minutes.

iv) Holly Forman offers to step in to be Secretary when Caiti isn’t available to take notes.

C. We want a President Elect.
D. Donna is unsure if she can continue with Membership Chair,

i) She predicts she won’t be able to consistently make it.

ii) We agree to put her in for Member-At-Large!

E. Candidates, please finish your statements by end of business day Monday!
F. Election Schedule

i) Need ballot received by members on December 17!

ii) Need to get ballot in the mail by next week!

iii) Caiti offers her house Saturday, November 24th 2pm for Ballot Stuffing Party.

VI. Holiday Party
A. Kelly will  try the winery again (but it’s not definite).  
B. Or a restaurant where members pay flat fee and Board covers the rest
C. Discuss dates

i) Arrive at “Sunday Afternoon drop-in event. December 16, 3pm – 6pm”.

ii) Location TBA!!

VII. Brochure
A. Steve gives mock-ups to Vivian.
B. ACTION: Steve will send text out to the Board.

VII. December 21st = Next Board Meeting.

Meeting closed 5:57pm 11/16/12

Draft Respectfully Submitted November 21, 2012

by Steve Keightley, Exiting Chapter Secretary


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