June 21, 2013

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06.21.2013 Minutes

Present: Kelly Sharp, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Vivian Nelson, Donna Long, Sandy McQuillin, Caiti Crum

Guest: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

I. May Minutes Approved- 6 ayes

II. President’s Report

a)      Kelly reported that she e-mailed Jill Epstein around what the new chapter bylaws would look like.

a.       Jill responded, reported that the chapters would be sent out the updated bylaws to sign at the end of the year/beginning of next year.

b)      Kelly reviewed that CAMFT will be having a webinar around the new bylaws and encouraged each board member either to attend or watch the video once posted.

c)       She reviewed currently continuing to look into a summer/fall social.

d)      She reported that a test preparation company approached her around hosting an event geared towards chapter members around sharing the company’s services while hosting a lunch/dinner. It was agreed that the chapter could give the information for the event to members but would not sponsor it. Kelly agreed to again follow up with the company.

III. Administrator’s Report

a)      Currently 744 active members.

b)      659 members subscribe to the etree .

c)       Currently 1 new etree only subscriber.

d)       Caiti is currently completing outreach to members who have lapsed membership.

e)      She shared receiving e-mails from members around receiving too much or two little information around certain topics on the etree .

f)       Caiti shared discovering, when renewing the EBCAMFT business license that it was not renewed the previous year due to having been sent to an old EBCAMFT address. She renewed it for the upcoming year and for the previous year.

IV. Treasurer’s Report

a)      Currently $25,623 in checking, $51,040 in savings and $2790.50 in the Paypal account.

V. CEU Program

a)      Holly shared that a member requested to re-present a topic due to having several individuals interested who were unable to attend the original event. It was agreed that a board member could be present to provide CEUs but that EBCAMFT would not supply a location or refreshments.

b)      Reviewed communication around the CEU program, specifically around scheduling events and e-mail communication.

VI. Mentoring Program

a)      Kelly briefly discussed the current mentoring program, including matches having been made and an upcoming mentoring support group meeting.

VII. Single Payer

a)      Vivian reviewed the Therapists for a Single Payer is requesting a donation to continue progress around outreach to more therapists. The board had an in-depth conversation around how the donation would serve our members. It was agreed that it would serve the best interests of the members. A motion was approved to make the $1000 donation . 6 ayes.

VIII. Guest- Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

a)      An in-depth conversation around the current approved bylaws was completed.

b)      Claire-Elizabeth discussed the current SAVE CAMFT group and petition, as well as an ethics complaint being filed by another member against the CAMFT board.

c)       Claire-Elizabeth shared her ideas around informing the overall CAMFT membership around the bylaw changes.

d)      Kelly shared that there would be a meeting hosted by the Marin CAMFT chapter on July 27th that would be attended by several CAMFT board members. It was agreed that Kelly would send out an e-mail to the EBCAMFT membership sharing the date of the meeting for members who are interested in attending.

e)      Claire-Elizabeth reported that she would also be sending out an e-mail to the etree, encouraging members to attend.

f)       Claire-Elizabeth discussed reading about a supreme court decision that requires that individuals completing internships be paid for their services. Sandy agreed to look into the case.

IX: Miscellaneous

a)      Discussed the current newsletters and content of articles.

b)      Reviewed the need to discuss the upcoming elections for EBCAMFT board members.

Meeting Closed 6:00pm 03.15.13

Respectfully submitted 07.16.13

Holly Forman, Secretary


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