December 21, 2012

March 07, 2013 1:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

12.21.12 Minutes

Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Caiti Crum, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt.

Absent: Sandy McQuillin

I. October Minutes Approved - 7 ayes, 1 abstain.

II. November Minutes Approved - 7 ayes, 1 abstain.

III. Election

(a) votes tabulated - Kelly Sharp (83), Holly Forman (83), Peter Carpentieri (81), Duncan Bennett (81), Donna Long (81), Sandy McQuillin (79), Vivian Nelson (82)
(b) votes reported
(c) votes approved, seconded and election votes approved
(d) Kelly will discuss results in next edition of Newsletter
(e) Holly and Caiti will report results of election to the State of California

III. Administrative Report

(a) Member numbers - 662 new members
(b) Etree numbers - 630 subscribers
(c) Treasurer’s info - approx. 15K in checking, 4k in Paypal (Caiti will transfer) (*Peter please check me on this)
(d) Vivian suggested applying for a nonprofit status on Paypal; Peter will investigate.
(e) Discussed need to file taxes early in 2013
(f) Jurgen and Kelly met to transition paperwork and role

IV. Discussion Of Etree Program
(a) Review of current marketing plan
(b) Exploration of additional/alternative formats
(c) Polling members about program
    i. format
    ii. # workshops per year
    iii. networking opportunities
(d) Duncan proposed 2 board members attend CEUs 2x/year
(e) Kelly proposes a conversation around revitalizing the CEU program at upcoming Board Retreat

V. Planning for 2013
(a) Board retreat - timeframe, consensus to have board retreat
(b) Succession
(c) Development of mentorship program
(d) Socials
(e) Revitalizing CEU program

VI. Outreach Brochure
(a) Vivian discussed design/rates with Christie Brashear, graphic designer
(b) Discussed possibility of working with Krishna Copying for postcard duplication
(c.) Vivian edited copy slightly for length

VII. Misc.
(a) Peter discussed the Single Payer Initiative
(b) Peter discussed the idea of having EBCAMFT join the Citizens for Healthy CA
    i. Peter will send out info to Board
    ii. Board will discuss at next meeting

VIII. Gratitude
We extend our thanks to Jurgen for providing the organization a stabilizing voice in the last two years. We appreciate his dedication to the group and capacity to work with us for a second term. We look forward to working with him in his new capacity as Past-President in the coming years.

Meeting Closed 6:30pm 12.21.12

Respectfully submitted 1.11.13

Caiti Crum, Administrator


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