January 18, 2013

March 07, 2013 2:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

01.18.2013 Minutes

Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin
Absent: Caiti Crum

I. December Minutes Approved- 6 ayes, 1 abstain

II. Administrative Report
a)      There was an influx of member renewals due to the system having sent out excess reminders.
b)      Discussion around changing the amount of time a membership is considered lapsed from 45 days to 21. There was disagreement among members with the agreement to further discuss at the next meeting.

III. Treasurers Report
a)      Currently $24,000 in checking, $51,000 in savings and $2,000 in Paypal account.
b)      Discussion around keeping track of check writing. The only people allowed to write checks are the president, treasurer and Caiti.
c)       Board would like to continue a future conversation around investing current savings.

IV. Postcard Update
a)      Discussed idea around obtaining a postal permit to send out the updated postcard versus using the permit offered by the printing place and it was agreed to use the permit offered by the printing place.
b)      Reviewed the current progress of the postcard, specifically around the formatting
c)       Vivian and Donna will continue making final changes before a decision is made on the final postcard.

V. Mindfulness conference
a)      Peter discussed a partnership with the Greater Good Science Center around their upcoming Mindfulness conference
a.        In exchange for promoting the event on the website and etree, EBCAMFT would be given a table at the conference and free admission for one board member to attend/work the table.
b)      Partnership approved, 7 ayes

VI. Citizens for a Healthy California (CHC)
a)      Peter discussed EBCAMFT paying to become a member of CHC, which is working towards making single payer a reality in California
b)      Becoming a member was approved, 7 ayes

VII. Socials
a)      Discussion around increasing the frequency of socials offered to members.
b)      Different options were considered, including setting monthly or quarterly socials.
c)       Member involvement around coordination was reviewed.
d)      Donna and Peter agreed to contact SFCAMFT regarding their socials.
e)      Kelly is looking into a venue for a social in March.

VIII. Board Retreat
a)      A date for the board retreat was agreed upon, February 24th.
b)      Duncan agreed to be the facilitator.
c)       An agenda was created
a.       CEU Program (What it currently looks like, How to run and promote it in the future, etc)
b.      2013 Objectives (Socials, intern support, mentoring program, etc)
c.       EBCAMFT Website (Purpose, how to boost content, etc)
d.      EBCAMFT relationship with CAMFT
d)      A more thorough agenda will be created by Duncan and submitted for Kelly’s approval prior to the retreat.

Meeting Closed 6:00pm 01.18.13

Respectfully submitted 02.10.13

Holly Forman, Secretary


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