May 17, 2013

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EBCAMFT Board Meeting - May 17, 2013

Present: Kelly Sharp, Sandy McQuillin, Jurgen Braungardt, Duncan Bennett, Vivian Nelson, Peter Carpentieri, Caiti Crum

Absent: Holly Forman, Donna Long, Laura Friedeberg

Guest: Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

Approval of April Minutes

Peter made a motion to approve minutes, Duncan seconded, all present voting board members were in favor of the approval

Minutes passed.

President's Update

Kelly provided an update about the upcoming plans for a social East of the Caldecott Tunnel. We have a potential venue in Danville, courtesy of a suggestion from one of our members, and Kelly is learning more about the venue, the cost and any additional information (insurance coverage) we'll need to furnish in order to secure the location.

We will wait to hear more information about any additional funds we'll need to provide and will plan to have the social in mid-late July.

Kelly also discussed how because the conversation about the impending bylaws revision election generated a great deal of communication around local chapters of CAMFT, Kelly had contacted other Bay Area chapters to see if anyone wanted to issue a chapter or joint statement. In response, Kelly learned that no other chapter has set concrete plans to release a statement about this election.

To update us about the new mentoring program, Kelly shared that Laura is making mentor/mentee matches, 15 so far. She is developing a waiting list and is beginning to schedule joint meetings in July and August.

Administrator's Update

Caiti reported out the following numbers for our membership and Etree community:

654 google group

740 total members

257 lapsed

302 Overdue

12 Etree only

We are continuing to reach out to lapsed members to ascertain whether they meant to cease their membership or have moved out of the area/are no longer interested in working w/ the organization. Also relaying information about the Etree-only Subscription Progam to ensure as many people as possible know about this option.

Over the past month/month and a half, there has been a significant increase in communication over email by members and renewing members in particular; instead of about 130 emails/month, we've received around 200.

Treasurer's Report

Peter reported the following financial update:

$23,685 checking

$51,036 savings

$3,746 PayPal

$78,369 total

We lost $1644 in past month due to money spent on postcards.

Took in $2,400 in memberships

CEU Program Update

Sandy is stopping Saturday CEUs after June and Jürgen has volunteered to step in in september

16 people at previous CEU, Elizabeth schenk's presentation including one person from San Luis obispo

Request for inclusion of email address section on CEU registration forms.

In tandem w/ marketing plans, developing schedule for when event calendar, CEU eblast and newsletter will be sent in order to inform people with as much lead time as possible.


Discussion about investment options tba until Jürgen returns from vacation

Strategizing how to continue to distribute postcards - several board members have offered to bring postcards to schools, clinics

Bylaws Conversation:

Each board member discussed the questions and thoughts they had about the upcoming election and we collaborated to identify the key issues we'd like to see addressed by CAMFT,

Because there is a sense of lack of transparency about the rationale behind the decision to include non-MFT clinicians in an organization designed to support MFTs, members shared their concern for the inability for members to make an informed decision about their vote. Also concern for the lack of information provided about the long term impact on the MFT license.

After discussion, we voted to develop a letter asking CAMFT to postpone election, nullify votes received, until further information can be related abut the full informed action

Need full explanation for all Camft members and to open a dialog to discuss the propose changes, engage dialog. Effective immediately

In addition, we will encourage all Camft members to vote no on the election

Sandy made motion to support the ideas Kelly has presented. Duncan seconded, all voting members were in favor, no abstentions

We then developed a letter to send to both CAMFT and the EBCAMFT membership. The letter was review by all board members and sent out.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM

Notes respectfully submitted by Caiti Crum, Registered MFT Intern,  Administrator


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