April 19, 2013

May 11, 2013 6:00 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

04.19.2013 Minutes

Present: Peter Carpentieri, Vivian Nelson, Duncan Bennett, Holly Forman, Donna Long, Kelly Sharp, Jurgen Braungardt, Sandy McQuillin, Caiti Crum

I. March  Minutes Approved- 6 ayes

II. Admin Report

a) Reviewed statistics around membership (including 719 current members) and newsletter subscribers (1,000).   

b) Discussed purchasing 2012 Quick Books ($30) for taxes.

c) Reviewed administrator’s (Caiti’s) current projects, specifically archiving past newsletter articles and updating the front page of the website.

III. Treasurer’s Report

a) Currently $27,606 in checking, $51,037 in savings and $1371 in the Paypal account.

IV. CEU Program

a) Reviewed areas of need with the program, including multiple people assisting in the coordination.

b) Reviewed specific details around program coordination, including selection/communication with the presenters and responsibilities around the day of coordination.

c) Discussed the different directions that the program could go, including possibly less frequent but longer events or eliminating the current program and creating a workshop series/program with an emphasis on the clinical aspects.  

V. Postcards

a) Vivian reported that the EBCAMFT postcards had been mailed out using the purchased mailing list and brought extra cards for other board members to pass out .

VI. Mentoring Program

a) Kelly reported that Laura Friedeberg had volunteered to be the Mentor Program Chair and is in the process of beginning the program.

VII. Lynn-Marie

a) Kelly reviewed wanting to send out a remember to chapter members around following CAMFT’s recommendation of individual therapist’s requesting raises from insurance companies

b) Kelly reported back on a recent discussion with EBCAMFT member Lynn Marie Lumiere and The Whatley Firm about potential ways for MFT's to approach CAMFT regarding advocacy with insurance companies. The consultation was aimed at learning if there were legal ways to discuss the issue without violating antitrust laws. Kelly will follow up to obtain pricing for The Whately Firm's counsel and to learn what retaining them would include.

VIII. Misc

a) Discussed a summer social in the Walnut Creek area. Caiti agreed to send out a request for recommendations for a venue to the e-tree.

Meeting Closed
6:00pm 04.19.13

Respectfully submitted 05.09.13

Holly Forman, Secretary


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