January 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2014 4:15 PM | Admin EBCAMFT

01.17.2014 Minutes

Present: Kelly Sharp, Peter Carpentieri, Holly Forman, Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia, Leslie Bandle

Absent: Laura Friedeberg

Guests: Craig Toonder, Ben Jones, Caiti Crum, Victoria Campbell

I.       Approval of Minutes

·         January Minutes were approved, 5 ayes.

II.    Craig discussed his interest in being a member at large on the board. A motion was proposed and he was voted in (5 ayes). Ben discussed his interest in being a member at large on the board. A motion was proposed and he was voted in (6 ayes).

III. Distribution of Bylaw Packets

·         Kelly gave out packets of the 2009 bylaws for the board members to have.

IV.  Admin Report.

·         Caiti reviewed that there has been a large increase in membership renewals over the month. With there being: 764 etree members, 751 active members (531 are clinical, 120 interns, 32 students, 31 associates, and 7 retired). There are additionally 19 e-tree only members and two ads were purchased during the month.

·         The board discussed strategies around reminding lapsed members to renew. It was agreed that another postcard mailing would be sent out.

·         Thirty nine individuals had signed up for the Healthcare workshop that Claire-Elizabeth had been working on organizing.

·         Caiti shared that she will be presenting about chapter membership at the CAMFT Leadership Conference in February.

V.    Treasurer’s Report

·         Currently there is $31,617.91 in checking, $51,049.49 in savings and $2,230.08 in the Paypal account.

·         A discussion was had around the cost of the annual board member dinner in December. It was determined that the cost was not significantly different than in previous years.

VI. Mentorship program

·         This item was taken off of the agenda due to Laura being unexpectedly absent. .

VII.                       CEU Program Update

·         Peter reviewed his current ideas around the program, including continuing the What Heals theme, with a 3-4 hour time frame.

·         He shared concern around not having enough time/energy to solely spearhead the program and discussion around a subcommittee was had. Leslie agreed to assist with helping with the subcommittee.

VIII.                   Healthcare Workshop

·         Claire-Elizabeth discussed her work around organizing the workshop and asked for more board members to assist in the day of tasks. Craig agreed to assist as will Caiti..

·         Specific details around the event were reviewed, including who had what tasks, etc.

IX.             Board Retreat

·         A date was scheduled for March 16th for the annual Board Retreat.

X.               Misc

·         Claire-Elizabeth reviewed the positive changes she has seen in the chapter over the last few years and thanks Kelly for being part of this.

·         Kelly reviewed that she had been contacted by Sarah Crane, who wanted to pass along information to the members around what she had learned from a financial advisor recently around retirement and private practice. Kelly will contact the financial advisor to see if the information may be useful for members.

·         Victoria Campbell, from the state CAMFT board was present. She reviewed that CAMFT was exploring ways in which they could help local chapters, specifically around member involvement in the local CAMFT boards. She shared that she was present because CAMFT wanted her to visit local chapters and explore this.

·         Dinner with Victoria after the meeting was reviewed and Holly, Craig, Ben, Claire-Elizabeth and Kelly agreed to attend.

Meeting Closed 5:58 pm 01.17.14

Respectfully submitted 02.10.14

Holly Forman, President-Elect


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